Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Fire Breath Energy Orgasms. If you didn’t read Part One, you can do so NOW. In Part One of this article, we learned what energy orgasms are, why you might want to have one, the tools you need to get you there, about the Chakras, and what sexual energy (Kundalini)…

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Fire Breath Energy Orgasms—Part One

“Orgasms are like grains of sand; no two are exactly alike.”—Annie Sprinkle When we think of orgasms, we think of the quick tension and release kind that occur in the genitals which require direct stimulation. But, the in world of orgasmic pleasure, there are many types of orgasms! Pioneer sexologist Annie Sprinkle says that there…

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Her Treasure Map of Secret Erogenous Zones

Hey fellas! I hope you have your learning caps on today because we are going to learn about the 3 most important zones on the female body. These zones, if stimulated correctly, will give your lover the most exquisite pleasure and mind-blowing, body-quaking orgasms she has ever experienced in her life. Are you ready? Great!…

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The Sexy Bucket List for Couples

Hey lover! Are you ready to spice up your sex life? Perfect! Let’s do it! You’ve heard of bucket lists (50 things you want to do before you die). Well, here is my take on it: the Sexy Bucket List for Couples, that is sure to add more thrill and sexual excitement to your relationship….

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The Art of Female Ejaculation: A Step by Step Guide for Men

What is Female Ejaculation? Female Ejaculation—also called squirting or gushing—is when a woman emits fluid, or female ejaculate, from her urethra during sexual arousal. Squirting can be the ultimate pleasure for women, especially during orgasm, but can occur without orgasm as well. Like multiple orgasms, women have the potential to squirt multiple times during sexual…

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The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have with a Blindfold

Looking to try something different? You don’t have to be ultra kinky in order to bring a little bit of BDSM into the bedroom. In fact, a little bit of light kink can be just what the doctor ordered when things are getting a little too routine or boring in your relationship. You don’t need…

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3 Obstacles that Prevent Women from Having Orgasms and How to Correct Them

Hello Lover. Welcome back to my latest article about female orgasms. The “female orgasm” is one of my favorite topics, because at one time, orgasms were elusive to me. But, once I found out how to achieve orgasm I made it my mission to teach men, women and couples all over the world how to…

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How To Masturbate Your Way To Being A Better Lover

You probably never imagined that masturbating could somehow make you a better lover. Usually when we imagine a guy masturbating, we’re not picturing a skilled sex-smith honing his technique, but why not? If done in the right way, masturbating can be a great way to improve your skills in the bedroom. Here’s how… Practice lasting…

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Anal Play For Beginners

Hey, there lover!  Welcome to your intro guide to Anal Play for Beginners—Rosebud of Love. In my last article I talked about anal sex toys and how they are a good way to introduce your lover to anal sex.  Today, I want to go a bit deeper (pun intended!) into the subject of anal play,…

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A Healthy Body Leads To Better Sex

Many people fail to make the connection between a healthy body and lifestyle and other benefits, such as an amazing sex life. So many men spend a lot of time and energy reading and learning about different sex tips, not realizing that they can greatly improve their and their partner’s experience of sex just by…

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