My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 13



My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 13

Okay, we are at lucky number 13 in “My Top Sex Tips” articles and I have 5 more delicious sexy tips for you once again today!

  1. Vary stimulation

In my last article I told you to not stop whatever stimulation you are doing to your lover when she is at the edge of orgasm.

This article, I want to encourage you to try various types of stimulation, in the way you touch her, but also in the places that you touch.  While she and you may be used to a certain type of stimulation that gets her off every time, you can also explore this a bit, especially during initial foreplay, to find other ways to awaken her libido.  Trying different ways and types of touch can actually create new erotic pathways in the brain to make her even more orgasmic.

So, try new techniques and learn new ways to make love.

  1. Whisper dirty nothings in public

Have you ever whispered “sweet nothings” in your honey’s ear while out in public?  It is hot as heck and a sure fire way to get her turned on even before you get to the bedroom.

So, what should you say?

Keep the whispers to how hot you think she is and what you like to do with her tonight.  Whisper to her at the table during dinner in a fantasy restaurant, during slow dancing on dance floor, or even grocery shopping.  Yes, seriously.  Any activity can be turned sexy with the right words!

  1. Sexy shopping spree

I love doing this with my partner, going on a sexy shopping spree together.

Whether we are shopping for lingerie, sexy costumes, or hot new toys for the bedroom, sexy shopping is fun and naughty.

How to: Plan a date together to go to your local adult store and look around.  You don’t have to have any expectations, or know what you want to get beforehand.  Check out the products, and discuss how you could use certain items to spice it up.

If you don’t like shopping in public, try shopping online in private.  There are lots of reputable adult shops online where you can find great products and awesome deals, shipped discreetly right to your door.

Then the thrill of waiting for your sexy package to arrive will keep you going til it gets there!

  1. Play teacher/student

Have you ever tried sexy roleplaying before?

It is not only for “kinky” couples as some people tend to think. Completely “vanilla” couples can role play certain sexy scenarios in their bedroom together to heat up their sex life.

One of my favorites is the very popular teacher/student role play.  This could be a naughty teacher seducing their student, or a disciplinary school master chastising a bad boy or girl.  You don’t even have to dress up that much to bring this fantasy to life, although hot accessories like a school girl outfit can crank up the sexy dial on this much loved fantasy.

  1. Sex and chocolate

Mmm… I love sex, and chocolate.  Together, they are divine!

Did you know that some people think chocolate is even better than sex?!  What!  Yes, chocolate is also called the “love drug” because it contains chemical compounds like serotonin (the feel-good brain chemical that affects mood, sexual desire and increase libido) and PEA aka phenethylamine or dopamine (a chemical that increases endorphins which affects sexual arousal, pleasure and orgasm) both putting women especially in the mood for love.

So try some chocolate with your sex to boost her libido.  Feed her small square of decadent Belgium chocolate for dessert, or drizzle chocolate sauce over each other to lick off and make yourselves into dessert.

Either way, sex and chocolate are sure to please.

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That’s it for my sexy tip their article guys.  Now dive right in and plan some sexy bedroom activities with her asap!

Until next time, stay sexy!

Gabrielle Moore

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