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Ultimate sex tips

Sex Tips for Couples

Ultimate sex tips

Ultimate sex tips

I am always asked all sorts of questions regarding sex, some crazier than others. Here, my answers about hooking up, kinky sex, taking charge in the bedroom and more.

Q: How can I propose new things in the bedroom without bruising her ego and wrecking our sex life?

A: Make your comments about the present and not the past. You’ll get a better response from “Let’s start doing fresh new things, so we don’t get stuck in a routine”, than from “What you’ve been doing isn’t working”. Realize sometimes saying something isn’t enough. When it comes to sex, you need to demonstrate. Could that mean pulling out a sex toy, grabbing her hand and showing her just where to put it? Definitely. Or, you can take the approach of one client of mine. He had a hard time telling his partner that he wanted her to spend more time on oral sex and that he wanted her to be rougher about it. So he woke up one morning and told her, “I had a very sexy dream about you.” She was like, “You did?” and he said, “Yeah, but I’m a little shy about telling you.” Of course she was really interested, so he described a whole dream in which she was doing exactly what he wanted her to do. It got the message across.

Q: My lady and I spend lots of time away from each other. How can we keep things hot?

A: Internet sex can keep you primed for each other. It can be as simple as IMing and creating sexual fantasies together to masturbating together. Now, there’s even “tele-dildonics”: She plugs her sex toy into her computer and you can log on to the internet and control it for her remotely (or, she can control yours). To make internet sex work, you have to find the mode of communication you’re both comfortable with. If you’re visual, that might be a webcam; if you’re not, try audio. If you prefer writing, think about whether you’d rather flirt back and forth, build fantasies with messages or trade stories via email. One of the reasons internet sex is great is that most people take more risks online. Once you talk about sex on the internet, you become better at bringing things up offline. Say you send a message saying, “I’ve always had this fantasy about licking chocolate off of you.” Your woman might be thrilled to hear it. So the next time you bring up your fantasy in person, instead of giving you a strange look, she’ll simply ask, “What flavor?”

Q: I orgasm too fast. How can I give my partner some satisfaction?

A: First of all, know that it happens to the best of men. You’re with your partner and it’s feeling good – really good. All of a sudden, way too good. Before you know it, you’ve concluded your business and you’ve barely made it past the one-minute mark. As she stares quizzicaly into your eyes, you have a split second to decide what to do about your early ejaculation. My advice? Your lady doesn’t have to suffer just because you are having performance problems. As long as you’ve got fingers, sex toys and a tongue, you can still make her happy and she won’t care you orgasmed way too soon. You should be using these tools anyway: 87 percent of women can reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation, while very few women are able to reach orgasm by traditional intercourse, so the more creative you are, the more success you’ll have. So just move on and keep the pleasure going by other means. Your penis does not have to be directly involved for sex to continue. Or you can just try and get yourself together and start from the beginning. If you can’t manage to get it up a second time, just make sure she is happy for the night and promise to give her a repeat performance in the morning, which will be sure to last longer than the first.

Q: How do I make anal sex more comfortable for my partner?

There’s a lot that goes into having anal sex. If your partner has never done it before, for example, you’ll want to do everything in your power to make it a positive experience, so that the two of you can work back door into your repertoire. And that means doing your homework to make sure you’ve done the necessary prep work, and knowing all of the best practices when it comes to putting it in another person’s butt. The key to a good anal experience is a relaxed anus, so take whatever steps are necessary to put your partner at ease and get her in the mood. I would suggest loosening things up by getting her off in advance. It’s also worth taking a look at what you’re using as far as lube, anal toys and techniques, in order to make sure it all goes smoothly and that you’re going in fully prepared. But perhaps the most important thing is to talk about it first. If you want to be granted access to the other whole, there needs to be a conversation prior to entry. The “wrong hole” move doesn’t work, and if anything, pulling that routine is going to make her even more closed off to the idea.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. For more information on the best butt sex ever, check out my program: Anal Ecstasy. You’ll find there everything you need to know to make this the most passionate experience of your sexual life.

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