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Techniques To Excite Her (Without Touching Her)

“Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it’s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it.” – Anonymous

Sex isn’t always about the rubbing and petting – it’s about that connection, at least for us ladies. While it’s true that sex can sometimes be just about the physicality of it all, women find it easier to engage in steamy sex when they feel that they’re connecting with their partner on a higher level. We thrive off of non-verbal cues. A quick wink or sly smile can make our panties wet (it’s the truth!)

Be vocal
Speak up! Tell her what you’re fantasizing about, what you love that she does to you, what you love to do to her. Hearing these devious acts put into actual words can be a major turn-on (just plan on what you’re going to say before you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. And don’t be too smutty, unless your wife is that kinda gal, like moi!)

Act it out
Feeling turned on? Touch yourself while you catch her gaze across the room. Give her a mischievous wink. Lick or bite your lip ever so slightly.

When I know a guy is turned on just by looking at him, it gets my juices flowing. So don’t be shy to capitalize on these cues.

A naughty message
Busy lives translate into not having a lot of time for foreplay and to build up the momentum. I get that. So why not send your wife a dirty text, email, or even picture? A guy I was seeing once sent me on my phone an up-close shot of his soldier at full attention while I was at work – I don’t have to tell you how quickly I raced home that afternoon!

Go back to basics
Remember when you and your wife were first dating – there was all that lovey dovey stuff, with the hand-holding, the long gazes, the little expressions of affection? We thrive off of that. Try and recall the simple things you would do to get your wife all smitten, like a look across a room, and go back to the basics.

Sometimes, a guy being vulnerable enough to wink at me is the thing that sounds off bells in my head (not to mention elsewhere).

Whisper in her ear

A woman’s ears are highly sensitive to a variety of sensations, so the sound of you quietly relaying a message to her along with the warm feeling of your breath will send shivers down her spine. Afterward, gently blow on her neck. Then, well, brace yourself!


Gabrielle Moore

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