The Art of a one-night stand



The Art of a one-night stand

Sex is fun and exciting!

Well, it is, at least if is only a one-night stand, but for committed relationships, is only for the first few months. And somewhere along the way, it starts to get just a little predictable and just a little boring. And when you get there and still don’t do anything to keep the sexual frenzy on a high, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to feel like a chore.  Just like you’d rely on gestures and surprises in romance, you need to keep the excitement alive in bed too, by constantly recreating the wheel of sexual passion.

So if you’re looking for ways to rekindle your passion, and make every night feel like a wild one-night stand, then here are some tips and tricks you should know:

Focus on the 3 most sensitive parts of the body

Three super sensitive parts of a woman’s body are her lips, nipples, and clitoris, with the clitoris containing an amazing eight thousand nerve endings. There is an obvious practical reason why a human being’s hands are sensitive, but the only reason these other three areas are so receptive to sensation is pleasure. We are designed for pleasure. Finding out what stimulates you or your partner might involve conversation and experimentation for the foreplay to be successful for both of you. And don’t do this only with your hands. Good kissing tops the list of women’s turn-ons. Knowing where to kiss will also be of an added advantage. Kissing her on the lips alone might not get her turned on although it might release the happy hormones. Try kissing other parts of her body such as her neck, knees, hip joints, ankles, shoulders and elbows.

Don’t be afraid of dirty talk

Don’t be afraid to talk and walk your partner through the details of what you like in a sexy manner. This can be beneficial to both of you, getting your partner to do what you know turns you on while giving a little dirty talk is a total win-win. If you don’t know where to start, the best way to broach the issue is about asking her about her own sex fantasies. According to a report by The Journal of Sex Research, women tend to think about sex at an average of 19 times a day. Being curious and understanding her sexual fantasies will help you turn her on very fast, especially if you do it during foreplay.

Take the time to undress her slowly

Take your time and undress your partner slowly. Allow her to feel your skin touch theirs while you take off their clothing piece by piece. It’s a huge turn-on to see the anticipation in your partner’s eyes. You can also take the moment to whisper into her ear about how much you want her and the things you would like to do to her. You can talk about the number of orgasms you are going to give her. Whispering into her ear will get her turn on while she anticipates the moment you actually do what you are now only telling her.

Make your hands your best friends

Don’t feel weird introducing lube or heated oils to the bedroom. Pouring a little on the body before fully indulging can be very sexy. Everyone loves massages, so start with the back and work your way down, exploring every part your partner’s body. Massaging helps to relax the body which in turn improves the concentration. While massaging her, you can also try expanding her sensory response by giving her cold chills. According to research, cold is sensed by more nerve endings than mere touch can reach, so you’re expanding her rage of feelings. You can do this by pouring some cold wine or tequila on her tummy and licking it off.

Use your senses

Pick either sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell, and try modifying your usual approach to see what your partner may enjoy. For example, with the sight you could try blindfolding your partner, stimulating one another by candlelight, or increasing your eye contact and watching them as they experience pleasure. For touch, try different textures or pressure of touch. Do they prefer your touch to be light and soft like a feather, or firm like a massage or a spanking? Figure it out and go for it!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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