Bedroom performance enhancers



Bedroom performance enhancers

“The sex was so good the neighbors had a cigarette.”

If you’re looking to go all night in bed, you are not alone. Men are always looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance, whether to improve existing problems or to search for new ways to keep their partner happy. While there are plenty enhancement pills on the market or types of food recommended for ingesting, there are simpler ways to stay firm and last longer without having to visit the pharmacy (or the fruit market!)

Welcome to the orgasmic opening ceremonies. All you really need to win in bed are your willing bodies, your fiery passion and a few Gabrielle Moore inspired tips and tricks to get you there. Because indeed, improving sexual performance is as easy as heating a bowl of soup. As long as you count on the right tools and the proper knowledge. Which you are. With a little help from yours truly.

Play dirty

A high stick or a hip check is a penalty on the hockey ring, but in the bedroom, getting a little rough before the main event starts can turn everything that comes after into pure, kinky magic. Yank her ponytail during a sexy spooning session or spank her bum while she’s on top. It will feel like hot make-up sex… without the dumb fight about how much money you spent on video games. Be careful though and let her know in advance of your kinky plans, you don’t want her to think you’re suddenly turning into the forceful brute her grandmother had always warned her about.

Get hot-blooded

Freezing outside? Make the sex hot. The chances are good that you’ve wanted to do it in the Jacuzzi ever since you were old enough to ogle pixilated boobs on the internet. Take advantage of a hot tub and/or use the sauna at your gym and then run home for a post-workout… workout. Being in heat is known to boost libido. If you’re on the wilder side, you can do it while at the gym. Have her accompany you and put a towel on the sauna door. A 5 minutes quickie will be all that you have ever needed… or wanted.

Raise the sexual stakes

Let the games you love to watch every Sunday with your buddies inspire a friendly competition… for sexual favors. For example: If your favorite baseball team wins their next match, she goes down on you. If they don’t, she goes down on you (to soothe your grieving soul). Just kidding. Kind of.

Light her fire

Get handy with her bowl of fire. Warm her up for the main event (literally) with a toasty lube, like K-Y Warming Jelly. Rub it on her clitoris and on your staff before sex – it will ignite a romp that will impress even the most uptight old-world judge. Or try Trojan’s Fire and Ice condoms. The tingles are so mind-blowing, you will cry happy tears like a first-time gold medal winner.

Boost bedroom endurance

Think of sex as a randy relay. Every time one of you feels an O coming on, switch positions to maximize your time and pleasure in the sack. Deep thought: girl-on-top is just a roll away from missionary. Still sprinting to a happy ending? Make it a biathlon and try for round two. In between romps, keep things hot and bothered by feeding each other fruits and cream. You’ll feel like royalty.

The cutting edge of lingerie

You love the sight of sexy undergarments but your partner is more the white granny panties type? Go for it and buy the stuff you dream to see her wearing. A sparkly sensual bra? Sleek sexy thongs? She’ll be more than happy to wear them for you! Plus, she’s bound to appreciate your involvement in enriching her wardrobe. Tip: Don’t buy only lingerie, buy her a pair of shoes also. She’ll be your slave for the night.

Beet it

Eating borscht – the traditional Russian beet-based soup – can make you better, stronger and faster in bed. Beets create nitric oxide in blood vessels and improve blood flow to the penis, similar to the body’s response to boner-encouraging drugs. Score!

Carnal curling

There’s a whole sport devoted to handling smooth shafts and ball-like objects: curling! But also… hand jobs! While you’re watching a gripping curling competition on TV, slip your hands onto your partner’s panties and treat her to an old-school over-the-clothes fingering, paying extra attention to her clitoris. Have her return the favor… and suddenly curling is more exciting than a high-speed downhill slalom!

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. These sports inspired tricks will most definitely get you hot and bothered and prepare you for sex, the most heart-pounding of all team sports. Let the bedroom games begin! To discover more advanced tips and techniques about sex tips, check out my program Vagina Masterclass where you will discover the perfect tools for liberating the female orgasm.

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