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My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 10

Sex Tips for Couples

My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 10

Welcome Lover!

I hope you are ready today to explore some hot sexy tips from my ultimate sexy bucket list.  Today, I want to continue with 5 more hot tips you can try to create a more exciting, passionate and thrilling love life.

So, here we go…

  1. Skinny dipping

Lots of people try skinny dipping as teenagers and then forget the thrill (or think they are too old) to try it again when you are grown up and married.  What the heck?

I say, you are never too old to try something new or something again.

So loose the swimming trucks and bikini, and go out to the beach, lake, or even a backyard hot tub and get your groove on.

Skinny dipping is best done after dark.  Obviously you don’t want to get caught.  So pick a private place where you know no-one will be.  Then strip down to your birthday suit and enjoy the freedom of being naked in nature.  Sex in water is also very sexy, because you are both buoyant and can get into different weightless positions.

Like “WET” sex?  Then check out my new video: “Slippery When Wet“.

  1. Take turns

What I mean by take turns here, is that you and your partner take turns pleasuring each other during sex play.  Maybe you start with giving each other a massage, or oral sex.  She lays back as you pleasure her, and then you get to do the same.  This gives us the opportunity to learn how to both give and receive, which is obviously very important in any relationship.

I hear from men all the time, I wish my partner would initiate sex more.  Well, giving and receiving gives her the chance to please you, without making her feel awkward because it is all a part of the game.

Check out my Oral Sex video here for more delicious oral tips:

  1. Try gratitude

You may be wondering why this topic is on my list.  Is gratitude sexy?  Hell ya!

First, it feels really wonderful to give gratitude to your partner, to tell them all the wonderful things you love and appreciate about them.  We go through our lives often taking things and our partners for granted.  Telling them how much they make your life better is important, and will also make them feel great.

You can also take this one step further and each make a list of sexy things that you love about each other, like I love your sexy smile, and that dimple just above your butt, or the way you moan when I make love to you.  Whatever it is, make a list for each other and then share it.  It will make you both feel more confident and sexy!

  1. Lover’s lane

Oooh!  This is a hot one. Go for a drive and find a secluded place, your own “Lover’s Lane” where you can steam up the windows and make out.

If you ever did this as a teenager, then you know how freaking hot it is.  And, it can be just as hot with your partner.  You could even dress in the style you would have been when you were in your teens and pretend you are young again, just making out for the first time.

Remember how nervous you were, wondering when it was appropriate to make the first move? Try to relive those feelings once again and see where it takes you!

  1. Public sex

Warning… If you do this be aware that it is an offense to have sex in a public place, so don’t get caught.  Find a very private (public) place, like a hotel balcony high up where no one can actually see you, but you can look down and see people.  Or a bathroom at a restaurant (make sure it is only a quickie).

Other places to try include a secluded beach, a hiking trail, a park, an elevator, back seat in the balcony at the movies, a drive in movie, the back seat of a bus, up on a roof top, an abandoned building, in your tent or trailer while camping, and then there is always the mile-high club as well.

Hope you got lots of sexy ideas to try out with your lover today.

Until next time, stay sexy!

Gabrielle Moore

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1 Comment

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