The sex moves she secretly wants to try but she’s too shy to ask

The sex moves she secretly wants to try but she’s too shy to ask

Even though women can discuss sex more freely than even a decade ago, there’s still some stigma associated with it. She doesn’t want to be perceived as “slutty” or “easy” and she definitely wants to keep you guessing. Which means she won’t reveal everything she’s willing to try in bed UNTIL she feels she can really trust you.

And yes, this means that a lot of women you’ve met over the years would have liked much more action than you imagined, they just didn’t want to make the wrong impression or they didn’t know how to communicate it.

And you didn’t know how to READ it.

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Trust me, there are a lot of fun things she still wants to try, but she’s too afraid of being judged for it. When I first met my husband, our sex life was VERY boring. Because I didn’t know how to tell him about my most craved fantasies and he couldn’t even tell I was really… really horny.

Much later, when I started to trust him, he was shocked when he heard about what was really going on in my head and he regretted not being able to experience it with me sooner. But don’t worry, we made up for it.

Read on to discover what she really wants to try in bed so you can become a pleasure machine:

She wants you to try the other entry

If you’ve never tried anal before with your lady, this a pretty controversial subject. You can’t just put your penis there without warning, pretending it just “slipped”, but maybe you don’t know how to approach the subject either.

While some women prefer to keep that back door shut, my experience has taught me that most of them want some sort of action in the area. I’m going to tell you a secret: the reason they’re so intrigued about it is mainly that when they masturbate by themselves, they apply pressure on the perineum, which makes the orgasm MUCH more intense. So, of course, they wonder what would happen if you would stimulate that area at least a little bit.

She’s cautious of saying it for various reasons: she’s afraid of being judged, she’s scared it might hurt and… she’s a bit embarrassed.

The best approach to this is to ask for permission when you’re both relaxed and warmed up for sex – her response might surprise you! However, it’s not a good idea to force your entry.

She fantasizes about being gently chocked

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey was a global success for a reason: women secretly like to be dominated. It’s actually a subconscious need related to the way the mating ritual took place thousands of years ago. That doesn’t mean you should get offensive or aggressive – be very careful not to hurt her! – but most women CRAVE light chocking, especially as they’re approaching climax.

To test the waters, gently grab her neck with one hand during sex, but don’t apply any pressure. If her moans intensify, it means she wants more, so start applying a little more pressure and see how she reacts. ALWAYS ask her if it feels okay – it’s important that you know her limits.

She wants to watch porn while having sex with you

Baby, it’s 2019 and everyone knows women watch porn too. Most of them don’t admit it, but trust me: they do it pretty regularly.

Visual stimulation makes her horny as hell too, and she knows it would be much easier to reach climax if she was able to watch X-rated videos during your hot sessions. She’s just too shy to mention it.

Truth is, watching porn while having sex with your partner brings the excitement of an orgy, which is a concept many women reject while in a committed relationship… But that doesn’t mean they’re not intrigued by it. Sex videos while having sex will bring that extra spice to your steamy sessions and it will even encourage her to be more open with you. Just tell her you read about it in a magazine and ask her if she’d be open to trying it.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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