Women Confess: Her Secret Hot Spots



Women Confess: Her Secret Hot Spots

There are so many wonderfully sensitive parts on a woman’s body that can be touched and stimulated to make her experience of sex even better. These areas of her body are called the erogenous zones. You might be surprised to find out that a woman’s secret hot spot isn’t just her breasts or clitoris, there are a lot of other sexy spots that need your attention. So, I asked 6 real women to tell me about their secret spot and how they like it to be touched.

Rihanna, 29 years old

My secret hot spot is my hands. I know that probably sounds so weird, but it’s true! My boyfriend and I discovered by accident actually. He was massaging my hands after a long day while we sat on the couch watching TV. He got some lotion out and it was feeling really good and relaxing. Once he applied the lotion it started feeling even better and before long I had my eyes closed and he had my full attention. He started pulling and rubbing each finger individually, then he would knead the palms of my hands. Since I had my eyes closed I didn’t even realize that he suddenly started sucking on my fingers. It felt so good that it sent tingles all down my body right to my clit. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the TV was turned off and we were both seriously turned on.

Jaquiline, 33 years old

I love it when my husband kisses, massages, licks, sucks, and nibbles on my shoulders and upper back. Something about having him touching me from behind is a crazy, sexy turn on for me. It’s like I don’t know what’s coming next and I’m in his control. I love that. But it’s also more than that. That area of my body is really sensitive and so when he touches me there in any way, I start to get wet right away. Soon I’ll be pressing up against him like crazy. He knows I love it, so whenever he wants to have sex, he just comes up behind me, sweeps my hair to the side and begins kissing me. I can’t say no!

Molly, 42 years old

There are a lot of places I love my husband to touch me, but there is one thing he does that really sends me over the edge. During foreplay he always teases me a lot before touching my clit or fingering me. He will spend a long time kissing, rubbing and licking my inner thighs or getting really, really close to my clit or vagina, but never actually touching it. I’m literally squirming after 10 minutes of this, bucking my hips toward him, BEGGING him to touch me. I feel like my private parts are pulsating with desire. When he finally touches me there, he does it SO gently and it feels fantastic. I love that he teases me. It makes my orgasm 100 times more powerful.

Sandra, 38 years old

Maybe this is cliche, but my hot spot is definitely my ears. I still remember the first boyfriend I had who would kiss them and it felt like it sent electric shock through me right down to my pussy. It was incredible. From then on I made sure every guy I was with knew to pay attention to my ears. I love it when a guy runs the tip of his tongue along my ear and then pokes and penetrates it. A nice, soft nibbling of the earlobe isn’t too bad either! And if I’m going to tell you everything, I also love when he goes to town on my neck while he’s in the area. It all just feels so good. I swear I’ve come close to cumming just from that alone!

Deborah, 25 years old

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I love having my toes sucked. I know some people think that feet are gross, but they don’t gross me out and it feels SO GOOD! Thank god my current boyfriend doesn’t find it gross, in fact he’s totally into it.

Lorena, 50 years old

I love having my butt touched in every way you can imagine. I love when my partner squeezes is when we’re kissing. I love to feel his hands rubbing over the skin. But I especially love when he kisses me down there. He’ll start at the small of my back and work his way down. Who knew there were so many sensitive nerve endings down there? It’s like there are little fireworks going off for me. I just love it.

Gabrielle Moore

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