Become the ‘Bad Boy’ Dominant Alpha Male that Makes Your


Now you can be the dominant man in the bedroom that your woman truly wants... even if she’s afraid to tell you!

Hey sexy! I´m Sandy, an instructor for Gabrielle Moore…

Your woman wants you to feel like the man in the bedroom... and she wants you to act like it.

And not just any man... She wants the dominant alpha male she can submit to.

She wants you to be the man who takes control so she can be fully satisfied....

The problem is that most men don’t know what it truly means to be an alpha male... especially in the bedroom

Most men try to just be “confident” or “act tough” but end up looking pushy or insecure...

And if you try to dominate her in the wrong way... you can scare her away forever

But there is a way you can be the dominant man in the bedroom and make her feel so sexy and submissive that she’s creaming her panties just by your voice...

And you can have more fun in bed with her than ever as you play up the ‘bad boy’ role in bed and make all her fantasies come true.

So keep reading because you’re going to learn how to become the
dominant alpha-male that your woman... and all women... truly want.
Who is Gabrielle Moore?

Gabrielle Moore is an internationally known best-selling author and sex-educator with over 500,000 students and over 80 books and courses available.

Since 2004, Gabrielle and her teachers have shown and women how to have incredibly passionate, steamy, and intimate sex with their partners.

Most recently, Gabrielle Moore released the revolutionary Naked U series... in which you can watch gorgeous female instructors strip down and teach you all sorts of incredible sexual techniques on video while a couple demonstrates each technique before your eyes.

Take Sexy, Dominant Control of Any Woman

Once You Know These Secrets

Gabrielle Moore started helping men with this issue because of two reasons

One... Men were writing in and saying they wanted to be more dominant in bed... but weren’t sure how they could do it.

And secondly... some men had mentioned being cheated on with total jerks and they couldn’t figure out why!

Gabrielle did some digging and found that a lot of women need to feel “pushed around” in a sexy way... and if they can’t get it safely from their boyfriend or husband... they’ll often look elsewhere for a man who can make them feel submissive.

No matter what brought you here, you can be the dominant lover your woman adores now that you have...

The Alpha Lover: How to Be the Sexy Dominant Man
She Needs and Ravish Her with Your Masculinity

I’m going to be teaching you all the special alpha-male moves that women love in the bedroom... and will be stripping down naked as I teach you...

“I want to make absolutely sure you PAY attention, so I’ll be stripping down naked as I teach you all of

And while my clothes are coming off as I teach these techniques... a sexy couple will be in the room with me demonstrating every part or the lesson... so you’ll be able to see how this works from every angle... You’ll see how an alpha male kisses his woman... how a ‘bad boy’ manhandles his lover... and see every way to demonstrate that you are the master of her body... Here are some of the Alpha Male Lover secret you’ll learn...

Instant Sexual Confidence Generator

Instant Sexual Confidence Generator and she’ll just feel the power radiating off you.

3 Silent Submitters

Special actions you can do any time to demonstrate silently that you are the master of her body and turn her on wildly. This makes her relax, let go, and give herself over to you completely.

The Bed-Break Boning

A special position that makes her feel like you’re carrying her like an Alpha Caveman. Any guy can do this and your partner will feel like you’re Conan the Barbarian.

Bad Boy Babysteps

How to “ramp up” the bad boy moves... where you start off with small things... a little hair pull... a little spank... and then work your way up to totally dominating your woman in the bedroom.

And there’s so much more what you’ll learn in building your Alpha Dominant status as a lover... You’ll also learn The Easiest Sexual Positions to be Alpha In... which is great if you’re a bit shy and want to go “under the radar” as you start becoming more dominant in bed. And you’ll know how to kiss and ravish your woman like an alpha caveman... so much that she gets soaking wet just by how you touch and speak to her... Of course, I want to make absolutely sure you pay attention, so I’ll be stripping down naked as I teach you all of this...

Also Included: Full-Color PDF Instructional

Manual With Sexy Photos

After you watch the video class... you’ll probably want to review this program on your computer or mobile phone... so you’re getting a full color PDF with all the alpha male bedroom instructions...

And there will be plenty of sexy photos of me and my partners inside for you to look at as you go through it...

Usually, this program sells for $97... but for right now... you can get it for just.

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The Dominant Alpha Male is

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Think about how much you’ll love being in total control and getting your woman to submit to your power...

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