Anal Play is Good for Your Health!

Anal Play is Good for Your Health!

When most straight guys think of anal play, they think of themselves doing things to their female partners, but you might be surprised that anal play can include your bum too! That idea might have you ready to close this article right now, but just wait and read on. Anal play for men is practiced by more straight men than you think. In fact, tons of straight guys receive a little anal love, but they might not be quick to admit it to their friends. Why is it so enticing? Well, for one, it can increase the intensity of your orgasm in a big way. Interested? I’m going to tell you exactly why, where, and how in this article!


Why would a straight guy ever consider anal play on himself? Well, for the same reason gay men do, because it feels freaking amazing. Anal play stimulates the prostate, which has been called the male G spot. If you have heard anything about G spot orgasms for women, you’ll know that they are powerful and amazing and different than a regular orgasm. You may have found yourself a little jealous of women’s ability to have these powerful orgasms. Well, with prostate stimulation you have your chance to feel a whole new and more powerful kind of orgasm too.

That’s not all. Prostate massage is good for your health too. Prostate cancer is a big health risk for men, with one in six men being diagnosed in the United States. New research has found that prostate massage can actually reduce your risk of prostate cancer. In addition to that extremely important benefit, it has also been linked to increased sex drive, sexual performance and satisfaction. Okay, so what else do you need to hear? Anal play can reduce your risk of prostate cancer, make you perform better, have a higher libido AND you will be more sexually satisfied. I’m convinced and you probably are too.


The prostate is located about 2 to 2.5 inches inside the male rectum and can be stimulated most directly by inserting a finger into the rectum with your finger facing up toward the stomach. The prostate (or sometimes call the P spot) is small bump about the size of a walnut. When you press on it with your finger you’ll feel a warm rush of pleasure. It might be difficult to find and manipulate with your own hand, which is why partner stimulation can be great or there are also special toys made for prostate stimulation.


Okay, so by now I’m sure you’re warming up to the idea of prostate and anal love after hearing about how great it feels AND how it’s good for you too! Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. How does it all work?

* First of all, just like women, you guys usually worry about the same things when it comes to anal play. You don’t want your partner to be disgusted by your cleanliness down there and it’s not the easiest area to keep sparkling clean. Start the foreplay off by taking a sexy shower together to get you both in the mood for some lovin’. Of course you can always shower or wash the area yourself before hopping into bed, but that’s not as fun!

* The P spot can be stimulated on its own and provide a super powerful orgasm. You and/or your partner can insert a finger face up or use a toy that is bent at the tip (the same as those used to stimulate the G spot). An important thing to remember is that lube is absolutely essential here. Use a water- based one for best results. Once the finger had been inserted she should stroke the prostate with a come hither-like motion (just like you do to her G spot!).

* Just like stimulating her nether regions, it feels especially amazing to stimulate two areas at once. You can cum from prostate stimulation alone, and I would suggest giving it a try just to see what it’s like! But your partner can also go down on you at the same time or give you a lubed up hand job. Try scooting down to the edge of the bed so your butt hangs off the end for easy access.

* Finally, if you’re totally freaked out by inserting anything into your butt, you can also stimulate the prostate from the outside by rubbing the perineum, which is the area between the base of the penis and your anus. This won’t provide nearly as an intense feeling, but it will still amp up your pleasure somewhat. For beginners, or reluctant partners, this might be a good starting point. Once you have had a little taste of that kind of stimulation you might be up for more.

For the health benefits of prostate massage, it is recommended to do this kind of stimulation at least once a month. For those who already have prostate issues, such as swelling, a weekly massage can reduce swelling and improve urinary and sexual performance.

Gabrielle Moore

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