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My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 5

Sex Positions

My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 5

In my last article I talked about morning sex and aphrodisiacs, and in this article I have 5 more sexylicious tips for you involving “nooner sex” (what’s that?) and using scents!

So, without further ado, let’s get it on!

1.    Nooner sex

Okay, “nooner sex”.  What the heck is it?

According to the “Urban Dictionary” a “nooner” is sex done during a lunch break or around noon.

Now that we have the “what”, let’s find out about the “why”.  Why have a nooner?

There are lots of reasons, but to begin with, it breaks the monotony of a long day so you can let off some steam and go back to work feeling great.  Its spontaneous, and kind of thrilling to know you are escaping work for a quick sex-me-up!  And, nooner sex is fast and furious, fueled by sexual tension as you lustfully ravish each other with your clothes still on (or mostly). Finally, some experts argue that noon time is the best time for couples to have sex because their bio-rhythms and sex hormones are more aligned.  In other words, that’s when men and women are at the highest level of arousal, simultaneously.

So, time for a nooner!

2.    Buy her lingerie

Buying her some sexy lingerie let’s her know you think she’s sexy. It can be a special gift that you pick out yourself, or you can have fun shopping as a couple together.  There are numerous stores to shop online, if you prefer shopping in private, or make it a sexy adventure and go to your nearest adult boutique and get her to try on different outfits for your own private sexy lingerie show!

There are so many types of lingerie that there is something for everyone’s tastes.  Whether it is a skimpy bra and panty set, or flirty baby dolls, a body shaping corset, or vibrating panties that will titillate her from afar.

Some new lingerie will make her feel special (and sexy), so she is ready for love.

3.    Switch roles

In couples, there is usually one who is more dominant (who takes action and instigates sex) and one who is more submissive (who receives pleasure and waits to be perused).

But, how would it feel to have those roles reversed?  Instead of you chasing her for sex, she is the one who comes on to and seduces you!  This doesn’t mean that you have to be submissive. Just sit back and allow her to take control and give you pleasure.  It is about learning to receive.

Imagine her straddling your lap and kissing you with confidence, then slowly using her lips to explore your body and give you enthusiastic oral sex.

Sounds great!  So, encourage her to take the lead once in a while and see where it takes you.

4.    Girl on top

Girl on Top (or Cowgirl position) is a sexual position that gives her the power, much like the above scenario.  In this position you get to lay back and relax as you watch her grind it out on top of you.  This is a great position visually for you and also has the advantage of freeing up your hands so you can touch her and grope her body.

This position gives her lots of control over the angle, depth, and speed of penetration, which can be much more orgasmic for her.  With this position she can lean back and hit her G-spot more effectively, or grind her clitoris against you for extra stimulation.

Reverse this position (Reverse Cowgirl), and she is facing your feet, also very sexy for you if you like that angle and view (who doesn’t!?).  And, she still has control of the penetration so can use it to her advantage to position your penis for most pleasure.

Check out my sex ed video on positions, “She’s On Top”, for more tips on switching it up.

5.    Use scents

I talked about aphrodisiacs in my last article and today I want to talk about scents.  While you may not be aware of it, scents actually trigger an emotional response in the brain.  And, some odors are super sexy, and can turn us on by stimulating, arousing and exciting us sensually.

So, what are the sexiest scents?

Musk is high up on the list because it replicates the pheromones secreted from male deer when they are in rut, and creates a primal attraction.  Vanilla is universally loved by men and women alike, and has a soft, sultry aroma that is sensually stimulating.

Other scents with aphrodisiac properties include jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

So, don’t underestimate the power of scent to turn your partner on.

That concludes my five sexy tips for today.

Go try something new and get it on!

Until next time, stay sexy!

Gabrielle Moore

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  1. Jonathan

    October 23, 2016 at 7:45 am

    Hi Gabrielle, thanks à lot for all these advices and tips.
    They are great and gives to love an increased dimension valueable for both partners. Xoxo

  2. david

    October 23, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    your various pieces of specific advice and sex tips are excellent.

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