Squirting orgasms: The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift

Squirting orgasms: The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift

If you want to enjoy an explosive Valentine’s Day with your lover, a squirting orgasm is a way to go. Sure, flowers and a movie are a romantic treat, but EVERY woman gets that. Do you know what they don’t get that often if ever? A delirious orgasm that makes them release all those sexy juices they see in the X-rated movies.

Squirting orgasms are becoming more and more popular, so more women want to experiment them with their partners. Still, it’s not an easy topic: most of them feel embarrassed to ejaculate, mostly because this kind of release is associated with men.

And then there’s the theory of the juices being just pee. If she doesn’t know much on the matter, you should take the time and explain everything – it’s actually a romantic gesture she’ll appreciate in time, after experiencing the most powerful orgasm ever. That being said, she needs to know that she will be ejaculating fluid produced by Skene’s gland, which is located above the G-spot and is really close to the bladder. When the Skene’s gland is stimulated, it fills and then expels fluid which is released through the urethra.

Knowing everything that happens with her body during this time will help her be more relaxed, which is the most important rule of squirting orgasms: if her body is tense, she won’t be able to ejaculate.

Here are the easiest ways to make her squirt on Valentine’s Day:

Give her a relaxing massage

I know it sounds weird because we’re talking sex here, but trust me: she needs to be 100% relaxed to be able to squirt. And sometimes sex can make you feel tense, even though the sensations are great. The more relaxed she is, the less she’ll try to stop her body from ejaculating, which is something many women do without even realizing.

Put a bit of coconut oil on your palms, warm them up and then start massaging each zone of her body slowly, like you’re just trying to discover every centimeter of her skin. Long sensual strokes will get her nice and mellow, which is what you want.

Foreplay is everything

If you want to make your lady squirt, you need to know that it won’t happen in three minutes. Actually, it can take almost an hour for a woman’s body to prepare for such an intense release. This is the reason why you need to take things slowly, be patient and build that sexual tension. Make sure to lick and kiss her entire body, even the areas you don’t usually reach. It will be worth it to surprise her senses. The goal isn’t to get to the finish line as soon as possible – you want her in the moment… completely.

Work her clit

When you finally get to her clitoris, massage it slowly with circular motions, increasing pressure as she gets more and more turned on, but try not to be rough. Just tease her as long as you can – this area is very sensitive and will get her ready for the big moment. Use your mouth and your lips too, but don’t let her reach climax yet.

Stimulate the G-spot

As you may know, the key to making her squirt is to stimulate the G-spot the right way. It is located at 1 to 3 inches inside of her, in the upper wall of her vagina.

When you finally find the “balloon” shaped spot, massage it with your finger using a “come here” motion. The more you do this, the more she’ll have a peeing sensation, which is completely normal because female ejaculation feels a lot like… oh well, peeing. Just try to make feel comfortable and make sure she allows herself to reach that level of extreme pleasure.

Penetration as the final act

When you feel she’s almost reached her limit of arousal, get to penetration, but do it in a way that stimulates her clitoris at the same time. Actually, did you know that the G-spot is the opposite end of the clitoris? They’re connected, which is why they are both so powerful. When you stimulate one, you arouse the other. When you stimulate both at the same time, you get – you guessed it! – a squirting orgasm.

Find a comfortable position which involves tilting her pelvis for better G-spot stimulation with your penis while also reaching her clitoris with your hand. Thrust with force and massage her clit at the same time to give her the ultimate squirting orgasm. Uhhh, what a night!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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