Naughty massages to treat her to



Naughty massages to treat her to

„The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it”- Colin Wilson

A sensual rubdown is a slow-boil approach to arousal. Because we’re living our lives on fast forward most of the times, we rarely undergo this pampering treat, so the slightest strokes trigger a forceful stream of relaxing neurochemicals. For a woman especially, a well-done massage winds her up in a mellow, ready-for-pleasure state.

Another reason rubdowns rock her world: studies show that receiving tactile pleasure reduces stress, improves IQ, and broadcasts love and emotional connection within the couple with the same degree of accuracy as facial expressions. Good thing the skin has thousands of nerve endings (about 600,000 receptor cells) to transmit all those feel good vibes.

But the good news don’t stop here: massage also sends blood coursing into key hot spots, engaging the muscles and nerve endings everywhere you touch. Here’s a bouquet of surefire moves that will transport her body into such an immense state of bliss she’ll never want to get out of your hands.

• Before you toss a clothing item on the floor, put it to good use. Drape a cami along her face, letting her feel it’s filminess while inhaling the scent.
• Women have thinner skin than men do, so always use softer pressure, otherwise you’ll only get her even more tense. They also have a higher skin temperature, so turn on the AC or refrigerate a massage oil before applying it.
• Use your fingers instead of your palms to caress her body- the tips are packed with dozens of touch receptors. For a fresher sensation for her, massage her breasts with your torso or the sole of your feet.
• Holding hands has an immediate calming effect by lowering stress-related levels of cortisol. Interrupt the work of your hands to interlock them with hers, and continue massaging her… with your mouth!
• She’s more likely to get aroused when she can’t anticipate what’s going to happen (That’s why we can’t tickle ourselves- we know what’s coming). Wrap a scarf around her eyes and vary the placement and pressure of touch.
• Kick-start all the nerves in her skin using a hot/cold combination of massage oils and ice cubes. Put a bit of oil in one hand (rub hands together to warm it up), and use it to knead her bare shoulders. Then take an ice cube and run it over the same area. Repeat the pleasurable process as you work your way down to her back, finishing off at her bum.

As for precise places to touch her so that you achieve maximum relaxation effect, go with the classics. You can make sure they deliver, sinking her in a feeling of complete and utter bliss.

1. The Chest Master

This breast massage is sure to please. With fingers splayed on both hands, trace wide circles around each breast simultaneously, slowly spiraling in. You’re building up the excitement as you make your way to her sensitive nipple area. Then stimulate the nipples by running the heel of your palms over them with a barely there touch.

2. The Shoulder Holder

To give her goosebumps and relieve her of all the muscle tension gathered in that specific region, coat your hands with spicy massaging lotion before you start. Grab her shoulder with one hand, and make your other hand into a soft fist, gently working it into the groove by running it from the edge of her shoulder to the crook of her neck. Repeat on the left side. This move softens the tight muscles around her shoulders and helps her relax.

3. The Thigh Pleaser

Kneel between her legs, and walk your fingers from her knee, up the inner thigh, toward her vaginal area. Before you reach the promised land, stop and lightly drag your fingertips back down the inside. The thin skin makes it sensitive to the touch; plus, the fact that you’re so close to her privates, without actually touching the area, gives her a rush.

4. The Back Bliss-Out

Of course, the king of all massages is the back rub. You can situate her in a sitting position or, to make the stroke session even sexier, straddle her butt. Put the palms of your hands at the small of her back, and then firmly glide them both sides, along her spine (but not directly on it). At her shoulder blades, fan your hands out and over, fingers spread, creating branches with your fingers. Then return to her lower back and repeat, increasing the pressure each round.

Have a wonderful week-end,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Kneading her muscles and skin causes blood to rush to her groin, which is ammo for a powerful orgasm, so keep the massage sessions going! To discover more advanced tips and techniques about erotic massage CLICK HERE NOW!

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