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How to make shower sex as HOT as it looks in the movies

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How to make shower sex as HOT as it looks in the movies

How to make shower sex as HOT as it looks in the movies

I still remember the first shower sex scene I saw in this action movie – it was so passionate, so steamy, so… wet. I fantasized about this kind of sex for days, but then I remembered that every time I had tried it the past I was uncomfortable and really worried about the slippery situation I was in.

But then, of course, I met my husband and got to experiment more and more with. I told him: “Hey, this might sound cheesy, but I fantasize a lot about shower sex – and I want it to be as hot as in the movies”. Luckily, men also love shower sex and it’s not hard to guess why: it gets you out of the bedroom, beats routine and gives a hot view. I mean, water dripping on her amazing breasts and clitoris is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss.

So after many failed experiments, I’ve finally found the best ways to turn shower sex into one of the hottest and most intimate experience for a couple. Bonus: it opens the door to more experimenting!

Read on to find out my sexiest recommendations when it comes to shower action:

Use some kind of fixed support

If you have a bench in the shower, consider yourself lucky and don’t hesitate to use it. It’s great because it gives you balance and helps you avoid slippery accidents. It can also help you come up with more provocative sex positions as the water is dripping on your hungry bodies!

Bring your toys in

Hey, there’s no reason not to use your sex toys outside the bedroom. If they’re waterproof they can really help you increase sensation in all the right spots. Also, the vibrating with the shower head is also a great way to stimulate her clitoris in a different way while kissing her passionately. Sounds like a Fifty Shades of Grey scene and she will totally love it.

Avoid dangerous positions

Sex remains hot as long as it’s safe. Remember that the shower is a very slippery area, so don’t try to have sex in complicated positions as you do in the bedroom – this is not the place for that. Don’t try to hold her up and don’t get on your knees because you can get seriously hurt. Try to always have some kind of fixed support, whether it’s a bench or the wall. I mean doing it against the wall, maybe from behind, is a sexy enough position – you don’t need to risk injury to make it steamy.

Enjoy the view

It’s easy to get carried away, but you NEED to take advantage of this great erotic opportunity completely. What I mean by that is just to take it all in – the steam, her curves, the water dripping, the way her nipples get hard under water. Make sure you also take in the smell of your skin while lathering. Encourage your woman to do the same by saying sexy stuff like “Look at me” or “Your nipples are so hard right now… and so is my cock”. Use all your senses to enjoy this experience while it lasts.

Time to be sensual

What I’ve learned from real life is that rough sex isn’t appropriate for the shower, even if it happens in the movies. To make it hot, it’s best to be sensual rather than dominant – simply because you don’t have enough stability to try kinky stuff and safety always comes first.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, shower sex is as erotic as it sounds, you just have to make a few adjustments to make sure everything goes smoothly. Your lady will appreciate it! Now if you want to discover even more surprising advice on how to make your sex life as exciting as it can be, just check out my sexy program – Her Secret Hot Spots!

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