The Body Erotic: 4 Must-Know Turn-On Techniques



The Body Erotic: 4 Must-Know Turn-On Techniques

“Erogenous zones are either everywhere or nowhere.” – Joseph Heller

There you are – candles glowing, bodies soft and supple with massage oils, primed and ready for some hands-on foreplay. Your lover is laid out like a platter before you, a selection of delectable morsels for you to savor. How often do you ignore the amuse-bouche entirely and go straight for the main course? A foreplay master knows that there are a variety of ways to make her gasp, moan and scream and is eager to explore them!

Erogenous Zones

The most important thing to remember when turning on her body is to pay attention! Her body language – pulling away, pushing towards, writhing or undulating – as well as her breathing and sounds will give important clues, but if you are unsure how she enjoys something, simply ask her. A husky, “Mmm, how does that feel?” will not only get you the information you desire, but is a turn on all by itself!

The most obvious areas to focus your foreplay are the breasts. Sensitivity and range of motion can vary greatly depending on the size and composition of both the breasts themselves and the more sensitive nipples. It’s safe to say that, generally, the larger the breasts, the less sensitive they will be to squeezing and rough play (though not in the case of surgical enhancement, which should not be squeeze tight for obvious reasons).

Smaller breasts can bounce more freely, which can be a very exciting experience in a woman-on-top position, with you cupping them gently. Women with breasts that tend to droop will enjoy having them stimulated while on their back, so the pressure regularly on those nerves is relieved and relaxed.

As a general rule, nipples are exponentially more sensitive than the breasts. Take it slow – some women will enjoy very light play, others may be tickled by it. Some women can enjoy very rough nipple play and a surprising number of women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. And did you know that about 3% of women have innies? If this is your wife, keep in mind that she may be extra sensitive about this and require some extra support during play and after.

Surprising Spots
Just about every woman as a different list of body parts that can be licked, sucked, stroked or restrained that really get her wet, but the most popular by far, aside from the breasts which rank number one, are the back, shoulders, bums, legs and feet. This makes a warm-up massage an obvious foreplay move that can hit all her favorite hot spots and maybe find a few that surprise you both!

Body Mapping

This brings us to the more focused skill of body mapping, which can be described as a process to discover the most sensitive areas of each others bodies. Not foreplay itself, but an exercise to help improve your foreplay future forecast, there are a few rules to keep in mind while you explore.

Stay Away
… from the genitals. You already know these are exciting areas, so stay focused on the task. Otherwise, leave no part out!

Stay Sensual
Don’t limit yourself just to touching – kiss, lick and suck while you stroke and squeeze your way around.

Stay Focused
This exercise does often lead to sex, so it’s important to pay attention while you’re playing so you actually remember the things you learn next time!

Hands On

There’s no denying that many women find it easier to climax with their hands or a vibrator, but there’s no reason the hands getting your lover off have to be her own! Clean, groomed hands with clipped and filed fingernails make all the difference, so don’t ignore this basic prep work. After that, go to town! Just as before, pay attention to what she likes and if she clams up, ask her how she feels.

Something Special

The key to an exciting sexual experience is in the variety – different types of touches, kisses, oral and manual stimulation as well as sexual positions can cover a range of sensations that build up to a big bang! When you know what gets her going, try a combo move – put your hand in her hair while you kiss her neck, nibble her ears as you squeeze her breasts, or suck on her nipples while you explore with your hands. A little co-ordination goes a long way!

If It Works: How to Tell If She’s Turned On

If your hard work is paying off, you should be able to tell. Here are eight tell-tale signs that she is really into your new moves:

1. Warm skin
2. Vaginal wetness
3. Swollen clitoris
4. Inflamed labia
5. Erect nipples
6. Quickening breath
7. Glazed eyes
8. Flushed face and neck

If you’re as eager to know about these signs of successful seduction as I am to tell you, click the link below!



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