How to Give Her BreastGasms

How to Give Her BreastGasms

It may be hard to keep up with all the various “gasms” that women can have these days.  From clitoral orgasms and vaginal (G-spot) orgasms, to cervical (A-spot) orgasms and anal-gasms, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to women’s erogenous zones or the ways in which she can experience the BIG “O”.  Add to that list: breast orgasms (Hurray for breast lovers!), and the array of female orgasms is astounding.

The good news is, the more ways she can achieve orgasms means the more orgasms she can have!

The bad news is, how do you keep track of them all?

Well, I encourage you to explore, explore, explore your lover’s body and her erogenous zones to learn new ways to help her become orgasmic.  Try new types of sensual touch and see what turns her on.  And, keep learning about all the new ways you both can explore the amazing world of female orgasms together.

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What are Breast (aka Nipple) Orgasms?

Breast orgasms occur when a woman achieves orgasm from breast and/or nipple stimulation.  Orgasms can take place via breast/nipple stimulation alone, or sometimes in conjunction with other forms of stimulation like clitoral.

Some women can’t achieve orgasm without breast stimulation, so this is a good thing to know ahead of time when you are trying to get your partner to come. Does she need her breasts or nipples stimulated to get turned on?

How it Works

Scientists have found out that breast arousal is directly connected to the same area of the brain that is activated when the clitoris, vagina and cervix are stimulated.

When the breasts and nipples are stimulated (or even just when a woman is aroused) her breasts can swell up to 25% and her nipples become engorged with blood and become erect, much like the erectile tissue in the clitoris.  This rush of blood to those areas also makes the breasts and nipples a lot more sensitive.

While some women may feel nothing from breast/nipple stimulation, others find they are multi-orgasmic in that area.

Giving her an erotic breast massage on a regular basis can help the breast tissue and nerves to become more responsive if she doesn’t already feel arousal through breast stimulation.  Making the erotic neurological connection in the brain can help use rewire and retrain our bodies to become more orgasmic to various stimulation.

How Can I Help Her Achieve a BreastGasm?

Learn how to play with her breasts and see what she likes.  If she doesn’t know yet, try many different types of stimulation until she says, “Yes, do that!”, or “That feels good.” If she does know what turns her on already, listen to her and learn.

Remember that breast sensitivity changes with a woman’s cycle, so sometimes her breasts may be more sensitive to softer touches and sometimes she may need more arousing stimulation.  Also, some women enjoy very soft stimulation, where as other women like rougher play.  So, you need to know what play style your lover likes and how she may want things changed up at different times of the month.

Just like every other type of sex play, foreplay is important to getting her turned on first. So, tease and seduce her whole body first before you go straight to the boobs.  Allow her to get warmed up first.

Types of Touch

Fingertips.  The fingertips are great for gently rubbing around and over the nipples to get them nice and perky.  Often, teasing them is best to start, baring touching so she is aching to have you play with them.  Once she starts to get turned on, grabbing around the areolas and pulling firmly, or tugging her nipples can be very erotic.

Clamps.  Some women even enjoy the feeling of nipple clamps on their nipples, which at first restricts the blood flow to the nipples, making them a bit numb.  But once removed, the blood rushes back in and the nipples become alive with sensation.

Palms of your hands.  You can use the palms of your hands to hold her breasts, to weight them and squeeze them.  She may even like it if you bounce her breasts in your hands, or push the flesh back against her chest, as if giving a massage.

Squeeze.  You can use your hands to squeeze her mounds and massage them, or even groping or man-handling her breasts if she likes rougher play.

Smacking.  Some women enjoy having her breasts smacked, either softly, or sometimes harder. Ask her what she likes.

Tongue. Use your tongue to lap at her breasts and nipples and taste her all over.

Suck.  Sucking her nipples will probably get the biggest arousal, because, guess what? Nipples were created to be sucked.  So, the suckling action can feel very erotic and make that clit/nipple connection in her brain so she explodes.  Some women prefer gentle sucking, whereas other women want vacuum-powered suction.  Try varying suction with rhythmic breast squeezing (just like an infant does) to give her maximum stimulation.

There you are.  Breasts are beautiful.  Breasts are fun to play with.  And, breasts are orgasmic!  Go find yourself a pair and start having fun!

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