Last Longer – The Art of Edging

Last Longer – The Art of Edging

There are men out there who have almost given up on the idea of lasting longer. It has become too frustrating, too embarrassing and too stressful that they can’t control when they cum, that sex is becoming less and less enjoyable as a whole. Does that sound like anyone you know? Even if that doesn’t describe your situation, there are also a number of men who would love to be able to have more control over when they ejaculate and last longer in the bedroom, when the situation calls for it.

This is where a practice called edging comes in. This can help men, whether they suffer from premature ejaculation or they just want to be more in control over their orgasm. Edging involves learning about how your particular body works, building up resistance to the urge to cum, and learning how to control the urge to orgasm. Here’s how it works:

1. Get to know your point of no return – There is a point that every man reaches when he is about to have an orgasm. It’s the point of no return. It means that no matter what you do or try to control your ejaculation, it is inevitable. The best way to get to know the stages of arousal for you is to masturbate. This allows you to fully concentrate on what you’re feeling without worrying about your performance, how your partner is feeling, or any other outside factor. It’s just you and your hand, so you can relax and really pay attention to every sensation. Masturbate and take note of your point of no return. Then pay attention to when you feel the point of no return the next time you’re having sex with your partner. You need to become familiar with recognizing what you feel right before you reach that point of no return so that you can begin to control your ejaculation.

2. Edging involves bringing yourself as close to the point of no return as possible without actually reaching it, then slowing way down or stopping in order to avoid cumming.

3. You need 20-30 minutes of total privacy – You don’t want to be interrupted or caught in the act, so chose to practice this behind a locked door when you’re absolutely sure that you won’t be walked in on or interrupted in the act.

4. Start masturbating slowly – It’s key to go very slowly and pay attention to every sensation you feel in your body. You might try bringing yourself to the point of no return and find that you pass it and ejaculate. That’s ok. It’s part of the learning process, but your goal is to be able to bring yourself as close to that point as possible and then calm yourself back down. For some guys slowing down their strokes or stroking only the base of the penis (not the head) is enough to keep them from cumming, but others might have to stop all stimulation completely. It’s hard and it takes a lot of willpower. Letting yourself cum sure feels a lot better than bringing yourself almost to the point of orgasm and then stopping, but believe me, if you want results, you need to do this.

5. Once you feel the urge to ejaculate pass, continue – You can start masturbating again as soon as you’re sure you aren’t going to cum. Then when you feel yourself getting really close again, stop or slow down again. Edging is basically doing this over and over again for the full 20 to 30 minutes. You’re training your body to be able to control your ejaculation. Just like any kind of training, it won’t always be easy. Some people believe that you shouldn’t allow yourself to orgasm at all, even after the 20-30 minute training session is over. Others say orgasming every 3rd time you practice edging is okay, but no more than that. And then others believe it’s okay to cum at the end of every session as long as you’re strict about practicing for the full amount of time. Try it out and see what works best for you. If allowing yourself to cum at the end of each session isn’t giving you results after practicing edging for a full month, try it without cumming for a few weeks to see if a stricter policy works better for you.

6. Edging generally works best during masturbation because a partner might get frustrating with so much stopping and starting. The idea is to use edging in masturbation and then be able to take the skills you learn while controlling your orgasm into the bedroom with your partner.

Gabrielle Moore

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