Sex Toys of the Future



Sex Toys of the Future

We’ve talked quite a bit about the sex toys you can make at home, your basic beginner toys for getting started with different types of aided sex. But have you ever found yourself wondering what the future of sex toys holds?


Toys that go above and beyond aren’t completely new, but the vast variety of luxury toys currently on the market speaks to the growing trend of treating sex toys like jewelery. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on a new toy for your chest, make it the best!

There are dozens of different luxury toys on the market in different shapes, sizes and materials. Diamond studded? You got it! Gold plated? Why not! Pearl anal beads? Stirling silver spankers? Crystal canes? Horse mane tails? If you can dream it up, somebody else probably already has… so what’s your luxury?

The current leader in luxury toy sales is by far the Lelo company, with a variety of toys for men, women and couples. The next biggest expense in the toy market is by far the infamous “fucking machine” which comes in so many variations it would be impossible to cover them all here! In fact, you can even build one of your own! Who said luxury had to come at a high price?


Sex toys for the new age are popping up all over the place! The Mojowijo is a pair of teledildonics devices which allow you to share your sex toy experience with someone else using the internet – in a different room or a different country. Mojowijo comes in both a “male” and “female” attachment for use by just about anyone.

The RealTouch company is pioneering the realm of teledildonics, having already launched the “for men” device designed to respond to signals from adult videos. Now they are releasing their latest device, a “for women” sensory dildo device which can transmit motion and pressure from vaginal penetration to the pocket pussy style device on the other end of the internet connection. Even better, they have just announced that the platform is now open source, creating an incredible opportunity for developers to come up with as many third party apps as they can think up!

My favorite new sex tech device by far is the Little Rooster, an adorable, sensual alarm clock designed to wake your wife up in the morning with a delightful buzz between her legs instead of that incessant beeping! It is the perfect gift for the woman who has everything and a great way to encourage some sexy, sensual time together first thing in the morning.

The Future

So what does the future of sex toys have in store for us? The possibilities are endless! Have you ever wanted to see what sex looks like from your partner’s perspective? Try out an autoerotic tele-presence device to turn things around. Want to keep in touch with your lover long distance? Hugging shirts or pillows will keep you close. Soon you may be able to use haptics devices to feel what it would be like to have sex with an extra pair of hands (and I don’t mean a threesome!) or in any kind of different body. How would you tweak your appearance if you could be anyone for your next sexual encounter?

The future of sex toys is all in the collaboration, the ability to integrate our sexual tech into our bodies and make them extensions of ourselves, the way we are slowly beginning to do with our cell phones and computers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your toy could learn the specific combination of movements and vibrational frequencies that your lover responds to best, and replay them at just the right moment to bring her over the edge? What if you could have your own, in-house, virtual sex coach who could give you all of this amazing advice hands-on, as if they were right there beside you at each moment? The future is X-Rated!

What Now?

If you are really interested in the future of sex toys, start out by figuring out what’s on the market right now. There are several DIY devices that combine sex and tech quite elegantly and can be manipulated and improved upon through open source developing. If there is one thing girls love, it’s geeky guys! Get your geek on and start making the next big thing in teledildonics technology to share with your lover. If nothing else, it will give you something interesting to play with at the end of your next date. Try something new!


Gabrielle Moore

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