Are you feeling nice or naughty?



Are you feeling nice or naughty?

“I’m a sexually liberated woman that earned that liberation. I am very proud of the fact that I feel comfortable discussing sex.” – Gennifer Flowers

Any sex session or fantasy you might have in mind can unravel in one of two ways: either by playing it out nicely and with lots of romanticism involved, or by going all the way and letting the naughty side shine. I’ve created scenarios that fit both options, so that you can have your pick according to both you and your partner’s moods.

A steamy shower session

Nice. You know that fruity body wash she loves the smell of? Lather it between your palms and give her a playful rub-down, using the suds as a lube to massage her private parts as well. She’ll get pleasure from your touch and the scent.

Naughty. Use the shower stream or detachable head to give her an insider’s peak at the fact that you know how she likes to pleasure herself. Send her over the edge with your enthusiasm and a soft whisper about how you hope she thinks of you when she’s doing it without company.

An oral experience

Nice. Kiss her from her jaw to her happy trails, then use the tip of your tongue to make your way to her labia. By the time you actually get the chance to have a taste of her sweetness, she’ll be practically convulsing with the anticipation.

Naughty. Give her a bad boy oral sex experience. Grab her favorite lip balm, the one that contains cooling menthol. It will react with her hot skin to leave a little tingle wherever your lips touch her body. Those shivers will travel all the way down her legs and up her spine.

Unwrapping some presents

Nice. Dress up in her favorites from your wardrobe (you know that fitted shirt she loves and those special jeans, that make your behind to die for?), and let her peel the pieces off you one by one. Make sure underneath it all is a new-to-her knickers surprise.

Naughty. Make her a prisoner of your love (and steaming passion!). Show her the hot peekaboo bra and sexy undies that you bought for her, then tell her to turn away from you. Tie up her wrists and cover her eyes with your tie, then undress her and dress her up with your sexy presents. Then take her blindfold off and invite her to have her minxy way with you.

Sharing sexy snacks

Nice. Tie a scarf over her eyes, and as you kiss slowly feed her sweet treats from your mouth, letting her guess what she is tasting. Turn the hotness up a notch by using her breasts and body as your very own special serving platter.

Naughty. Celebrate, and titillate, with bubbly. Take a sip from a cold glass of champers, then roll your tongue and lips over her nipples. The icy-coldness restricts her capillaries and will lead to sinful sensations.

Just a kiss

Nice. Set up a movie night on the couch and tell her she’s only getting to first base. It’s an innocent come-on that will make you both want more. Letting her try to “convince” you to go further is half the excitement.

Naughty. While kissing, lure her tongue into your mouth. When she goes to pull it back, wrap your lips around the tip, sucking like during oral. This R-rated preview will have her aching for the full presentation.

All she wants is… a sexy treat from you!

These girls reveal their secret in-the-sack wish lists. (Good news: the stuff they want is pretty doable… well, mostly.)

“A little role-play would be nice. If cookies are involved, bonus points.” – Tanya

“A nice massage. Life is so stressful nowadays that a good rub-down would be a legit wish.” – Alex

“Bringing toys into the bedroom. It’s something I’m usually nervous about bringing up, but if he’s the one taking the lead…” – Brenda

“An unexpected oral sex session when I’m chilling on the couch would be cool – better if there’s no pressure to reciprocate. If it’s a gift, it can be all about me.” – Devon

“If I could have any kind of special sex session, it would be anal. I could make up something else, but I’d be lying.” – Dana

“Let me do everything – from foreplay to main-play – just for one day. I love to feel like I’m completely in charge and thus I don’t feel guilty about my tendency to boss you around.”

“For once, you be in charge for lighting the candles and setting up a romantic atmosphere. I hate feeling that you don’t really appreciate this stuff that I’m almost “forcing” on you.” – Lia

Have a nice and naughty week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Now that you know what you can do based on the mood that you’re having, why not have a taste of the both worlds? I’m sure playing it nice will eventually lead to dying for a taste of the naughty side.

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