Break out of an orgasm rut



Break out of an orgasm rut

“You can’t ruin a friendship with sex, it’s like trying to ruin ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.”

Are you in search of a more intense finale for your partner? You’ve come to the right place, as always (no pun intended!). All you have to do is try these techniques and see which one works for you. At least one will, if not all of them. If you’re lucky enough to have figured out a go-to technique, it doesn’t mean your big moment can’t be even bigger. Who couldn’t use a few more tricks in their repertoire?

If girl-on-top does it for her, missionary using the CAT (coital alignment technique will work as well, and with a much stronger orgasm at the end.

Why it works. Girl-on-top gets your partner going because her clitoris gets a lot of stimulation. The CAT delivers similar benefits. Get into the missionary position, then position yourself so your pelvis is in line with your partner’s. Then use a figure-of-eight motion to massage her clitoris with your pelvic bone.

If oral does it for her, a little extra lube will too.

Why it works. What her body is responding to during oral is all the lubrication from your mouth combined with pressure from your tongue. A lot of couples under-use lube or think that it’s only for when a woman feels dry – which is so not the case! Touch her clitoris during sex with a lubed-up digit.

If a vibrator does it for her, masturbation (a lot of it, either during “me time” or together with you) will most surely do the trick as well.

Why it works. Vibrators are great fun but they can potentially desensitize your partner to any other kind of touch as they’re more powerful than any human (that isn’t a myth, unfortunately). Want to wear her off of one? Over the next three months, take half an hour a few times each week to touch her in various ways until you’ve found her new go-to.

What finally did it for me

Here, six women who once identified themselves as “orgasmically challenged” share with you the moves that got their toes to curl. Steal it, learn it, use it!

“The first time I ever experienced one was by accident when I was making out with a guy in the backseat of his car. I started dry humping him and things got intense. About a minute later, boom – my first orgasm happened. I figured out I need to stimulate my clitoris outside my pants – the texture of the material helps.

“I struggled to have an orgasm in previous relationships. When I started dating my now-husband, we had phone sex (we were long distance at the time), and hearing how turned on he was turned me on so much that I began to have orgasms from touching myself. Knowing your own body (and making sure you’re turned on mentally) helps so much.”

“What finally did it for me was having really slow, deep sex where the guy hits my G-spot. Slow and steady wins my race!”

“The two positions that always get me off are girl-on-top and one where my guy kneels in front of me while I’m on my back with my legs open. He goes inside me while I’ll touch my clitoris. Works every time.”

“I dated a guy who could not get the angle right. After a few hook-ups, I put some pillows under my butt, which elevated my hips… and it worked!”

“It’s all about being on my stomach on top, not vertically but horizontally. Then I just kind of snuggle around with my stomach in a circle – I guess you’d call that grinding, but I hate that word!”

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Spending fifteen extra minutes on getting a woman turned on could make her orgasm stronger. This is something that I can truly attest to (and I’ll just say… OMG!), so take your time to change the odds of your sex romp. Check out my video program on the matter – Flesh on Flesh

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