Give her full-body bliss



Give her full-body bliss

Your lady probably doesn’t know it – yet – but she’s capable of two types of orgasms: First is the wham-bam climax she’s used to, the one that always leaves her drifting off to sleep with a smile on her face. Then there’s a deeper, more elusive type: a full-body O. This sublime big bang builds up slowly and, when it finally comes to a boil, creates waves of sensation that cascade from her vagina through her entire system.

Giving your woman a full-body – aka global – orgasm means gradually increasing and then maintaining the muscle tension in her groin area while simultaneously boosting her desire. When she does reach the point of no return and her physical and mental tensions burst, it will almost feel like a dam breaking, unleashing a flood of pleasure within her body.

So show your partner what she’s been missing. From foreplay to the moment just before her finale, these touches and strokes, done in order, will keep her shaking and quaking for a long, long time, and will solidify your alpha lover status.

Touch her in two places

Take her lust to the next level by stroking two of her most sensitive body regions at the same time. While moving your fingers up and down her clitoris, draw her tongue into your mouth and gently suck and lick the tip. The sensation of your hand on her clitoris will rev her up in the moment, and the feeling of your tongue in her mouth will work her up even more by suggesting that you will be orally pleasuring her later. Translation: As if your below-the-belt touch weren’t hot enough, the tongue tease takes the sexual tension higher by promising passion to come.

Switch up the action

At this point, she’ll be so riled up that she could blast off… if you let her. But your goal is to create an allover explosion, not just quick fireworks. To do that, keep her in a hot-and-heavy holding pattern. Here’s how: As you feel her breathing deepen, her pulse race, and the muscles in her vagina contract, grip her labia tightly for two seconds, let go, then count to 10 before resuming the action. Why this boosts her bliss: When a woman is close to climax, her vaginal area becomes filled with blood, and the muscle tension is at its peak. A quick clamp halts additional blood flow, which stops her orgasm in its tracks. Still, the tension between her legs remains on high, as does her excitement level.

A few other switch-up suggestions: If you are giving her oral and sense that she’s just about ready to combust, segue into intercourse; the momentary pause will prevent her from reaching climax. If she’s close to bursting via the missionary position, roll over into woman-on-top or go back to stroking her with just your hands so you can pace the action. Not only do these moves allow you to slow things down and reduce the intensity, but the also put you in full control and let you boost pressure again.

Try the torrid tease

At this point, your woman should be begging for sweet relief. Tease her a bit longer with the ultimate torture: In doggie style position, allow just the tip of your penis to enter her. The idea is to capitalize on her already heightened state and push her over the edge, maxing out the tension in her body. Then, when you think she’s been on high heat long enough, slide your penis in all the way. This move has a catapult effect. Once you do that, it will “release” her orgasm with amazing intensity.

Don’t stop yet

You may think that the party is over the minute she reaches total body rapture. But while she’s experiencing her personal global warming, you can still continue to prolong her orgasm. Draw out her climax by gently licking or running a fingertip over her labia. She will be so blissed out, she may not even feel you touching her down below, but it will result in an even more powerful orgasm that will last and last and last…

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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