sex facts

7 Sex Facts You Need to Know

They say that knowledge is power, so how much do you know about sex and you and your partner’s sexuality? Sadly, most people don’t know a lot about sex besides a few techniques, but knowing more about sex actually does make you a better lover. Besides that, sex is one of the most interesting and…

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no boring sex

5 Ways to Reactivate Your Boring Sex Life

Has your sex life been feeling a little boring these days? Not to worry, it happens to every couple in the world at some point in their relationship. Just because it might be a little dull right now, doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring forever. Even though it’s totally normal, no one likes going…

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turbo libido

Turbo Boost Your Sex Drive

Everyone’s sex drive needs a major boost every now and then. Most people think men want sex all the time and never have problems with libido, but that’s actually not true. There are a lot of things that can negatively affect your sex drive. And guess what? Even if you have a very active and…

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erection solutions

15 Problems and Solutions for Your Erection Difficulties

There are many reasons why men have trouble keeping it up over the years. If you’ve experienced problems with your erection, it’s important to think about the reasons why it might have happened, since that is the best way to assess how to fix the problem. If you don’t think your issue is covered in…

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sex therapist

How To Know If You Need Sex Therapy

When it comes to you, my dear readers, I always want to make sure that you have the absolute best possible sex life. Usually that means sharing my expertise through my articles, special reports, eBooks and inviting you to watch my helpful videos. But sometimes you might need outside help with a very specific question…

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21 questions

21 Questions to Spark Desire in Your Relationship

Most of the time, we take sex way too seriously. Something that should be a lot of fun ends up being a source of stress for some of us. Well, it’s time to have some fun with your partner. Making sex more lighthearted makes it better. Sex can be messy, it can be embarrassing, and…

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erotic massage rules

4 Important Rules For Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is such an amazing way to be intimate with your partner. It’s not sex, but it can lead to amazingly hot sex. It’s not sex, but it can foster a bond and help you connect with your partner. It’s a great form of foreplay that is guaranteed to get her extremely turned on…

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unique desire

5 Unique Ways to Kickstart Her Desire

Understanding the female libido is a complicated thing. Many things can affect whether or not a woman is interested in sex. Her hormones play a huge role in her sex drive. For example, some women might not want anything to do with sex right before she gets her period, while other women might get really…

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reverse cowgirl

Why We Love the Reverse Cowgirl Position

Some of us have one or two go-to, favorite positions in our sexual arsenal that seem to please every time. For me, and a lot of men and women I know, the reverse cowgirl position is one of those top positions. Why do we love it? There are a lot of reasons, all of which…

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body language

4 Ways to Turn Her On With Body Language

What is the key to sexual attraction? You might think, “that’s easy, you have to be good looking to be found sexually attractive.” However, before jumping to that conclusion, think about all the times you have seen a beautiful man or woman with a less attractive partner. You might have wondered, how did that guy…

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