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The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have with a Blindfold


The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have with a Blindfold

Looking to try something different? You don’t have to be ultra kinky in order to bring a little bit of BDSM into the bedroom. In fact, a little bit of light kink can be just what the doctor ordered when things are getting a little too routine or boring in your relationship. You don’t need to invest in any crazy sex toys or leather outfits, you can add some kink just using a few items you already have lying around. What you’ll need:

  • A blindfold: Use something soft and silky like a soft handkerchief, a necktie, or even a sleep mask.
  • A few scarves: These should be long enough to use to tie up your partner. They should also be soft and if you can’t find a scarf that works a necktie will also do just fine.
  • Feather: Either a small feather duster or a single feather will work.
  • Chocolate syrup: Either kept cold or heated up slightly (be careful with this part and test the temperature on the sensitive skin on inside of your arm to make sure it’s not too hot).
  • A cold metal spoon: Keep the spoon in the freezer before using it.
  • A couple of ice cubes
  • A soft suede glove
  • A piece of silk

The point of this exercise is to get your partner extremely turned on and excited using techniques that you don’t use every day. Trust is important when it comes to kinky sex, so as tempting as it might be to take advantage of your partner’s vulnerable position, you need her to trust in you 100% and be completely at ease.

Start by blindfolding her with the material of your choice. Make sure that you’ve blocked out her sight completely and verbally confirm with her that you’ve done so. Take your time doing each of these things and be gentle. All of this will add to the build up and sexual tension. Tying up her hands is optional, but she should agree that if you don’t tie her hands up that she promises to keep them at her side and not interfere with what you’re going to do. This is all part of the submissive role. The exciting part of having two of your senses cut off (sight and touch) is that she will be ultra tuned in to every sensation. She will never know what’s coming next, which will be a huge turn on. Here are some sensations to try with some of the tools mentioned above.

  • Begin by whispering into her ear. Even this action will send shivers down her spine. Tell her to relax and that she is completely safe in your hands. Tell her a little bit about what you’re going to do to her, leaving room for mystery.
  • Grab the feather and lightly trail it down her neck and chest to her nipples. Use the feather to stimulate her breasts, inner thighs, the palm of her hands and soles of her feet, and her inner arm. Be careful when it comes to tickling. Some women will love that sensation, but other hate it. Some might need to relax a little before they can enjoy such a soft, light touch.
  • Take the piece of silk and trail it all over her body. Flip her over if possible and trail it down her back. Use a very light touch and then use the material between your hand and her skin and you massage parts of her body. Trail the silk along her inner thighs and between her legs, gently tickling her vulva and clitoris.
  • A soft suede glove can be used in the same way as above. Massage the nape of her neck with your gloved hand as you kiss and lick the side of her neck.
  • Use the cold metal spoon to drag across her skin along her inner thighs and along her perineum (the area skin that separates the anus and the vaginal opening).
  • Now you can take things up a notch or two by using your mouth to lick, kiss, suck, and blow on different areas of her body. Reach for that chocolate syrup, squeeze out a little on a sensitive area and then clean her up with your mouth.

Where you take it from here is up to you. You can continue make it all about her and finish things off with some intense oral sex while leaving her blindfolded and tied up or you can move onto sex and untie her hands. But just for fun, no matter where you take things next, leave the blindfold on!

Gabrielle Moore

PS. Have you ever been blindfolded? What was your favorite part of the experience? 

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