Preparing your body for a one-of-a-kind orgasm

Preparing your body for a one-of-a-kind orgasm

If you’ve ever thought that there could be more to sex, then you are probably right. An expansive orgasm is an experience that makes you feel like you are finally approaching your full potential for orgasmic bliss. They are within reach, but you will need to do some groundwork in order to open those channels within you.

Expansive orgasmic experiences go beyond what would be considered a regular genital orgasm. Typical genital orgasms last approximately 3–5 seconds in men and 5–10 seconds in women. They are marked by a series of strong pelvic contractions and a sense of release or “going over the edge.” The focus of pleasurable sensations is primarily in the pelvis and genitals. An expansive orgasm is longer in duration and may include a variety of pleasurable sensations felt throughout the body. It may or may not include the same sense of release. Because of its extended duration, the experience is more like a state than an event. There are many different variations of expansive orgasm. Some of the most common names for these experiences are expanded orgasms, full body orgasms, extended massive orgasms, energy orgasms, transcendent orgasms, and Tantric orgasms. Since we have reached this point, why not take a look at this set of rules, techniques and rituals meant to open you the door to these orgasmic supernovas?

There are some preparations that can assist you in finding your way to the various types of expanded orgasm. These preparations may take time to master. They involve opening the body in ways that might be new to you. Practice is necessary in order to develop your capacity for expanded orgasm.

Open your mind

The first way to prepare is to open your mind to the possibility of greater and more intense pleasure. If your mind is not open, you will most likely continue the same patterns and routines with sex that you always have. Consequently, you will keep having the same kinds of experiences.

Be aware of your breath

The second preparation is to bring more awareness to your breath. By focusing on your breath and allowing it to deepen, you will come more into your body and the sensations there. This will also help you access more profoundly relaxed states. You will also become more aware of energy flowing within your body. With this awareness you can begin to release blocks to the flow of this energy. The more conscious you can be of your breath, the more you can use it in a way to assist you in building arousal and expanding the orgasmic energy when the time comes.

Let your energy flow

The third preparation is learning to circulate or stream energy through your body. Once you are open and aware of energy in your body, you can begin to consciously amplify it. By channeling and recirculating energy, you can allow it to build until you feel fully charged. This will enable you to experience energy coursing through your entire being. You may experience the energy starting at the base of the spine, traveling all the way up the spine. It may then shoot out the top of your head. Alternatively, the energy may recycle by traveling back down the front of your body to create a continuous loop.

The journey to expansive orgasms

Once you have done some preparation and feel energetically open, you can begin to set a greater intention to experience more expansive orgasms. You should set aside at least two hours, if not three or four. All of the sexual behaviors that you normally engage in can be a part of this practice. It is less about the particular activities and more about the energy you allow to flow within you. You don’t have to engage in all of these practices in one encounter. In fact, in the beginning it is probably best to pick just one as your primary focus.

Contain your arousal

Having expansive orgasms requires that you contain high states of arousal. Your ability to deepen your breath and circulate your energy will help tremendously with this, as will your ability to simply relax into pleasurable sensations. You want to be able to stay present with and keep inviting in more sensation. If it feels like too much at any point, go back to focusing on your breathing. In comparison, when you go for a genital orgasm, you are looking to climax and then dissipate your energy. Instead, expanded orgasm practices seek to sustain a high state of energy and arousal, without looking to discharge it.

Spread the sweet spot

As you focus on the pleasurable sensations in your genitals, you can begin to allow that pleasure to spread to the tissues nearby. This can be aided by varying the stimulation to make it lighter and broader. It also helps to focus on relaxing the tissues in the rest of your body, inviting all areas to open and receive the pleasure. See how far you can spread the ecstatic sensations into the rest of your being.

Expand your sense of connection

Expanding a sense of connection and oneness to your lover, your surroundings, and all of life will support a more expansive orgasmic experience. If you are with a lover, you can practice being present with each other by looking into each other’s eyes and breathing together. See if you can feel each other’s energy bodies. Let yourselves feel your desire for each other. Let it fill you. Breathe it in. Sometimes this is all it takes to help you access more expansive states.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Don’t forget there is a lot of energy in you waiting to be released. The level of pleasure attained while at it is only up to you. Take a look and learn how to prepare yourself into making the most of your orgasms.

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