Talk Dirty to Me – Part 1



Talk Dirty to Me – Part 1

“I want to do things so wild with you that I don’t know how to say them.” – Anaïs Nin

I have the dirtiest thoughts running through my head today. You just wouldn’t believe what I’m thinking. The idea of knowing the inner, secret, sexy thoughts of a woman is a pretty big turn on, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you love it if you partner would share those dirty, sexy thoughts with you? I know I would!

Women like dirty talk too, it’s true. You might be surprised to find out that your partner has been dying to talk dirty to you too, but she might be worried about how you will react. Besides, even though men tend to enjoy talking dirty doesn’t mean that they know how to do it. There are various possible issues when it comes to talking dirty. There is the shy guy. There is the possibility of offending your partner by saying the wrong thing. The art of talking dirty. It really is an art form and today I’m going to help you master it, tackling a few problems and sharing a few solutions.

Problem #1 The Shy Guy

You want to be able to make her wet with just your words but you blank when it comes time to do the deed. That’s okay, believe me, you’re not the only one who turns a bit red at the idea of talking dirty. The solution? Start simple. Don’t feel the need to tell her your dirtiest thought. Dirty talk will only be sexy if you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re doing.

Master Rule #1 How to Talk Dirty

Dirty talk can be a real turn on if it’s delivered in the right way. That means with confidence. First try, leaning down and whispering right into her ear in a deep and sexy voice when you’re having sex or during foreplay. For shyer guys this can feel more comfortable than looking her right in the eye and talking dirty, plus you have the added bonus of tantalizing the erogenous zone of the ear with your hot breathe. If you still can’t think of anything to say, try expressing yourself through sound. Moaning, breathing heavy, grunting, sighing, and screaming can all express a lot without speaking a single word.

If you’re an old pro and totally comfortable with dirty talk, look her right in the eyes and say what’s on your mind. Your directness might make her blush, but it will also turn her on. Move your eyes all over her body as if you’re drinking her up with your eyes and then say something else.

Problem #2 Gauging Her Reaction

You want to talk dirty, but you’re worried about offending her with your words? My first piece of advice is to start with something more mild. If you think there is a possibility that you could offend her with something you say then you don’t want to start off calling her your “dirty, little slut!” Try some light dirty talk, like telling her how hot she makes you and how sexy she is. Gauge her reaction. You should be able to tell if she’s enjoying that or not. Then you can begin to spice things up, whilst continuing to gauge her reactions.

Communication is important when it comes to the sexual relationship. While talking about how she feels about something you said might break the mood at the time, you can always check in afterward. And if you think you have offended her then you can apologize right away. Sincerity goes a long way.

Master Rule #2 Setting the Rules

Get your partner in on it and talk to her about what kind of dirty talk she likes. You might be surprised to find out that your sweet girlfriend has quite the mouth on her in the bedroom. Set some ground rules for dirty talk. There might be words that she finds offensive or situations that are a big turn off. Identify these so you can be sure to steer clear of them during your dirty talk. This will also give you the opportunity to share some of your favorite dirty talk scenarios, phrases, and fantasies with your partner.

Dirty talk can really bring a new, exciting element into the sexual relationship. Through talking alone couples can explore sexual fantasies and role playing, deepening and strengthening their sexual connection.

Hot, wet kisses,
Gabrielle Moore

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