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Break out of an orgasm rut

“You can’t ruin a friendship with sex, it’s like trying to ruin ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.” Are you in search of a more intense finale for your partner? You’ve come to the right place, as always (no pun intended!). All you have to do is try these techniques and see which one works for…

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Do you need a sexorcism?

“Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.” – Sex & The City We all have sexual demons. While your head may not be spinning 360 degrees (not sexy!), you might be possessed by other annoying anxieties that are holding you back. Now’s the time to banish the devils…

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What sex therapists tell their friends

“All I want is rough sex and cuddling after. Is that too much to ask?” If you’ve never actually considered going as far as visiting a professional sex therapists, not to worry, I’m bringing their precious advice to you. They help clients with everything from where-did-it-go libido to serious sexual dysfunctions. Their friends – now…

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And the award for the best sex position goes to…

“If God had intended us to have copious amounts of dirty, immoral sex, he would have given us genitals that fit together and made sex feel amazing. Oh, wait…” Women reveal their desert-island sex position – the one they just couldn’t live without. (Warning: Contains persuasive opinions. You may need to cancel your plans for…

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Answer these questions, have better sex

“When people say ‘It’s better than sex’ they are clearly not having the right kind of sex.” Every couple has their preferences, their hang-ups and their obstacles to enjoying seriously great sex. Grab a pen and answer these questions to find out what kind of sexual vibes you need to start throwing down. What’s the…

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Good news: You get better in bed!

“It has been a long week. I need one of those hugs that turn into sex.” The decline and fall of the married (or committed sex life) is a myth. The truth is much hotter. Twenty-something dudes today have no idea how easy they have it when it comes to sex, with their hook-up culture…

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Hot Hollywood Sex

“I don’t like to be told what to do unless I’m naked.” Lights, camera action! (You know the kind I mean.) You love watching them on film – now it’s your turn to be the star and re-create the hottest, most iconic big-screen sex scenes at home (or in the wild.) Envelope, please: The orgasm…

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8 reasons you can’t get it up

“There are two things in life that as soon as you finish you can’t wait to do it again. Sleeping and sex.” Right about now is where I should caveat that I’ve never heard a man admit to having this problem. It has happened to almost every male adult out there at least once, no…

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The kooky turn-ons

“If she’s still able to walk to the kitchen after sex, you don’t deserve a sandwich.” Some jobs come with lots of paperwork, some with tons of fresh air, others with pool tables and pianos. This one comes with lots of stories. Really good stories. A few of which put the “ting” in riveting, let…

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Only 30 per cent of women have orgasms from sex

“Let’s settle this argument like adults; in the bedroom, naked.” If someone were to tell you only 30 per cent of the women at your company will ever get promoted, you might think, “Hey, my company is not that very supportive of women!” Now, consider this: Only 30 per cent of women have orgasms from…

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