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Bring Out Her Wild Side

Female Orgasm

Bring Out Her Wild Side

Bring Out Her Wild Side

“Sex sould be wild. Unfettered and free. We’re animals, aren’t we? And, basically, we’re all wolves in sheep’s fur.” – Unknown

Every woman has an inner wild side that she’s just waiting to unleash. Even the shiest ones have a secret prowess – they just need to reach a level of comfort and trust in order to reveal it. And once they do, look out!

I know the adage is true: guys want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. And we want to show our men how unadulterated, naughty, and free we can be between the sheets. So it’s a win-win for everybody! It’s just a matter of creating a sexual as well as a comfortable environment for experimentation.

You go first
If being racy and carefree in the bedroom is something you’ve both been avoiding, then someone has to be willing to dive in and go first. And I think the guy should lead by example. Show your partner that you’re willing to be vulnerable and daring, and then hopefully, she’ll be willing to return the favor.

Say something particularly X-rated to set the mood (“I can’t wait to make you cum” or “You make my cock so hard”). Just hearing these naughty actions put into words will be enough to excite her.

Then kiss her deeply and passionately. Caress her breasts and move your hands slowly down her body. Give her some physical cues that will heighten the pleasure.

Take control of the situation at first to test the waters and see how she reacts. It will give her time to get into the mood and start letting her inhibitions go. When a guy shows me that he’s aroused by some dirty talk, it’s often the invitation I need to start teasing him orally back (with my words, not my mouth… just yet).

Relinquish control
I can say from personal experience that I like being both in control in the bedroom as well as being submissive. And I would say that guys feel the same way. So, since you’ve already gotten the ball rolling (no pun intended), it’s time to let her have a go at controlling things.

I have some girlfriends who feel self-conscious about dirty talk because they don’t know what to say. So make things easier on her – ask your partner, “Tell me what you want to do to me” or “Does that feel good?” A little coaxing could help draw her out of her shell.

Then suggest a little dominating – maybe she’d be willing to blindfold you or tie you up. While you’re in one of these “vulnerable” positions, she can easily take the reins and explore your body on her terms. She’ll thrive off of the power of being on top of you, kissing and touching and stroking, while you’re either in the dark or restrained.

Take your time
Nothing is more of a turn-off than feeling like you’re being rushed. If you truly want to bring out her wild side, then you need to take your time and work your way up to bigger and better things.

It’s not unusual for spontaneity to have seeped out of a marriage, and for many of you, this could be your first experiment with unbridled passion in years. If your partner is feeling rushed, she may withdraw (although, in the right setting, a rushed romp can be exciting too). So make sure that your wild antics are reserved for sex sessions where you have time to explore each other slowly and thoroughly. These are no shortcuts here.

Hugs and kisses!

Gabrielle Moore

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1 Comment

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