A Healthy Body To Last Longer



A Healthy Body To Last Longer

After some time together, most couples are guilty of letting themselves go. However, once this has a negative effect in the bedroom, I say it’s time to get in control again!

A lot of men – and women! – actually discover that as time goes on, fire in the bedroom dwindles a bit and sometimes it’s not even due to a lack of desire for sex. It’s about our bodies physically limiting us from performing great in bed. After all, don’t forget that sex IS a cardiovascular activity.

FOUR Things You Should STOP Now to START Better Sex

Being stress-FULL, instead of stress-FREE.
You know, stress is a part of life; so don’t waste time trying to figure out a way to avoid it. Just deal with it and move on to the next stress! I kid honey.

When you are always stressed out, not only is your mind not into the pleasures of sex but you age faster! When you age faster, your body is no longer that flexible and ‘robust’, and in turn, less sex occurs in the bedroom.

So… RELAX. Try to establish a de-stressing habit that works for you. For my lover, he has a ‘space’ in the garage where he has a comfortable ‘man chair’ and small fridge filled with nothing but BEER. Whenever my lover is stressed, he sits there (don’t worry, our garage is insulated), grabs a brew and just ‘chills’.

So find out what de-stressing habit you can come up with and apply it. You’ll be a much cooler dude (but a HOT one in bed) with a habit like this.

Not sleeping enough.
Studies continuously show a direct relation between sleep deprivation and poor bedroom performance. Put simply, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not performing 100% during the day. And this translates to a dull performance in bed too. So don’t be Superman and try to accomplish everything in one day. Rest. Relax. Sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

Living ‘chemically’.

By this I mean that you – and you partner – should aim to eat and drink only natural food items. Today’s fast-paced lives are making it fast for us to reach our graves! Stop eating fast food items all the time and drinking sugar-loaded drinks and go back to er… actual cooking and drinking water or freshly squeezed juices.

Store-bought ‘juices’, vitamin supplements, energy drinks, and all these are not natural at all and yet we gladly make them the foundation of our day to day lives. I don’t mean for you to stop and just start eating root crops but take a good and hard look at what you put into your bodies. Often, all these ‘manufactured’ items are all conniving to run down your body and thus, make it hard for you to perform well in bed.

Being a couch potato.

You know what they say, if you’re a couch potato, you’ll end up looking like a spud in no time. Sex is a form of aerobic exercise. If you’re out of breath on a treadmill or cross-trainer in less than 5 minutes… well, it could mean this is your performance time in bed too.

Start exercising. You’ll feel good, look good and have better sex in no time!

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Gabrielle Moore

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