CONTINUED! 9 Things You MUST Do to Her Breasts

CONTINUED! 9 Things You MUST Do to Her Breasts

Hey stud,

I’m glad you came back for more tips on how to stimulate and pleasure her breasts. If you don’t remember, her breasts are an extremely important erogenous zone that deserves your attention. Think about something for me: how much time do you spend touching your partner’s breasts during foreplay? Think about your answer for a minute. Now answer this, how much time do you spend touching your partner’s breasts during sex? If you’re like most men, you don’t spend very much time at all. You might spend a minute or two and then move on. Or maybe you give them a squeeze or two during sex, but other than that you just appreciate them from afar as you make love. You’re not alone in this practice, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. This is a fantastic pleasure zone that needs your attention! So here’s what you need to do:

5. Let her lead the way – In the last article I talked about communicating with your partner to find out what she likes when it comes to breast play. Another trick to finding out what she likes is to have her show you. Instead of being overly direct about it, make it into a sexy and naughty game. Tell her to touch her breasts for you and show you what turns her on. It will seem like you’re just trying to get a show out of her, but really you will be taking notes about how she likes to be touched. Another way to get her to show you what she likes is by putting her own hands on her breasts during foreplay, oral sex or regular sex. Again, she will think you’re just wanting to be kinky and watch her touch herself (which is also a thrill for you!) but really you will be able to tell what really turns her on.

6. Her body will tell you what she likes – There is yet another way to find out what she’s really enjoying. This is especially helpful for those guys who are with shy women who might not be comfortable saying what she likes or touching herself in front of you. Listen to her breathing. Is it getting faster and showing that she is getting more and more turned on? Is she making any noises that indicate that she’s feeling good (remember not all women moan and make noise, so a lack of noise doesn’t mean she’s not into it)? Is she getting flushed? Watch her facial expressions. All of these things are important indicators of whether or not what you’re doing is working.

7. Don’t be afraid to get kinky – But ONLY if she likes things a little rough. Once you’ve determined that she likes her breast play to be on the rougher side, try squeezing her nipples between your fingertips. Lightly run your teeth over them and put pressure on them between your teeth. Test the amount of pressure that she likes and ask her if you can do it harder or not. Some women even like to use a pair of nipple clamps to add some kinky pressure to your breast play.

8. Use different objects to touch her breasts – Different sensations and objects can feel really amazing on the super sensitive breast and nipple area. Try using fur mitts, a piece of silk, an ice cube, warming lube and even a vibrator to offer some different kinds of stimulation. Remember, a lot of men focus wholly on the nipples when stimulating the breasts, but don’t make that mistake yourself. The entire breast is ripe with nerve endings, so stimulating her entire breast will feel amazing, especially because that area of her body is often forgotten. Take your tongue and run it all over her breast. Make it flat and soft and lap at her like a dog. Then make your tongue hard and pointy and trace designs around on her skin. It will feel amazing.

9. Boost her confidence – One of the biggest turn ons for a woman is knowing just how much you want her and find her sexy. Complimenting her will give a serious boost to her confidence level and make her feel sexier. This is a huge turn on for women. It’s funny, one of the best ways to turn her on is about stimulating her mind, not her body. So, while you’re down there giving her beautiful breasts all kind of love and attention, make sure you shower her and them with TONS of compliments. It will pay off!

Gabrielle Moore

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