4 Erection Myths That Prevent You From Staying Hard During Sex



4 Erection Myths That Prevent You From Staying Hard During Sex

There is so much information out there about erection issues that it becomes overwhelming and also confusing, especially since a lot of the facts are misleading or simply untrue.

And when you experience some erection problems, you’re tempted to read everything you can find on the matter. Whether you have trouble getting fully hard, staying hard for long enough or simply getting an erection, this is so unsettling – why can’t you enjoy sex without additional efforts when you naturally want it so bad?

Well, sometimes it’s psychological, and sometimes it’s physical. A lot of men come to me desperate to get some answers and even worried that they’ll lose their partner if they don’t act quick. And they are very surprised when I tell them that the first step is to simply relax.

It sounds like a pathetic advice, but you often forget that erection is strongly connected to the brain. And, if you ask me, our brain is assaulted every single day with responsibilities, fears, emotions, interactions, new people, old people, fake news etc. So it gets tired. It’s natural. Knowing how to let it rest is key for a healthy erection.

And speaking of fake news, let me clarify all those misleading facts about erection, that instead of helping you solve the issue, they are making it worse.

Myth #1: Only older guys experience erection problems

If you’re in your 40’s and you are having trouble keeping an erection, you might be really confused that it’s happening so soon. I mean, only older men have this kind of issues, right? Wrong. Actually, if you’re in your 50’s and you fear you may be the next victim, don’t stress. Sometimes, age is just a number. A guy in his 20’s may experience erectile dysfunction, while a man in his 60’s can perform just as well as 30 years ago.

Yes, it’s true that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction does increase with age, but it doesn’t apply to everybody and it certainly doesn’t mean that younger men are immune to it. Actually, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine revealed that 15 percent of men ages 20 to 39 have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during sex.

So don’t let false information prevent you from seeking help when you really need it or make you obsess over something that just isn’t there. Listen to your body, try to relax as much as you can and make sure you really have a problem before seeking a miraculous cure.

Myth #2: You struggled to get it up once, which means you suffer from erectile dysfunction

Look, erectile dysfunction is not an easy topic – not even for your doctor. So if he’s not rushing an ED diagnostic, then why are you? Don’t let anyone, not even your partner, tell you that you suffer from ED just because you had an off night. Very few guys “work” perfectly each time. Stressing over it will just prevent you from having a steady erection next time you get naked with your lady.

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Myth #3: Erection problems mean there’s a problem with your penis

Don’t blame your penis just yet. Even though it seems like it’s the only part of your body that’s not functioning, a weak or nonexistent erection might actually signal other health issues. For instance, conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol can damage your blood vessels, disrupting blood flow to your penis. And as we’ve already discussed, healthy blood vessels are essential for a flawless erection.

Erection problems might also signal diabetes, low testosterone or even depression. So make sure you check your overall health.

Myth #4: Diet has nothing to do with ED

Believe it or not, lifestyle is one of the main concerns when it comes to ED. I always ask men who tell me about their problem: “Do you smoke?”, “Are you active every day?”. They look at me confused and surprised, like their issue could not possibly be lifestyle related because… this would be too basic. They always try to find a more “serious” hidden cause for all this.

Still, it’s scientifically proven that smoking cigarettes can damage your blood vessels, impeding blood flow and making it harder and harder… to get it hard. One study found that after just one year of quitting, 25 percent of ex-smokers reported improvement in their erections.

Cutting down on alcohol and becoming more active can also improve your erections, so start replacing bad habits with new, healthy choices.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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