Kinky Shades of Play for Beginners

With the new popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, women are starting to embrace their “kinky” side. So, guys, you better get on board the kinky train because your lady is going to want to try out some of the new sexy kinky stuff she is learning about. What is Kinky? Every society develops morality…

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Sensation Play for Beginners

What is Sensation Play? Sensation play is group of erotic activities that arouse the senses, or heightens one particular sense, while dulling others. Sensation play usually involves the sense of touch, one of the most obvious senses that enhances sensual pleasure. It can be a sexy way of touching your lover that is a form…

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How to Give Her the Naughty Sex She Craves and Turn Her into a Sex Kitten

Hey Lover! Many women love hot, dirty, kinky, wanton, rip your clothes off, kind of sex. There, now I’ve said it! I’m sure you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. It is a series of books that have gone mainstream, and that have fired up women’s fantasies and libidos. Or, more accurately, the books…

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Four Simple Ways to Become a Rock Star in the Bedroom

Hey Lover! Do you want to rock her world and inspire her erotic abandon? If you feel you lack the ability or confidence to please your gal in the bedroom, then I am here to help. Here are four simple ways you can learn how to become a rock star in the bedroom. 1. Become…

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The Top Eight Women’s Secret Erotic Fantasies

Hey Lover! Ah, secret sexual fantasies! Wouldn’t you just love to know what goes on inside her head? Well, read on and you may get a few ideas. It is obvious with bestsellers like “Fifty Shades of Grey” that women do have fantasies and want to at least read about them, if not fulfill them….

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Aphrodisiacs to Fire up Your Libido

Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, pleasure, and procreation, aphrodisiacs are foods that are believed to boost your libido and fertility. Although the FDA says that aphrodisiacs are a myth, there are some researchers that have found that some foods and herbs do stimulate hormones (mainly testosterone) and other chemicals that affect our…

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10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot During Winter

The days get shorter and the nights get longer. Winter can seem like a long, cold season sometimes, especially when we are getting less vitamin D or if you are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affectedness Disorder). But, here are some sexy ways to keep your relationship hot during the winter months and keep the winter…

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Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Fire Breath Energy Orgasms. If you didn’t read Part One, you can do so NOW. In Part One of this article, we learned what energy orgasms are, why you might want to have one, the tools you need to get you there, about the Chakras, and what sexual energy (Kundalini)…

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Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part One

“Orgasms are like grains of sand; no two are exactly alike.”—Annie Sprinkle When we think of orgasms, we think of the quick tension and release kind that occur in the genitals which require direct stimulation. But, the in world of orgasmic pleasure, there are many types of orgasms! Pioneer sexologist Annie Sprinkle says that there…

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Her Treasure Map of Secret Erogenous Zones

Hey fellas! I hope you have your learning caps on today because we are going to learn about the 3 most important zones on the female body. These zones, if stimulated correctly, will give your lover the most exquisite pleasure and mind-blowing, body-quaking orgasms she has ever experienced in her life. Are you ready? Great!…

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