Give Her The Gift Of Multiple Orgasms

Give Her The Gift Of Multiple Orgasms

I used to think I was lucky if I reached one orgasm per session because… as I said before, female orgasm can be really demanding. But experience (and great sex) have thought me that I too can enjoy the incredible bliss of multi-orgasming – all I needed was a skilled and generous lover who was willing to really get to know my climax behavior.

Science has shown this numerous times: if a woman is able to reach an orgasm, then she can certainly experience more than one per session if the erotic stimulation is just right.

It’s actually a biological gift I’m really grateful for. While you need a recovery or “recharging” time to able to climax again, your partner doesn’t experience the same reloading phase, so she can enjoy a second burst of pleasure in as little as one minute.

I know you’re jealous, I would be too. But I also know that there’s a lot more excitement than jealousy there. Wouldn’t it be fun to be the first man in her life who can give her more than just one orgasm per session?

Still, we have to come down to Earth for a little while: just because she’s able to orgasm more than once, doesn’t guarantee she will. Unfortunately, studies have shown that only 14 to 40 percent of women have experienced multiple orgasms in their lifetime.

But we also have to consider that those women might not have received the right amount of stimulation and intensity… which, if you follow my techniques, you will be able to deliver.

So let’s raise the numbers and make your woman one of the luckiest ones. These are a few of my favorite multi-orgasming techniques:

Build sexual tension until she can’t bear it anymore

You know how when you keep teasing each other and build arousal gradually your orgasms are more intense and last longer? Well, building colossal amounts of sexual tension will help your partner achieve a second orgasm soon after the first one.

If she’s barely aroused, she won’t be able to climax at all – so don’t expect a multi orgasm experience if you can’t feel her tremble with desire, desperate to feel you inside of her.

To be able to achieve that, you have to start building tension hours before you even get it going. You want her to squeeze her pussy while at the office, fantasizing about your penis sliding in and out of her. You want her struggling to concentrate during her meetings or usual conversations. Let her have a little break during midday, then start teasing her again leaving explicit messages on her phone, like: “I can’t wait to taste you from behind…”.

When you finally start your hot session, make sure you indulge in an intense and long enough foreplay.

Make her want more… and more

After her first climax – which, if you follow the above steps, will arrive quite quickly – you want to make sure you give her clitoris a little time to rest. It can be really sensitive after reaching orgasm, and going at it again right away might ruin the whole experience.

But you don’t want to let her cool off completely: keep her in a semi-aroused state, the secret to building the second orgasm faster. Leave her clit alone, but concentrate on her nipples and stomach, teasing the areas close to her intimate parts.

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Prime her for round two

The reason why it’s actually easy for her to climax a second time is because orgasm causes a significant amount of blood to rush to her genitals. And the blood lingers for a while, making her extra sensitive and eager to reach climax again.

Start intensifying her arousal again by initiating some dirty talk. Tell her how much you want to get inside of her again and even pull her hair slightly.

Then start circling your tongue over her clitoris slowly, then apply more pressure using your index and middle finger. When she starts to moan, it’s time for penetration – but keep stroking her clitoris at the same time!

Try a hot new sex position

Another way of giving her more than one orgasm is to bring some novelty to the mix. Try to reach for her G-spot the second time – she’ll be intrigued and even more aroused than the first time. Positions like woman on top or doggie-style make it easier for you to stroke this sensitive area.

Also, try to stimulate the area between her vagina and anus with your tongue – some women get huge amounts of pleasure during this move, but you might want to check with her first, as it’s a more “sensitive” area.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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