breast confession

Women Confess: The Breasts

If there is one part of the body that men especially rave about, it would be the breasts. You see men’s love for them everywhere you look: movies, advertisements, music…it’s impossible to escape. Knowing how much men love breasts, you would think they would all be experts at playing with them, but shockingly, this isn’t…

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ensure last longer

3 Ways to Ensure You Last Longer Tonight

If you know the statistics about male vs female orgasms, you know that men and women don’t always seem to be well matched when it comes to pleasure. For example, the average man only lasts about 2 minutes once he has penetrated his partner, vs the average woman who can take between 15 to 20…

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get mojo back

Getting Your Mojo Back – How to Reignite the Sexual Flame

One of the things that drives me crazy is that there are so many great couples out there who really love each other, but they have horrible sex lives. Their sex lives may have been good at one point, they may have even been amazing, but they aren’t anymore. As we all know, this can…

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woman orgasm

Own her orgasm

“Women want to be with men that make them laugh, holds their hands and considers it their job to give them orgasms.” Just like yours, women’s finales can vary from a fleeting thrill to a body rocking explosion. I got women to pinpoint the little moves that trigger the big one. “I dated a guy…

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take her for a spin

Take her for a spin

“I want the kind of sex that starts off in the car, goes to the kitchen and ends up in the bedroom.” Recent surveys have found that more than 65% of couples worldwide have gotten it on in a car. Which is impressive, given the limited room to move. Next time you park and play,…

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top foreplay

Her 10 Top Complaints About Your Foreplay Techniques

Every guy out there that knows anything about women knows that foreplay is a very important part of providing maximum pleasure for your woman. Women aren’t like men in the sense that they can have a sexy thought, get turned on right away and be ready for sex. They need time and to be physically…

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FE real women

What Real Women Are Saying About Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is one of those things that most couples have heard about, but few have experienced. For all you may have read about squirting, it still might seem like a mysterious sex act. What exactly happens? Why does it happen? Does she like it? Is it gross? Would it turn me on? There are…

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female arousal

Secrets of female arousal

“The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It’s focused attention.” No matter how well you think you know your way around a woman’s body, you can’t completely bliss her out until you clue in to these little-known pleasure principles. Allow me to explain. A woman’s body doesn’t always send…

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sex talk

Sexy talk she’ll love

“When people say “It’s better than sex” they clearly aren’t having the right kind of sex.” Preparing a romantic candlelit dinner can help get a woman in the mood. But you might be overlooking a much easier route, Romeo: her ears. Sure, figuring out what dirty dialogue she craves is tricky. Plus, you don’t want…

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sex genius

Be a sex genius

“Forget about Prince Charming. Go for the wolf. He can see you better, hear you better, and eat you better.” Give me a sexual boundary and I will gladly push it. And sometimes pushing is necessary because even a fantastic lust life can get a little routine. So when I set out to cook up…

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