My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 8



My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 8

Well, hello there handsome!  Today I have lots of great tips for you, on some sex-tacular ways to spice up your relationship.

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Role play

Role playing can be a very fun way to mix things up in the boudoir.  And, you don’t even need costumes.  Just pretend you are someone else.

Plan a date where you meet each other in a bar, pretending it is the first time.  Or, maybe she is a “lady of the night” and meet up for a clandestine rendezvous in a hotel room.

If you want to add dress up or costumes into the mix, try secretary and boss, doctor and patient (or naughty nurse), school girl and teacher (or principal because she’s been bad), or even pirate captain and wench.  The options are endless and lots of fun to explore!

  1. Kegels for guys and gals

Aside from helping with incontinence and other pelvic floor ailments, doing regular kegels help to increase blood flow to the pelvic region, strengthen the PC muscles, and aids in lubrication, all enhancements which allow women to achieve bigger, better orgasms and more pleasurable intercourse.

And, yes, men can do kegels as well.  For guys regular kegels can aid in erectile dysfunction, can help you get it up easier, create bigger and stronger erections and help you last longer. Plus, doing kegels is the key to becoming a multi-orgasmic man.

  1. Try a sex toy

Contrary to popular belief, a sex toy does not mean a woman wants to replace you in the bedroom.  Instead, think of sex toys as tools for lovemaking that you can play with together.

What are the most popular kinds of sex toys for couples?  Cock ring vibrators are very trendy these days as they stimulate you and help you last longer, while stimulating her as well.  The We-Vibe is another great choice and was voted the top pick for couple’s toys.  It inserts inside of her to stimulate both the G-spot and her clitoris during penetrative sex.  How awesome is that?

Other great couples “toys” include 50 shades of kink, such as feather ticklers, crops, bondage toys, and more.  And, don’t forget massage products and stimulating lubes.  Lots to choose from.

  1. Sensation play

What is sensation play?  As the name implies, it is a type of play that arouses the senses.  You can explore sensation play by removing one of the senses to heighten others (like sight with a blindfold) and then use various materials, lotions or toys to arouse your partner’s flesh.

Fur, feathers, ice, warming oils, pinwheels and even just your hands, fingers, nails, lips, mouth and teeth can all be used to cause various sensations on your partner, that can be highly erotic.

Sensation play could also include feeding your lover blindfolded, like in “9 ½ Weeks”, or using scents to create sensual aromas for lovemaking.

  1. Have a bath

Together, that is.  Taking a sensual bath together allows you to relax, while it initiates foreplay as you take turns sudsing up each other’s sexy parts and giving each other a rub.

If your bath tub is super small, consider going away for an evening and getting a hotel room with a large bath or hot tub Jacuzzi.  Bubbles, jets, naked flesh and champagne.  Sounds like heaven to me and a great way to warm your partner up for a night of great sex.

I hope you can use some of my sexy tips today.  Keep adding to your sexy bucket list and explore new ways to get jiggy with it.

Until next time, stay sexy!

Gabrielle Moore

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