10 Foreplay Techniques You’ll LOVE



10 Foreplay Techniques You’ll LOVE

When it comes to foreplay, most people think that foreplay is more beneficial to women than it is to men. You might even be one of those people who think that foreplay is just something you do to get your partner warmed up for sex. It only has one benefit, getting her hot for you. But guess what? Foreplay does a lot more than that and it really benefits both men and women!

Engaging in foreplay can make you have better, stronger orgasms. It brings you closer to your partner and helps you feel more connected. So what is foreplay? Does it always have to just be kissing to get warmed up? I say no! Foreplay can and should be more creative. Here are some ideas to get you going…

1. Shower together – There is something about being wet and slippery together that is just a huge turn on (oh, yea, and being naked helps too!). Try soaping up your hands and washing her body for her. This feels wonderful for her because your hands glide smoothly over her skin with the help of the soap. It also feels amazing for you to be touch her all over. Just steer clear of her vagina with the soap, if you over wash that area she could end up with an uncomfortable infection.

2. Get naughty in the movies – The movie theater is a great place to start getting down and dirty. It’s dark and everyone’s focus is on the screen in front of them, so you would be surprised at what you can get away with! Start planting the seed for what’s to come after the movies by stroking her inner thigh or drawing little circles on her skin with your finger.

3. Use some flavored lube – It can be fun to spread this around your partner’s erogenous zones and then make sure she is squeaky clean by licking it off with your tongue.

4. Make a romantic gesture – This might not sound like foreplay, but believe me, it is. Send her flowers at work and include a sexy message. Try something like, “I can’t get you off of my mind, so I thought I’d send you a little something to make you think of me.” Or you can write a dirty message, just make sure no one will peak inside the card before she gets it!

5. Start foreplay on the couch – Most couples get into the routine of having sex only in the bedroom and it usually begins and ends there. Try making out on the couch like you did when you were a teenager in your parents’ living room. Who knows, the hormones might even start flowing like they did back then!

6. Leave her a sexy note – Everything is digital these days. We text, we email, we tweet, so it’s extra special when you receive a handwritten note when you least expected it. And it’s especially hot when that letter is a little on the dirty side.

7. Offer to be her slave for the day – Let her know that you will do anything she asks of you for 24 hours, even if it includes picking up her dry cleaning. Tell her that today is just about pleasing her, nothing else.

8. Create a map of her body – Instead of rushing through foreplay to get to sex, treat foreplay like the main event. Take your time touching, caressing, licking, sucking and kissing different parts of her body. Observe how she reacts. Does it tickle? Does she moan? Did she seem to like it? Experiment and learn something new about your partner and what she likes.

9. Use strategically placed mirrors – There is nothing like watching yourself in the act. You might not want to videotape yourself having sex, but if you place a mirror in just the right spot, you can get a live show that is a HUGE turn on. Take a full length mirror and put it on its side on the bed so that you have a full view of what’s going on. Get ready to be seriously turned on!

10. Take turns – In this fun foreplay technique one person is the giver and one person is the receiver here. The receiver isn’t allowed to do anything to stimulate the giver, he/she just has to lie back and enjoy receiving. Obviously, you would be the giver first and then just hope that she’s up for returning the favor!

Gabrielle Moore

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