Pin Her Against the Wall



Pin Her Against the Wall

There is something so incredibly hot about being tossed up against the wall and ravished by your partner. Take it from me, a well timed gesture like this can really turn a woman on, in no time, flat. However, as with all things sexual, sometimes the idea of something is a lot more simple in your mind than it is when you act it out. For example, pinning her up against the wall and having sex sounds (and looks) extremely hot, but in reality, some of the positions can get quite tiring, but not if you do it right! I’m here to tell you how to have hot, fun, and comfortable sex against a wall and standing up.

* Just because you’re pinning her to the wall and having sex doesn’t mean you get to skip the most important part: FOREPLAY, or course! There are many sexy ways to get her off in a standing position.

From behind – Come up behind her, sweep her hair away from her neck and begin kissing the back of her neck, the side of her neck, her ears, and her shoulders. Pull her shirt down slightly if necessary to access these areas. Always be careful not to stretch her clothes. It might sound silly, but you stretching out her favorite top is going to distract her from her pleasure. Then slip your hands around her waist and begin feeling her body as you kiss her. Slide your hands up the sides of her body and then onto her breasts. Grab and kneed her butt. Then slide your hands down between her thighs and lightly stroke her between her legs. Hopefully she is moaning by now. Slowly begin undressing her as you continue to kiss and touch her all over.

From the front – Begin kissing her and pin her to the wall with your body. Start kissing her on the neck, ears, mouth and chest (not breasts just yet!). With one hand pin her hands above her head as you kiss and touch her with the other. Slide your hands down and touch her everywhere.

Once you’ve undressed her you can get on your knees and starting going down on her. Have a chair nearby if necessary so she can prop one leg on it to give you better access to her vulva. Another option is for her to sling one leg over your shoulder, which should open her legs up just enough for you to bury your face in there.

* With any of the sex positions keep in mind that you might need to alter the position slightly in order to penetrate her at first. Then you can get back into the right position and get to it!

* The Strip Search – This is a great position to transition to if you have been doing the “from behind” foreplay. She will stand facing and leaning against the wall with her legs spread and her hands supporting her on the wall. You will enter her from behind. You can either hold yourself up by pressing one hand against the wall or by holding her at the hips. Don’t forget to leave a hand free to reach around and give her clit some attention.

* Modified Strip Search – If your partner really likes G spot stimulation, try this simple modification of the Strip Search position. Have her bend over even more and your penis will naturally be tapping on her G spot with every thrust. This might be more challenging for those who aren’t that flexible or your partner might get tired quickly. If that happens you can also have her prop herself on a chair, table or other piece of furniture.

* Pinned – This is a great position to transition to if you started with “from the front” foreplay. Pinning her up against the wall, have her put her foot up on a chair in order to lift up her pelvis and make entry easier. You’ll have to move slowly and hang on in order not to fall out.

* Surface Assistance – Having a surface handy that is pelvis-height where she can sit, lean or prop herself up will help her from getting tired out on her feet, or losing her balance when she goes weak in the knees! A high stool is one of the best options if you have one.

Keep the passion alive and strong by trying some of these sexy positions tonight.

Gabrielle Moore

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