How to prepare her body for intense squirting

How to prepare her body for intense squirting

Women who’ve never squirted before prefer to think this is just a myth, so they remain skeptical while secretly dreaming about meeting a man who can help them achieve this total sensation (trust me, I’ve been there once upon a time).

Sorry for barging in with the truth, but female ejaculation is not only as real as pizza on a Saturday night, but it’s also become a hot “trend” these days. More and more women are taking charge of their pleasure and sexuality, exploring their bodies and finding new intense ways of enjoying pleasure with their partner. So all I can say about your lady not being able to squirt is that she’s missing out big time!

If you’ve never made a woman squirt before or you simply haven’t achieved it yet in your current relationship, then you need to know the most important rule: to be able to ejaculate, her body needs to accumulate the right amount of sexual tension that will eventually be released through the act of ejaculation. So patience is mandatory here.

This is actually why most couples miss the start: they think squirting is like a precise mechanism that will “work” if they follow the right steps. And while stimulating the right spots is key to making it happen, female ejaculation requires some intense body preparations before you even get to sex.

And because this is key to making your woman squirt and become her #1 sexy hero, let me share a few of my favorite “preparation” tips for female ejaculation:

Help her understand more about her body

Many women are afraid or ashamed of ejaculation because they think they are releasing urine. You have to convince your lady that this is completely false information. Instead, tell her she will be ejaculating fluid produced by Skene’s gland, which is located above the G-spot and is really close to the bladder.

When the Skene’s gland is stimulated, it fills and then expels fluid which is released through the urethra. Because the urethra is the same tube that urine passes through, many women believe they’re going to pee when they ejaculate. So they hold it in.

That’s why ejaculation doesn’t happen. It’s important that she knows this so that she can mentally relax and release sexual tension. She also needs to feel safe with you, so tell her how much you want to see her burst in total pleasure.

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Make sure she stays hydrated

Hydration is important during sex in general because it promotes a great lubrication making sex more enjoyable for both of you. But it’s even more important when we’re referring to female ejaculation as it helps the Skene’s gland to function properly. Make sure your partner drinks half to a full liter of water 2-3 hours before you get to business, but tell her to empty her bladder before sex. Then it’s time to get comfortable.

Get her aroused, but SLOWLY

As I said, your woman needs to build sexual tension slowly, so begin foreplay by teasing her with soft kisses behind the ear. Whisper something sweet, like how hot she looks in her lingerie. Touch her back softly while you kiss her passionately, then move on to stimulating her nipples. While you kiss them, rub her clitoris with your pelvis using slow sensual motions. It’s important that you apply pressure on her clitoris area, which is packed with nerve endings that produce intense orgasms in conjunction with her G-spot.

Prepare her for penetration

Before you get inside of her, prepare her vagina with some fingering action. Fingering is great because it helps her relax gradually and it also gives you the chance to find the G-spot before the real action starts. It’s also the perfect time for cunnilingus – if you can do it while gently stimulating her G-spot with your middle finger, she’ll get more than ready for a wet party!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Baby, it’s important that you read her body signals and take it slowly – patience is key when it comes to female ejaculation.

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