If You Are a Man Over 40

If You Are a Man Over 40

Hi Hottie,

I can’t believe I can finally tell you
a little bit about this, but here it
goes. For the last couple of intense
months, I’ve been working on something
truly amazing.
After going through a particular
sexual experience that had me question

some really interesting aspects about
sex life over the age of forty, I got
obsessed about it and started
researching possible solutions and
improvements like crazy. And it paid

When I first started my research work,
I knew I was onto something really
BIG. As you are about to see for
yourself, this is MAJOR and will
definitely put a new spin to your
erotic adventures.

So write this date down in your
calendar: September 10th 
because if you are a guy over
40 you most definitely won’t want to
miss the big reveal.


I’ll be honest with you here, this is
the culmination of months of work and
I’ve never been prouder of anything
I’ve worked on. This is very close to
my heart andI’m really excited to
share it with you soon!

My goal with this new project is to
showcase amazing solutions and present
to you methods and techniques that
will improve your naughty life in ways
that were never before possible.

I’m currently doing the last tweaks to
it – the release date is getting
closer! – and I can’t wait to tell you
all about it in minute detail. It’s
turning out even better than we

So keep an eye on this countdown
because at the end of it you will be
shown something that will absolutely
rock your world and make you see your
sex life with a whole new set of eyes.


I have an incredible team of sexy
instructors ready to tease and please
you and teach you everything you need
to know about my newest sexy project.
They have been working day and night
non-stop to bring this project to life
for your particular benefit and I must
say I’m impressed by the result.

I mean, I managed to put together
something that far surpasses what I
imagined when I started on this, just
a few months ago. If you want a teaser
to wet your appetite, just know this:
my newest project is GOLD for men over
40 and if you’re one of them, you
definitely want to be the first to
know when the new goods drop!

Write this date down in your calendar
of choice and keep an eye out on the
countdown. Good things come to those
who wait!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. I hate to make you wait, but you
know me, I wouldn’t want to release
anything that’s less than perfect. I’m
confident you’re going to LOVE the
finished product so in the meantime
mark this date in your calendar and
stay in touch. I’ll be sharing more
details soon!

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