Best Toys To Achieve G-spot Orgasm



Best Toys To Achieve G-spot Orgasm

“For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.” – Isabel Allende

Well, not wasting his time, but sexy words never hurt…

I remember the very first time I experienced the infamous “mind-blowing orgasm.” Sure, I’d masturbated and even had a sex a few times, but it was only after some practice and being with a man who knew how to navigate my body that I had an actual G-spot orgasm. It was incredible – the rush of excitement made me black out momentarily, and after we were finished, my legs were shaking and I had to lie there for a minute to catch my breath.

I feel really lucky to have experienced both clitoral as well as G-spot orgasms (there’s a biiiig difference!). However, not all women have. In fact (as I mentioned earlier this week) almost 25% of women have trouble achieving orgasm. That’s a huge percentage! Some women are just biologically wired in such a way that orgasm is a tricky feat – perhaps their G-spot is smaller than the average woman or it’s tucked away a little more discreetly. Other ladies haven’t taken the time for some self-exploration to find their illusive hot-button, and even more men haven’t mastered conquering the Big G.

In addition to being open and exploratory enough to look for it, there are a few toys out there on the market that can be your crib notes to the G-spot – vibrators, dildos, and what I like to call “magic” wands have one primary purpose: to hit that G-spot and make a woman cum. When used in a slow and careful manner, these are the best toys to achieve G-spot orgasm.

The market is overflowing with these multifaceted tools, coming in an endless array of shapes, sizes, and colors. If this is the first sex toy you’re introducing in the bedroom, start small and compact and then work your way up to the big guns. Even though they require no batteries, they can be used to stimulate sex by gliding in and out of the vagina at different angels.

But move slowly when trying a new angle – you don’t want to suddenly bend or move the dildo in a way that hurts your partner (and you could). Ask her to take the reins and guide your hand in a way that feels good to her. Make sure she is wet or use some lubricant (a dry dildo never feels good!).

Vibrators are one of the best toys to achieve G-spot orgasm for two reasons: one, they’re long enough to touch her G-spot, and two, the added vibrations will do all the hard work for you – as soon as the tip of that plastic penis make contact with the G, she’ll be writhing and groaning in pleasure. Use the toy against her clitoris at first to get her wet – then gently insert the vibrator and continue with a steady in-and-out motion.

These sex toys are a personal favorite. Similar to a vibrator and often referred to as a massager, wands have a vibrating head that can be used on the outside as well as the inside of your partner. These often have to be plugged in as opposed to take batteries, but they’re also more powerful and adjustable than their cordless counterparts. The beauty of this product is that you can start by giving her a shoulder or back massage and then move the wand down between her legs to stimulate her further (I guess you could massage her with a vibrator but she’d probably want to laugh more than relax with a big plastic penis in her back).

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