X marks the G-Spot



X marks the G-Spot

“The G-spot isn’t really erotic in itself, but a portal to an adjacent glandular universe.”
— Faye Flam, The Score: How the Quest for Sex has Shaped the Modern Man

You’ve probably heard of a woman’s G-Spot, but if you’re like most men, you don’t know where it is or what to do with it. You’re not alone!

The statistics about G-Spot play are not encouraging. According to scientific research, only 50% of women have ever experimented with G-Spot play, and of those women who have, 20% didn’t respond to G-Spot stimulation.

When I surveyed more than a hundred women, I had similar findings. More than 50% of the women I spoke with didn’t even know where their G-Spot was. Of the women who did know, less than 25% said their bodies responded when they attempted G-Spot play.

It’s time to do something about these sad statistics. G-Spot play can bring your lover to a crashing, mind-blowing orgasm, but only if you know where it’s located.

Where Is It?

A woman’s sexual anatomy is comprised of so many different parts that it can be tough to tell what’s what, especially if you’re a man. Don’t feel too bad, though: Many women don’t know how to find their G-Spots, either.

The G-Spot is located on the upper part of a woman’s vagina, about two inches back. It’s surrounded with sensitive erectile tissue, so it feels amazing when it’s stimulated. The G-Spot responds best to firm, constant pressure, usually toward the end of intercourse because the area around the G-Spot needs to be fully aroused for her to experience pleasure.

Help Her Find Her G-Spot

Ask her to lie down on the bed with her knees up. She should gently insert the forefinger and middle finger of her right hand about two inches inside her vagina. Have her feel for a rough spot on the upper part of her vagina. The best way to find this area is if she makes a “come hither” motion with her fingers.

G-Spot pleasure stems from pressure on the area. Have her press her G-Spot, pushing it against the pubic bone. If she feels that pressure, chances are good that she’s found her G-Spot.

She may not feel anything pleasurable yet, but she might feel the urge to urinate. That’s because of the G-Spot’s location. Part of the pleasure from G-Spot stimulation is the way it feels for her when you press it back into the internal part of her clitoral muscle, which is located very close to the bladder.

The G-Spot can be much easier to find when she’s aroused. The entire area will feel more sensitive when the clitoris is engorged with blood and the sensitive nerve endings on her internal labia are tingling. Applying firm pressure during this time may help her feel something stir in the area.

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Once she finds the spot, it’s your turn to explore. Lie next to her on the bed and slip your fingers inside her just as she did, from the same direction. Feel for an area that is thick and bumpy or ridged. Her G-Spot is in the center of that area.

If either of you are having difficulty finding it, stroke her arms and thighs to relax her. Tell her not to feel discouraged. If she can’t find it the first time she tries, there’s always next time. Neither of you should be in any hurry to explore new forms of lovemaking together. Finding new ways to please one another can be a wonderful journey—try to enjoy it and focus less on the destination.

Not all women respond to G-Spot stimulation, which is a shame because it feels so good! Part of the problem is that women have different erogenous zones, so what works for one woman doesn’t necessarily work for another.

As I’ve always said about new forms of sexual play, practice makes perfect. Even if it takes a long time to achieve success with G-Spot stimulation, it can be awfully fun trying. If at first you and your partner don’t experience success, keep at it, and you’ll find your tenacity has paid off with an amazing orgasm.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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