How To Reach A “Big O” Together



How To Reach A “Big O” Together

It seems that most of the talk lately centers on how to enable you to give your partner an orgasm. There’s the g-spot orgasm, the clitoral orgasm, and so on. But what about reaching an orgasm… at the same time?

True, men and women are built differently and it IS a fact that women take longer to reach an orgasm (hence all that liter5ature about how YOU can delay yours) but still most couples hardly ever climax at the exact same time. So instead of ‘taking turns’ wouldn’t it be great if you can reach the ‘Big O’ at exactly the same time? Of course, it is!

How to Have Synchronized Orgasms

There are several reasons why you and your lover don’t climax together, let’s go over them one by one.

She got (too) used to climaxing via oral stimulation.
Oftentimes, women can only reach an orgasm during oral stimulation on their clitoris. And although it’s absolutely GREAT that you can bring her to a climax this way, keep in mind that it’s not THE only way to orgasm heaven for her.

The problem here is both you and your lover tend to rely on this method all too quickly instead of continuing to explore other orgasmic options. So tonight, avoid oral sex as a means to reaching an orgasm for her.

So now the question is HOW to ensure her climax during intercourse. Easy, simulate oral loving during intercourse. For instance, use warm lube so that she feels as if it’s still your warm mouth on her down there.

Also, instead of penetrating her all the way at the beginning, do a little teasing and just insert your manhood just about half of the way and thrust this way for a few minutes. This mimics your tongue going in and out of her.

As you penetrate her fully, reach down and continue to massage her clitoris. This is double stimulation for you and will surely push her to the edge!

You’re not waiting for her…
It’s often said that to orgasm together, you must learn how to delay your own orgasm. This is a valid argument and there are various ways to do this. However, what about focusing on speeding up hers too so that you meet each other half-way?

To do this, realize that sex with women begins in their minds. Yes, you need to mentally sex them up! This is why foreplay is soooo important. I want delve into foreplay techniques here but one of the questions I often get asked is how much foreplay is required? Well, that really depends on how sexually stimulated your woman is.

For instance, say you’ve been teasing her all day; this means that she’s probably VERY HOT already by the time you engage in foreplay. On the other hand, say that you’re in the mood and she’s so-so about the idea, this means you may have to spend more time on foreplay to get her to the same sexual state as you are.

Either way, this is what I tell most clients: as a rule of thumb, engage in foreplay until she’s REALLY wet and panting. This way, by the time penetration occurs, she’s really near her climax already.

Good luck!

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