Give Her a Spank!

Give Her a Spank!

There is something so thrilling about being a little naughty in bed. We all like different things. Some of us might like to get really down and dirty in the bedroom. Others like more “vanilla” sex, perhaps believing that sex is just wonderful in its purest and simplest form. Either way, there are a lot of ways to make sex even more exciting, whether you like it really dirty or sensual and romantic.

The way we’re going to discuss today is spanking. Spanking is one of those fun and bad little activities that a person might not even think they will enjoy right up until they give or receive their first little slap on the bum and a rush of hot arousal runs through your body. Why do we like it so much? Well, for starters the butt is an erogenous zone and filled with delicious little nerve endings that are just begging to be stimulated.  On top of that, the butt shares the same neural pathways that lead straight to the brain as our genitals do.

By now I’m guessing you’re a little more than intrigued? I thought so. Let’s go over the how to together.


1. Across your lap – If this is comfortable for both parties, your partner lying down across your lap is a great position to practice spanking. You (the spanker) should sit in an armless chair, on the bed, or on the couch where your partner is able to lie across your lap. You should hold on to her with one hand and spank with the other.

2. Bent over – Another great position is your partner bent over something, like a desk, table or the arm of the sofa. It should be comfortable so she can rest her upper body on the surface and stick her bum high in the air for you.

3. All fours – In this position your partner will get on all fours and either stay in table top position, or rest her elbows and forearms flat so that her butt sticks straight up in the air.

4. During sex – While the other positions mentioned were more for doing spanking as a form of foreplay, there are some who like to give their partners a spank while they’re having sex. Doggy style is a great position for this and so is the woman on top position.

How To

It might seem that there isn’t much to spanking, but that’s definitely not the case! There is a right way to do it.

* You might not think it, but you actually don’t want to leave her with a stinging, sore butt. So, cup your hand and keep your fingers together when spanking. This will help to minimize the sting. Some couples also use latex or leather gloves or a fur mitt for this purpose. For those couples that do want to leave the spankee with a red, sore bum, use an open, flat hand with fingers spread wide.

* Start by massaging and squeezing her butt. Then begin with lighter spanks, with a rub and squeeze in between. Just like any other sexual activity, you want to ease into anything more intense.

* Concentrate your spanking on the fleshy part of her bum, steering clear of the spin, tailbone and top of the butt.

* Increase the intensity of your spanking and the speed. Only break contact with the skin in order to administer another spank. When you spank, swipe your hand upward.

* As things intensify you can change up the stimulation from spanking to rubbing, caressing and squeezing.

* The underside of her buttcheeks are especially sensitive and spanking her there (once she is fully aroused) can also jiggle around the genital area and provide really intense sensations.

* Always proceed with caution when it comes to intensity. It’s a good idea to agree on a “safe word” for your partner to use if she decides she doesn’t want to be spanked anymore.

The Role of Fantasy

A lot of spanking in the bedroom can be engaged in alongside role playing. There are a ton of fun scenarios you could try, like boss/assistant, teacher/student, etc. If you’re not interested in role playing then you can spank your partner once things start getting hot and heavy during sex. I should also mention that you might want to try switching the roles I mentioned here and becoming the spankee, while she becomes the spanker!

Once you’re done spanking, move on to sex and make sure your give her bum some extra loving caresses and squeezes along the way!

Gabrielle Moore

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