Safety guide to female ejaculation

Safety guide to female ejaculation

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Squirting is the epitome of good sex, surpassing the classic orgasm and making a woman want to reach new levels of pleasure. When you are able to give her not only an orgasm but a squirting orgasm, your sexual connection becomes unbeatable. There is something profoundly erotic about her ejaculation because it represents the ultimate level of pleasure — she’ll be blown away for days, not to mention she’ll put YOU right next to the best feeling of her life, craving you and only you.

BUT there is one thing which can disrupt the magic of a squirting orgasm: a sexually transmitted disease, aka an STD. Erotic pleasure is my favorite thing in the world and I love to preach it every time I have a chance to do so… but safety should always come first — for you and for your partner.

When it comes to STDs, squirting techniques can make it even easier for viruses and bacteria to sneak in. This transmission happens mainly through fluids… and female ejaculation implies a lot of fluids.

Let me start with the basics: squirting happens when a woman emits fluid from her urethra during sexual arousal. This can happen both with or without an orgasm, but — of course — the ultimate pleasure is released when it happens during an orgasm. Some women ejaculate just once, others do it multiple times — just like they are able to have multiple orgasms.

Female ejaculation is made possible when you stimulate the G-spot, where Skene’s glands are located. The fluids are then pushed out through the ducts in her urethra. You can stimulate de G-spot using your fingers, your penis or even a G-spot vibrator. However you choose to do it, penetration is deep and puts both of you at risk for a sexually transmitted disease if you don’t take precautions.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many revealing studies done about female ejaculation. The studies regarding sexually transmitted infections through female ejaculate are even fewer — if not zero, nada, niente. But there are a few general rules I would advise you to follow.

Get tested together

You and your partner should get tested regularly (once a year) to make sure nothing spoils the fun of the amazing sex you’ll have together. This is especially important because some sexually transmitted diseases have a window of time during which they can go be undetected. If an STD goes unnoticed in the early stages, it’s very possible for the symptoms to be mistaken for something benign when they finally present themselves. These diseases are treatable, but they are also particularly difficult to detect. So be wary of the signs: if your woman develops an unusual genital ulcer five months into your relationship, it’s reasonable for you to ask her to get tested again. The same thing goes for you: if she notices a significant change in the smell or color of your semen, don’t be offended if she asks you to get tested.  Remember, it’s in your best interest to enjoy a healthy sex life together.

A great testing tip: if you notice something wrong with her body, don’t mention STD’s right away because it might sound too harsh. Just mention the symptoms. Women generally take good care of their bodies, so she will probably take measures. It’s better if you seem genuinely concerned and don’t make it sound like an accusation.

Use lube to make it wetter

During sexual intercourse, constant rubbing can cause microscopic tears into the skin of your genitalia — for you and for your woman — especially when there’s not enough slip. These microscopic tears help bacteria and viruses to get into your system much easier, so lubrication might actually be much more important than you thought: it can really protect your body from contracting some STDs.

If you feel your partner is not wet enough for some reason, just use a small amount of coconut oil to get some healthy slip down there. But remember, if you’re using a condom (which you should, especially if you involve anal stimulation) it’s better to choose a water-based lubricant.

Take some hygiene measures

Something as simple as washing your hands more often could really help lower your chance of infection. Numerous studies have shown that a toilet surface is a place crawling with potential diseases. So when you go to a public bathroom, make sure to use toilet seat covers where available if you’re going to sit or generous strips of toilet paper to cover the seat, avoiding contact of bacteria with your bottom. And tell your lady to do the same.

As for sex hygiene, always wash your hands before fingering your woman! Take a shower together before you begin the sexy play and try to use antibacterial intimate lotion when cleaning your genitalia.

Remember, if you get both get tested regularly and respect some basic hygiene rules you can enjoy endless pleasure together!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Female ejaculation is an incredible sensation for both of you, and I want you to enjoy it safely, reaching a new level of sexual connection.

NOTE: This Article is specially created for those enrolled in the NEW  “Squirting Obsession” NU Edition. To access your course, click here.
[Aren’t you enrolled to “SQUlRTlNG Obsession”?  Click to join my waiting-list and on the unlikely event where a spot becomes available, I will contact you immediately.

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