Sensation Play for Beginners



Sensation Play for Beginners

What is Sensation Play?

Sensation play is group of erotic activities that arouse the senses, or heightens one particular sense, while dulling others. Sensation play usually involves the sense of touch, one of the most obvious senses that enhances sensual pleasure. It can be a sexy way of touching your lover that is a form of erotic foreplay.

However, it can also involve heightening any of the senses including sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Heightening our senses during sexual intimacy or foreplay enhances all sexual experiences and puts our bodies in tune to pleasure. In this heightened state, it allows you to experience the pleasures and ecstasies of sex to the extreme.

Most often sensation play is sensual in nature, arousing, erotic and gentle. In BDSM, it could also involve pain play which release pleasurable endorphins and create a “high”. Often in sensation play one sense is limited (like sight by being blindfolded) while another sense is heightened and aroused, like the sense of touch.

Types of Sensation Play

Sensation play can consist of various activities. This could include the use of blindfolds or bondage to remove sight or mobility, while heightening another sense.

Heightening Taste

The use of blindfolds to remove sight and heighten the sense of taste was used in the movie “9 ½ Weeks”. In the hottest scene in the film, Mickey Rourke’s character blindfolds Kim Basinger’s character and feeds her different types of food like cherries, whipped cream, jalapino peppers, and honey to create different taste and texture sensations in her mouth. In this instance, it is taste rather than touch which is the heightened sense. Check out my article on aphrodisiacs for some sexy foods that you could recreate this scene with!

Bonus Tip! You can also use the sense of taste while playing with sensual flavored products, like chocolate massage syrup drizzled over your lover’s body to turn them into a delicious oral treat!

Enhancing Touch

This involves the use of blindfolds and bondage to enhance touch. Touch is erotically heightened and charged when our other senses are removed. A simple erotic massage can become so much more by just applying a blindfold. Erotic tickling can make someone orgasmic when they are bound and can’t move.

Various types of touch can be explored during sensation play including the use of feathers, silk, fur, or leather. Or, you can just use different types of touch with the hands and fingers from soft and light, to firm or rough. Even just the act of kissing can be heightened. Biting, nibbling and licking the body are all other ways to arouse pleasure. Or using hot and cold temperatures like ice, or hot candles wax, or melted massage candles.

More extreme types of sensation play could involve full body bondage, the use of nipple clamps, or pinwheels to stimulate the pain/pleasure response. Erotic spanking could also be a form of sensation play.

Sex toys can add a lot of sensation to various erogenous zones and are effective tools for erotic sensation play.

Sensation play adds a level of eroticism that can bring your arousal to new heights of pleasure as you are swept away by the power of touch.

Bonus Tip! Try alternating different types of touch to change it up and create suspense. Variety is the spice of life.

The Sense of Smell

The sense of smell is a powerful sense and can bring us back to moments in the past that can become almost tangible. You can arouse the sense of smell by lighting sensual candles, or adding scented herbal oils to your play. Erotic scents include vanilla, lavender, Ylang Ylang, musk oil, cinnamon, cloves, and sandalwood. There are also sexuality products on the market that use pheromones to heighten the sense of erotic smell as well.

Bonus Tip! Rub lavender essential oils on the temples to relax your partner.  Or try a spicy mixture of scents just below the nose to arouse their passions.

Sounds and Silence

The sense of hearing can be either aroused or dampened during sensation play. You can play erotic music in the background to heighten the sense of hearing. Talking dirty, or whispering in their ear is another form of heightened this sense, especially if they are blindfolded. Or you can use earplugs to remove the sense of hearing, with a blindfold, which creates erotic suspense and anticipation. If your lover can’t see you or hear you, you can really play with the element of surprise!

Bonus Tip!  Try a meditative CD for doing erotic massage techniques.  Or a fast bumping and grinding tempo for a sexy rhythm.

Erogenous Zones

During sensation play you want to focus on arousing all the other erogenous zones in the body, while avoiding the genitals at first. Check out my articles on the other erogenous zones to begin with here such as the ears, nape of neck, nipples and breasts, and even the feet.

Use light touches with your fingertips, or soft scratches. Knead, rub, massage, pinch or tickle. Use your mouth to nibble, bite, lick, suck, or blow on different areas of the body. Try a fork to lightly trail goose bumps down their skin. Use an ice cube or cold spoon left in the freezer to play with temperature sensations. Erotic toys, especially those made of metal, glass or silicone can also be heated or cooled for erotic play.

Don’t forget the various types of sensation lotions, lubes and candles that can be used to heighten the senses. There are various types of lubes now that cool, heat, tingle and are flavored. Then there are massage oils and candles that warm and heighten the sense of smell and touch. There are also sexual enhancers made specifically for the genitals that bring the blood flow to that area of the body and heighten arousal.

Take it Slow

Sensation play is a sensual experience and shouldn’t be rushed. Go slow and explore your lover’s body. See what reactions you get by trying various things. While you can’t use everything above in one play session, pick one to three things you’d like to try like a blindfold, types of touch and a vibrator, and explore.

Tease your partner erotically so they build up sexual energy and arousal to a place where they are ready to burst. Then give them the orgasm they crave as fireworks go off in the senses!

Tools for Sensation Play

• Blindfolds, silk scarves, and sensory goggles.
• Hand cuffs, bondage rope, a silk tie and bed restraints.
• Warm massage candles, hot wax candles made for sensation play, and warming lotions.
• Cooling and tingling lotions, ice, and popsicles.
• Furs, feathers, silk or satin.
• Forks, pinwheels, or wooden skewers.
• Nipple clamps, clothes pins, or nipple suckers.
• Ear phones, ear plugs or sensual music.
• Aphrodisiacs, sexy foods, flavored lubes.
• Scents and pheromones.
• Your hands, fingers, mouth, tongue and teeth.
• Sex toys including anal toys, dildos, vibrators and kinky toys.
• Sensual massage products and arousal lotions.
• For spanking use your hands, a small soft flogger, a crop, a spatula, or a wooden spoon. Just be careful not to get carried away and hit too hard. The idea is to create erotic sensation, not pain.

So, there is your introduction to sensation play. As you can see, the types of activities you can try are only limited by your imagination. Make sure to talk to your lover about these activities first and get their consent before trying them out. And, make this a playful adventure of exploration, rather than worrying too much about it. Let your sense of play and your lover’s response guide you for the best erotic encounters.

Play safe and have fun!

Gabrielle Moore

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