her sex drive

What’s Killing Her Sex Drive?

You may have noticed that your partner seems less than interested in sex these days. In fact, maybe it’s been a long time since she was the one who instigated sex. Or maybe your sex life was never what you hoped it would be. Maybe it has always lacked that spark and passion that you…

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S-E-X Toys, They’re Not Just For Her

Are you interested in discovering an amazing way to heighten the intimacy in your relationship and making sex even more amazing for both you and your partner? I can only imagine that you answered yes, I mean who doesn’t want to have better and hotter sex?! Introducing sex toys into your relationship is actually a…

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art of edging

Last Longer – The Art of Edging

There are men out there who have almost given up on the idea of lasting longer. It has become too frustrating, too embarrassing and too stressful that they can’t control when they cum, that sex is becoming less and less enjoyable as a whole. Does that sound like anyone you know? Even if that doesn’t…

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boost her bliss

Boost her bliss at every stage of sex

“Two of the best things in life are laughing and orgasms. I want to make you do both a lot.” You know that doing the deed produces warm, tingling sensations in both your body and that of your partner’s, yet there are some things happening to her that you’re probably not aware of. But clueing…

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The Night He Made It All About Me

Every now and then I like to share a story from a good friend or client of mine that really illustrates men successfully using the sex techniques I share here on my website. That’s what brings me to today’s story. A good friend of mine came to me the other day and told me that…

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The reason you were bad in bed last night

“When you touch her, don’t touch her with hesitation… touch her like you own her. Trust me, she’ll know the difference.” You got laid last night, only it wasn’t quite what your partner was expecting. Whether you’re relationship is brand new or you’ve been sharing a bed with her for years, you – even if…

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less sex

You’re having less sex. Is it over?

“You can’t force sexual chemistry to exist where it doesn’t in the same way you can’t deny it when it does.” If someone asked you if less sex meant less spark, and you thought, “Less sex? What on earth are you talking about?” then you’re probably one of two people. You’re either a) a lucky…

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8 steps to anal

8 Steps to Guaranteed Rear Entry Access

Hey big boy, There is one thing that you have been dying to do with your partner. You may have tried it before. Maybe you tried it a few times and it didn’t go very well. Maybe you didn’t get very far or she didn’t like it. Maybe you never even got to try. I’m…

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sex conversations

The conversations that lead to better sex

“Break her bed, not her heart” In order to have a healthy, balanced sex life, there’s a recommended intake of conversations to have with your partner on sex-related subjects. I know, they’re awkward and you’d rather not discuss them openly, but they’re actually non-negotiable. If you want to enjoy everything about your sexual encounters with…

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creative ways to touch her

Creative ways to touch her

“Whether you are kissing, rubbing, licking or fingering her, pinning her down will drive her insane. That feeling of helplessness really turns women on.” – Pauline Reage One perfectly timed brush of the thigh can take a sexual encounter from pretty good to holy smokes, this is hot! There’s a slew of science that proves…

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