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Female Orgasm

““The best sex I have ever had was with my vibrator.” – Eva Longoria Parker

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend… others say it’s the vibrator. And having owned my fair share of gyrating toys, I can tell you that they really can be a major turn-on, which is why every man should know how to properly use one on a woman. The wrong technique can make a pleasurable sensation immediately uncomfortable. It’s also important to know how to use the right combination of moves in order to maximize excitement. Trust me – practice makes perfect, and I know all the ins and outs to using a vibrator (pun intended).

Back and forth
The best tried-and-true vibrator technique: the back-and-forth groove. It will get her juices flowing and everything down there stimulated. I’ve been known to have actual orgasms from this simple movement (going at it solo and with a mate). Start slowly and then speed things up. Vary your speeds according to her reactions (some like it slow, others like it fast). Use the tip of the toy as well as glide the shaft of the tool up and down her entire lower area.

Circular motions
Go from a straight back-and-forth vibrator technique to making circles. Use the tip of the toy to trace circles near the top of her nether regions and then slowly make your way down to her vagina (and then stop there – any contact with her anus or surrounding areas could pass germs on to the vibrator). Again, don’t be afraid to experiment with soft, slow patterns and then quicker circles.

The infamous Figure 8
I’ve talked about this technique when it comes to fingering a woman, and I get into the endless benefits of the Figure 8 in my book on foreplay – and it shouldn’t be overlooked when playing with a vibrator either. The titillating sensation of swirling the toy around her clitoris as well as her vagina will have her begging you for more. As you’re exploring, stop on any “hotspots” that seem to get her overly excited.

A little teasing
Resist the urge (and her begging) and don’t insert the vibrator right away. Although we really want it, the art of building momentum is even more stimulating, and when you do finally penetrate her (with the toy or your throbbing manhood), her screams will crack glass. Let the tip of the vibrator hover over the opening of her vagina. Keep things heightened by adding a few back and forth movements or that fabulous Figure 8 and then bring the toy back to her vagina. I promise – her toes will curl!

Slow insertion
Once you finally decide to put the vibrator inside of her, use very slow, gentle movements. Because some vibrators are made of a solid material, don’t yank the toy up – it will hit her pelvic bone and be an instant buzz-kill.

Switching things up
Play with a variety of the aforementioned vibrator techniques to achieve maximum pleasure with this gizmo – start with circular motions that gradually make their way to her vagina, insert it slowly only to withdraw and return to the circular movements. After all, vibrators are a toy – you should have fun with them!

Much love,

Gabrielle Moore

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  1. Roberto

    November 13, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    I am willing to accept your belief that the use of a vibrator with a woman can be an enjoyable event.
    I just think that many women will think that the vibrator is the best way for her to have orgasms. This will also apply to women who become clit dependent.
    Thanks for your articles.

  2. JM

    November 14, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Hi Gabrielle,
    You truly are amazing and because of you my girlfriend thinks I’m the master of sex and pleasing women. Believe it or not she is past 60 and I am only her second lover. I introduced her to you and your materials and she had her first self generated orgasm using the vibrator I bought her. SHe married young and had a long marriage before her husband passed away about 4 years ago. She had never done anything like what I’ve introduced her to before. She has found and is just now finding out things about herself she never new and is loving it. It just goes to show that getting older doesn’t mean that sex and orgasms don’t get better. They definately do! Thank you so much Gabrielle for helping me to become so knowledgable and proficient in knowing how to please my woman. And for teaching her how to please herself and learn new things to please the both of us. Your materials I’ve purchased are truly invaluable.

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