Best remastered positions to help her orgasm



Best remastered positions to help her orgasm

A lot of women actually believe that they simply are unable to orgasm. Female anatomy makes it harder to reach orgasm because the clitoris, which has more powerful nerve endings, is not close to the vagina, so it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves during sex.

But during their erotic solo escapades, women tend to involve the clitoris so much more than you do during sex, sometimes even exclusively. Actually, most women only massage their clitoris in order to have an orgasm while masturbating. Why? Because it feels great instantly and it just takes less time to get to the big O. Sure, penetration is still very intimate and pleasurable, but not all women are able to reach the maximum pleasure point in any sex position and without involving the clitoris directly.

This is the reason why a lot of men come to me with burning dilemmas, like “Am I unable to satisfy my woman?” or “Why is it so hard for her to orgasm?”. But few of them think of ways to help increase their partner’s sensations during sex and make her have more of those wild orgasms.

First, I want to tell you that sexual frustration will affect your connection, so you need to act fast. Second, there are certain sex positions which make it much easier for her to orgasm, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you liked them as well. But you need to remember that while it’s okay to stimulate your own sensitivity during sex, you have to think about hers, too. The most sensitive zone of her vagina, called “the ceiling” (the upper wall), is not stimulated when you thrust in and out of her — not if you don’t have an upward curve or a very thick penis. And even then, it’s not a safe bet. Try these remastered positions to hit those extra sensitive zones inside her vagina and help her orgasm every time!

The Complete Missionary 

You might be over The Missionary, but women love this sex position for a reason: it offers great intimacy, which helps to get her wet, it makes her feel dominated by your manliness but also protected, and it makes it easier for you to stimulate the upper wall during penetration, while also putting pressure on the clitoris — this combination is fruitful for explosive orgasms. But you can make it even better!

To give her a powerful G-spot orgasm in this classic position, you need to make some creative adjustments. Start by putting a pillow under her butt in order to tilt her pelvis. Next, put her legs over your shoulders, then thrust back and forth to massage her G-spot and make her feel ready to orgasm! Plus, if you can last while putting both her legs on the same shoulder, she’ll feel tighter to you while you’ll cover more of those orgasmic zones of her vagina.

The Creative Doggy (Click here to see it on Video)

Everyone loves the classic doggy-style position because it has a bit of everything: it’s fun, kinky and offers the advantage of deep penetration. Women often say they can orgasm easier during this position, probably because the lower wall of the vagina gets a lot of attention — and that zone also has a huge potential for wild orgasms.

To take this position to another level, have her lie on her stomach with a pillow under her pelvis to create that slight angle which will make it easier for you to stimulate the elusive, deep G-spot. Then, get on top of her and thrust straight down at a 90-degree angle. This is how you dive straight into her G-spot and make her lose control! In addition, hold her arms down to make her feel dominated and tell her how much you want her to orgasm.

Wild Woman on Top (Click here to see it on Video)

She likes it on top because she can finally control penetration and angles, but in the heat of the moment most men become completely oblivious and start moving in a way that stimulates their own pleasure.

Just let her take control and notice what is happening. You’ll see that she doesn’t move straight up and down — it’s more like she grinds you. This move isn’t familiar to men, but it’s the type of motion that makes her surrender to pleasure. Pay close attention to the way she moves and how she stimulates her G-spot and clitoris — because she’s probably trying to stimulate her clit against your shaft. If you see her lean back, that’s because she wants your tip to massage her G-spot.

She probably doesn’t even know that she can hit her G-spot by simply leaning back, so tell her how sexy she would look while doing that for you. Don’t expect her to find the perfect motion from the start, but once she finds it…she’ll become addicted!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: And remember, the more orgasms she has, the easier it will become for her to experience the same kind of intense pleasure. Because once you figure out together the most powerful angles and moves to stimulate those sensitive areas, you will master this mysterious territory without much effort.

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