Don’t let sex send you to the E.R.



Don’t let sex send you to the E.R.

“Do you think the guy that invented the vibrator heard voices saying if you built it, they will come?”

Unfortunately, sex isn’t always pleasant and healthy, but it can be harmful and even dangerous in some occasions. One third of us report getting injured in the act. Most often these mishaps occur while having sex in unusual settings, positions or doing it a bit too vigorously. However you can avoid the top coitus casualties ID’d by E.R. doctors. Here are some of the most common sex related injuries people experience and how to avoid and treat them.

Pulled muscles 

Pulling muscles in the legs, neck, back, etc is probably the most common sex-related injury, usually resulting from trying to get into sex positions that you’re not flexible enough for. Don’t try any really wacky sex positions unless you’re sure both of you can do it without hurting yourselves. Immediate care includes rest, cold compression and elevation, which should make the pain go away in a few hours. Otherwise, you may require medical attention.

Vaginal soreness 

Most sexually-active women have experienced vaginal soreness after sex at some point in their lives. Soreness can come from too much friction due to insufficient lubrication which becomes more common when they reach menopause. Giving some time for foreplay will help women produce enough lubrication for sex. Or you can just use lubricants. However, you may need to consult your doctor for more appropriate treatment if your partner is always experiencing soreness during, or after sex.

Sometimes soreness may result from vaginal or urinary tract infections. Infections can cause a burning sensation during urination, lots of discharge with or without an odor and vaginal soreness. Seek appropriate medical care whenever your partner experiences these symptoms.

Cuts and tears

These are among the most common problems among women. Small vaginal tears or cuts can occur when sex is vigorous without enough lubrication. Women may often not feel any pain until after sex because the arousal raises pain tolerance.

Small tears can heal by themselves but if they are substantial and bleeding doesn’t stop on its own, a woman should seek medical attention to treat the wound and to prevent infection. Again, adequate lubrication can minimize the chance of these tears.

Penis fracture 

This is not actually a fracture but tears in the tissue of the penis. It occurs when the erect penis is bent forcefully. The condition is rare, but it can happen, especially during vigorous sex and masturbation. A penile fracture is very, very painful. There may be a popping or cracking sound, followed by intense pain and lots of sudden bruising on the penis. If this ever happens to you, seek medical attention immediately before serious, permanent damage occurs.


Believe it or not, banging your head hard on something during sex is not uncommon. If this happens more than once or twice, you may need to try different sex positions that keep your head away from the headboard or wall. Also, slipping in the shower during sex is also common and can lead to concussions or even more serious injuries. Slip-resistant pads may be helpful in this situation.

UFOS (Irretrievable Foreign Objects)

When there’s a hole, things can get stuck, so don’t inset anything past two inches in your partner’s vagina or anus – orgasm science shows there’s no benefit to her pleasure past that point. And use only anal-specific toys in that region. Most have a wider base that you or your partner can and should hold on to. Also, anal toys tend to move upstream with time, so don’t, uh, sit around on this one – take it to urgent care. Visit your MD if it’s still stuck after an hour.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. To be safe during sex, use common sense. If anything causes discomfort it should be discontinued. Just because something is supposed to be fun, doesn’t mean it works for you. Be passionate, but careful, and enjoy sex. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about sex tips, check out my program Vagina Masterclass where you will discover the perfect tools for liberating the female orgasm.

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