5 habits that improve your bedroom stamina



5 habits that improve your bedroom stamina

You probably want to make your woman enjoy your rock hard erection for as long as possible while you also enjoy the excitement and intensity of passionate sex. But many men start having stamina problems at a younger age, which is alarming and a sign that you should take more care of your given gifts before they are taken from you.

Most men I’ve discussed this subject with complain about not getting fully hard, not getting hard at all or ejaculating too soon, and what worries me is that many of these men haven’t even hit 40! A weak erection is not an easy subject, as it’s more than a physical problem — the emotional impact is huge for you, but it can also affect your partner if your overall connection gets damaged by failed sex attempts. And let me tell you: the worst thing you can do is blame one another — the easiest way to a broken relationship.

So my advice would be to do everything in your power, every single day, to prevent this kind of stamina trouble. Because it is certainly possible. After all, you are your daily habits: what you do every day affects you in the long run.

Make room for these 5 genius habits to maintain or improve your bedroom stamina and keep on making your woman beg for a second round!

#1. Sip on caffeine

Your morning coffee has a lot to say in how you perform in the bedroom as sexy time approaches. A very useful study found that men who consumed two cups of coffee a day were less likely to report erection issues than those who didn’t use this kind of natural stimulant. That’s because, how scientists put it, caffeine has similar properties to Viagra. It helps arteries in your penis to relax and blood flow to increase — and these two factors are necessary for strong and lasting erections.

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#2. Start sweating — seriously!

If you’re used to sitting on the couch, indulging on Netflix&chips, you probably won’t like what I have to say. But you know what? You won’t gain healthy erections either, and I know you want that.

We all know being active is healthy for us (and we all promise to start tomorrow), but what you may not know is that the best exercise for bedroom stamina is cardio. That’s right: cardio isn’t great just for your heart (preventing strokes and heart disease) but also for your penis. Studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine have found that men who do regular cardio exercises have healthier blood vessels — which are crucial for lasting erections — than sedentary men.

The trick is that you need intense exercise to really help prevent all those erectile dysfunctions: the more you sweat, the more you stimulate that blood flow to your man parts. Just don’t choose to ride over your running sessions: endurance cyclists who spend a lot of time on the bike seat tend to have more problems down there as they often injure their perineum.

#3. Experiment more with your partner

It’s easy to get unrealistic expectations about your partner if you watch too many X-rated videos. And this is actually a huge problem a lot of men face: they stop getting hard with their partner because… you know, they get bored. She gets bored. Everyone is bored and good sex becomes this unapproachable fantasy that brings more and more frustration in your relationship. By letting this happen, you miss incredible opportunities to connect with your lady sexually.

If you need more spice in your life, just do it with each other! It will probably be way more fun than you anticipated. Just tell your partner you’re in the mood for a sexy game and you’ll get her attention instantly. It may be as simple as trying a new sex position or do it in a different place. How about a quickie from behind in the hallway?

#4. Rely on antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for maintaining youth and beauty — and they can even help you perform better in the bedroom, for longer! They protect you from free radical and give you lots of energy to enjoy life in all its aspects.

To get a healthy dose of antioxidants daily, make sure you eat a lot of berries, oranges, apples and other fruits reach in vitamin C.

Flavonoids are, however, the star of the show because they can improve blood flow by making your arteries more flexible… and your erections harder and stronger.

#5. Just chill

Stress is a serious sex-killer, so make sure you start a relaxation ritual.

Stress hormones such as cortisol inhibit your body’s ability to get an erection and also destroy intimacy with your partner. Studies show that men who have higher levels of cortisol also have lower scores on tests of sexual functioning. Just 25 minutes of meditation a day is enough to lower your stress levels and get total control over your erection.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: There are always things you can do to boost your bedroom stamina, and I recommend you involve your partner as often as possible.

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