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Your complete guide to oral sex

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Your complete guide to oral sex

„Ok, oral sex does not mean talking about it.”

Statistics show that men receive fellatio more than women receive cunnilingus (aka, muffin-diving). I have no idea where these statistics came from, but I’m just going to go right ahead and assume that it’s true. I’m also going to propose that we do something about that. It should at the very least be equal. So, guys, shave that beard and trim those fingernails because you are about to get sticky.

1. “Easy does’er.”
Arouse her slowly by kissing her and stroking the back of her neck. Touch her breasts lightly and begin kissing her face, neck and earlobes. Let your hand trail down and stroke her breasts, from the nipples down to the crease where her breast meets her body.

2. “I’m moving south.”
Gently trail your finger from her tummy to her groin. Lightly touch her over top of the panties and down at the crease where the thigh meets the pubic area. Move down and begin kissing her breasts, stomach and inner thighs. Move down even further and lightly brush your mouth against her area over the panties.

3. “You won’t be needing these.”
Remove her panties, but don’t do anything just yet. Let the air hit her wet pussy. Start teasing her again by kissing and licking her inner things and the crease. Go further in, gradually, by licking the outer lips of her labia and the inner lips around the vagina.

4. “We’re goin’ in.”
Open her up with your thumbs and lick her clitoris very softly. Focus on the hood, which is just above the clitoris. If the clit isn’t fully aroused, it’ll be too sensitive for direct contact just yet. NOTE: You can tell if she is fully aroused when her clit is erect and her labia swelled. Then, and only then, can you go in with tongues and fingers ablazin’!

5. “With tongue.”  

a) Spell out the alphabet with your tongue. You can make them wide to cover the whole vaginal area and/or make them small, focusing more on the clit. Variety of stimulation is key.

b) Flatten your tongue and lap her up, from her perineum (the skin that runs from her anus to the opening of her vagina) to her clit. Mix it up with some more alpahbet licks.

c) Lick the inside of her vagina while rubbing your nose around her clit. Get your whole face in there and shake it from side to side.

d) Roll your tongue into a tube around her clit and slide it back and forth.

6. “And now for some fingers.” 

a) Place your mouth around her clit and suck on it while flicking it with your tongue. At the same time, insert your thumb into the opening of her vagina.

b) Insert just the tip of your index finger into her vagina and move it around in circles. The spot just inside her opening is very sensitive.

c) Rub your thumbs in little circles around the clit while licking the head with a pointed tongue.

d) Insert your fingers deep inside her and make a “come hither” motion. This should hit her g-spot.

7. “Back in five.”

Since women are capable of having one orgasm after another, you can start from the beginning and do it all over again. What can I say? I guess we’re just lucky that way.

Like men, women enjoy eye contact while receiving oral sex, so crouch down between her spread legs while she’s lying flat on her back. Listen carefully to the sounds she makes. Obviously, if she sounds excited, continue doing what you’re doing. If she doesn’t, try a different variation. And be open for suggestions, as some women like to direct. And hey, have fun down there. Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn eventually.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. After she reaches orgasm, give yourself a pat on the back, and then begin to taper off by licking her softly and slowly. The clit is very sensitive after orgasm.

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  1. gggg

    May 1, 2014 at 11:08 am

    I love to drink the squirts from that pussy. Its fun tasting delicious. Can drink it up all night long.

  2. colin

    May 2, 2014 at 4:48 am

    hey very good reading need more of this stuff

  3. Sharm

    August 6, 2014 at 10:29 am

    My trick to prepare her for it is to kiss the breasts slowly move down kissing on her tummy slowly and during kisses stick out the tongue on tummy (4-5 times) and give it small licks in between…all over the tummy down to the public….it makes her expect it…when ready she will put her hand on your head and try to push you down. It is a definitive clue she is ready. Still only now go start kissing the inner thigh, outer of vagina labia etc. and she is brimming already now. Here enter slowly with lips and kisses first then locate the clit with your tongue in circles, hold it with lips and suck it firmly in-out…it will nicely slide between lips if both hit a rhythm. It creates such a hightened effect…and now when she is cuming, she will push her head by placing her hand at back of mans head. From here on, the rhythm/speed should not be lost/slowed and only increased marginally to make her reach the final moments, when she is reaching using left hand index and then middle fingers (cleanly washed with soap)doing the come hither move….in a few moments you can feel her sticky stuff on your hands….now (that it is lubricated inside) you can add one more finger if there is room and do the finger-fuck movements with rotating, side-by-side all by fingers.

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