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My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 11

Sex Positions

My Top Sex Tips – Digest # 11

Hello Sweetheart!

Today I have a whole new top 5 list of sexy things you can do in (or out) of the bedroom to bring excitement back into your relationship and use for your date nights!

Oooh!  It’s getting hot in here already!

  1. Use a pillow for better positions

Some of the positions you see in the Kama Sutra can be a bit challenging.  But, if you have the right tools, harder positions can be much easier.

Try using a sex pillow to boost up her hips during missionary, doggie or other advanced positions.

A sex pillow is like a wedge shaped pillow that is very firm and it is made to be used just for sex.  One company that makes these is called Liberator, and they have all sorts of different types of pillows and sex furniture that can be used to facilitate different positions.

So, if you are feeling a bit challenged by new positions, check them out.

And, if you need some ideas on which new positions to try, watch my video called Passionate Positions here.

  1. Make noise

Making noise, that is vocalizing, during sex is super hot.  Moans, screams, grunts, groans, taking dirty, its all good.  Vocalizing during sex lets your partner know you are having a good time which alleviates the fear of wondering if they are getting off.  There is nothing worse when you go down on someone and they stay silent.  Ugh!

Also, making noise during sex help cycle the sexual energy up the chakras, to allow for more full bodied orgasms that are bigger, longer and more expansive.  So, if you or your lover are the quiet type, try to make some noise and just let go.  I promise it will result in better orgasms for you both!

  1. Finger food foreplay

I talked a bit about aphrodisiacs in one of my top 5 sexy lists.  Today, I want to take it a bit further and talk about the sensuality of food.  Taste is one of the senses that can really fire up the libido.  Think of licking your lover’s skin and the taste of them.  There is something very primal about that which is a big turn on.

Taking time to feed your lover exotic delicacies, and slowly taste and consume the food can be very erotic.  It allows you to connect to your senses, which for women especially is very connected to their libido.

Try using a blindfold to make it even more sensual and exciting, or try edible body toppings that you can eat off of each other like chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherry sauce.  Yum!

  1. Try yoga sex

If you hate working out, try yoga sex together to build a stronger core, more flexibility and mindfulness, for better overall sex!

There are lots of yoga poses that can be done together and double as sex positions.

The cow/cat stretch is like doggie style, as she kneels on all fours and arches her back while you penetrate her from behind.

In the Yab-Yum position, you sit cross-legged on the floor or bed and she sits on your lap and wraps her legs around your waist, while you rock together for slow erotic penetration.

Another great position is downward dog, where she is standing and bends at the waist to touch the floor with her palms.  If this position is a bit challenging she can try this against a bed, or foot stool, so she doesn’t have to reach down so far.  Now you have her in perfect position to penetrate her fully from behind.

  1. Describe a fantasy during sex

Some fantasies should stay fantasies.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about them and share them to heat things up in the bedroom.

While, in real life having a 3-some may not be something you really want to try to lots of reasons, you could talk about it during sex.  About how hot it is having this third person neck with your lover as you penetrate your partner.

There are lots of fantasies you can share together with your imagination that you don’t have to really do in life.  That keeps you safe, while you can still feel the thrill of the fantasy itself.

Well, that’s it for today.  I hope you find something in here that you can share with your partner tonight.  While you are at it, let her read over my sexy tips with you, and she what she might like to try!

Until next time, stay sexy!

Gabrielle Moore

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tim Floyd

    June 30, 2017 at 3:59 am

    All things that improve your sex life improve your love life

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