Breast Stimulation Secrets Revealed

Breast Stimulation Secrets Revealed

For most women vaginal climax is hard enough, so they don’t really believe they can reach orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. I mean… it does sound a bit unrealistic. Nevertheless, many women around the globe are experiencing a nipple orgasm right now. And they don’t have special powers, there’s nothing unusual about their breasts… They simply get the right kind of stimulation from their partner.

Stimulating her breasts is not as easy as you would think. If it would be, all women would enjoy the mysterious breast orgasm instead of just dreaming about it. But did you know nipple stimulation activates the same nerve cortex as clitoral and genital stimulation? Researchers at Rutgers University have recently confirmed this through MRI brain scans. This means that breast stimulation has the same powerful potential – you just have to find the right way to do it.

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Now pay attention because I’m going to let you in on some of my favorite breast stimulation secrets, so you can surprise your lady with new hotter sensations…

Size doesn’t matter

If your woman is worried she’ll never enjoy breast orgasm just because her twins are small, then please make sure to reassure her that size really doesn’t matter. Scientists found out that out of all the other extra-genital erogenous areas of the female body, breasts are the most sensitive and responsive to stimulation. And this is true for any woman out there – she just needs to find a patient and loving partner who is willing to explore this exciting territory. Actually, it is believed that larger breasts might be a little less sensitive, but there’s no evidence to support this.

As for specific areas of the breasts, you just need to experiment with your woman to find out what excites her the most. For some women, the skin of the breast is more sensitive than the nipple, while others prefer you to concentrate on the nipple.

However, for most women, the most sensitive area remains the nipple, followed by the areola and the sides of the boobs. But don’t forget that the whole breast is a pleasure mechanism that contains an enormous concentration of nerve endings. There are some variations depending on her body shape, but trust me – she will not remain indifferent to nipple play.

Don’t underestimate foreplay

Yes, I am referring to breast stimulation foreplay. If you want to be able to give her a nipple orgasm, then you have to follow the same principle as with vaginal climax. You don’t want to aggressively squeeze her twins – she will only get annoyed more than anything. This is what most men do and I’m telling you it just doesn’t work. It’s actually the reason why most women are skeptical about breast orgasms.

Set the scene, make your woman feel sexy and comfortable by your side. It’s very important that she feels relaxed, open to anything. Turn down the lights, light up some candles and even wear that shirt she likes so much – anything you know will put her in a sexy mood.

If she wears a bra, don’t take it off just yet. Gently move your hands over it, teasing her. Then let your fingers slip inside and look for her areola. Circle her nipple slowly while looking into her eyes.

Make it more intense

When she starts getting wet, it’s time for some tongue-and-mouth action. Take off her bra and cup her breasts from behind, while kissing her neck. Massage them slowly with the palm of your hands and gently pinch her nipples. It’s important that you go slowly – most women experienced nipple orgasm through “boring” delicate moves. You just need to be patient and build tension gradually.

Next, have her sit on the bed while you kneel in front of her, on the floor. Let your hands rest for a while and use your mouth exclusively. Grab her nipple into your lips, suck it, lick it, blow over it and then gently rub it with your index finger. Pay attention to her reactions and repeat the moves that she finds most pleasurable until she reaches orgasm. Nipple orgasm is different than the vaginal or clitoral one, but it will activate these powerful zones as well. So when you feel her clitoris contracting, that’s when you know she’s approaching breast climax.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, every woman’s level of sensitivity is different, so only move as far as she wants you to, asking questions about her preferences. It’s the only way you’ll get to REALLY know her twins and increase their pleasure potential. Don’t forget about my exclusive Naked U Edition that will be ALL about breast stimulation techniques that are coming your way next month! But until then, for more breast stimulation secrets, I recommend you check out this new course called “Boobgasms”.

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