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How to Give Her a Triple-Climax

What is a Triple-Climax?

Well, lover, I’m glad you asked!

Have you ever heard of dual-orgasms, or combination orgasms?  These are orgasms that women can achieve by stimulating 2 erogenous zones at the same time, like the clitoris and G-spot.  These types of orgasms tend to be much more powerful, experienced full-bodied and can last longer, even turning into multiple or continuous orgasms.

A Triple-Climax is an orgasm that she can achieve while she is being stimulated in 3 erogenous zones: the clitoris, the G-spot, and the anus.

Yes, the anus has lots of nerve endings that when stimulated the right way can lead her to orgasm.  And, while anal sex is still somewhat taboo, many men and women are still very curious about it.

Using my Triple-Climax technique below is a great way to introduce her to anal pleasure if she has been unsure of it before, and to ease her into the sensation of being stimulated “down there”.

Obviously, get her permission first when you try this technique out on her, but let her know the anal stimulation doesn’t need to involve penetration unless she wants it to.

Okay, shall we begin?

Warm Her Up

Always begin by warming your lover up with lots of foreplay.  I stress this in all my articles and programs because most women take a while to get aroused and she will not feel pleasure until she is relaxed and aroused.  Read some of my foreplay articles for ideas, or just do what she likes best.

Clitoral Love

The clitoris is always a good place to go to after foreplay, as it is her biggest erogenous zone (after her brain that is), and the spot that will get her the hottest quickly.

You can start with teasing her with your tongue and lips, giving her hot oral sex.  Many women love the feeling of a warm, wet tongue circling her clitoris or flicking it from side to side, driving her wild.  Use lots of saliva or water-based lubricant, the slipperier the better.

G-spot Lust

Once she is clearly aroused, but not ready for orgasm yet, insert your well-lubed finger into her vagina and begin to stimulate her G-spot while continuing to give her oral love.  By now it should be puffing out a bit and making itself known.  You will feel it at the top side of her vagina, a wrinkled prune-like balloon of puffy flesh that is filling with ejaculation.

Rub her G-spot with firm strokes up and down the length of it, and/or circular motions.  She may even like it if you press firmly into the G-spot as if you were trying to milk the liquid from it.

By now she should be getting close to orgasm, so back off a bit so you don’t put her over the edge.  You want to keep her at about a level 8 on an arousal scale between 1-10.

Anal Desire

While she is losing herself to the amazing sensations you are giving her, use your other hand to position your thumb or finger over her anal opening (rosebud of desire).  Make sure the finger is super lubed up and just apply gentle pressure as you rub it in small circles.  You may also want to wear a glove to protect her from scratching or bacteria.

There is no need to penetrate her anus at this point.  The idea is just to warm that erogenous area up to receiving pleasure.

As she relaxes there and becomes more turned on and orgasmic, he anus may open to allow you to enter.  Do NOT force entry, just allow her anus to suck your finger in however much that is.  It may be just the tip of your finger to begin with, or a bit more.  Allow her body to open to you and show you how much she wants.

At this point you can try moving your fingertip inside of her, just rubbing the inner wall of her anus, or slowly, gently pushing in and out with small movements.  Don’t remove your fingertip from her anus fully (unless she wants you too), just move it slightly back and forth, and if she accepts more great.  If not, just the finger tip will do.

Triple-Climax Explosion

She should be on the brink of orgasm now and you can allow her to go over the edge into oblivion.  Believe me, she will feel like her mind is blow, as her triple-climax erupts through her clitoris, exploding into her G-spot and rippling and contracting into her anus like multiple fireworks of extreme pleasure.  He whole body will be aflame as she writhes with orgasmic ecstasy.  She may even experience female ejaculation and just let go altogether, as she opens into the most orgasmic bliss she has ever felt in her life!

So, that’s the how-to lover boy.  Are you ready to rock her world tonight?

To learn more about other amazing anal sex techniques that will turn her into a puddle of orgasmic jelly, check out my sex-ed video program called “Orgasmic Anal”.

anal foreplay

9 Anal Sex Foreplay Tips

Okay, you should all know by now that foreplay needs to be a part of sex… every. time.

You know that, right? Even with a quickie, there is always some kind of foreplay to get her in the mood, even if it’s brief. Well, when it comes to anal sex, foreplay is just as important, if not MORE important than with other forms of sex. If you’re lucky enough to be with a woman who is open to anal sex, you need to make sure that you don’t mess up and turn her off to it forever.

There are various factors that will go into your partner having a good anal sex experience, but one of the most important things you can do is warm her up for the big event. Here are 9 important anal foreplay tips to help you become a master:

1.  You need to make sure she is completely up for it. Trying to sneakily do anal with your partner isn’t going to win you and points. The best way to find out if your partner will green-light some butt love is by flat out asking her. This is the only sure way to know whether she wants to try it or not. If you’re too scared to bring it up, you can also try out some anal foreplay (touching, tapping, light fingering, etc.) and see how she reacts. But keep in mind, even if she doesn’t seem to mind this, it doesn’t mean you have her permission to try anal sex, it just means that she might be open to it.

2. If you want your partner to enjoy anal, you need to start out slow. Start by stimulating some other part of her genitals first and then moving to her anus. For example, try going down on her and then beginning to touch, tap, rub and very lightly and shallowly fingering her anus, as you go down on her. For many people who are just getting into anal play, stimulating that area in combination with another is a great way to win them over.

3. Always go shallow. All of the nerve endings that feel really good when stimulated are at the opening of the anus, so it’s not necessary to stick your finger (or your penis, when it comes time) in really far. You definitely want to ease her into it, so stick with just the tip and she’ll be sure to enjoy it.

4. It should never hurt. Make sure you are using lube and help your partner to relax by taking things really slow. If something hurts at all, back off right away and assess the situation. She might be tensing up because she’s nervous. Her knowing that you aren’t going to continue to do anything that hurts can help put her at ease.

5. Go nice and slow. Contrary to what you may have seen in porn flicks, good anal and anal foreplay should take things slow, the WHOLE time.

6. If you stay shallow and only stimulate the opening of the anus, it’s a lot cleaner than you probably think. The rectum usually doesn’t have much fecal matter in it. If you or your partner are worried or self conscious about this factor, try taking a shower together first.

7. Another good hygiene rule is to make sure you never put a finger that was in her butt inside her vagina. You also shouldn’t use it to stimulate her clitoris or vulva. That’s how a woman can get an infection. To be on the safe side, you can put hand sanitizer and baby wipes on your bedside table.

8. Start exploring that area with your mouth. Next time you’re going down on her, let your mouth wander a little further down south and include her anus in your oral play. If you’re cool with it, that can be the perfect, soft, slow introduction to anal foreplay. You can poke, tap and even penetrate her anus with the tip of your tongue. Play around and see what feels good for her.

9. Accept her reaction, no matter what it is. Some women really like anal play. Some think it’s okay, enjoy it, but partake in it mainly for their partner. But then there are others that really don’t like it. If your partner falls into the last category, you need to accept that and move on. Anal won’t be in your future. If you have followed my advice above, then you’ve done everything you can to make it feel good and she’s just one of those ladies who doesn’t like it.

Gabrielle Moore

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8 steps to anal

8 Steps to Guaranteed Rear Entry Access

Hey big boy,

There is one thing that you have been dying to do with your partner. You may have tried it before. Maybe you tried it a few times and it didn’t go very well. Maybe you didn’t get very far or she didn’t like it. Maybe you never even got to try. I’m talking about one of the most taboo types of sex out there: anal sex. Some women are curious, some are a little grossed out, and a lot of them are scared of it.

Why are women scared to try anal sex? There are three major reasons: 1st reason) They know anal sex hurts. What do women say when they talk about it? OUCH! Word gets around from woman to woman that anal sex isn’t pleasurable, it’s painful! 2nd reason) It’s wrong. A lot of people are embarrassed to talk about sex in general, but anal sex is a very taboo subject for most people. Even if a woman is curious, she might be too embarrassed to admit it, for fear of being judged (even by you!). 3rd reason) It’s dirty. Your partner might already be self conscious about certain parts of her body or sexuality, but when you add the anal sex element, something that is considered “dirty” by many, it can make a woman completely reject the idea.

If a lot of women believe these 3 reasons, how is anyone having anal sex at all? Are these 3 things really true? 1) Anal sex CAN be painful if it’s done wrong, but it doesn’t have to hurt. Knowing what you’re doing will seriously minimize the chances that anal sex will hurt. 2) You might not be able to convince your partner that anal sex is okay, but there are a lot of women who are interested in trying anal because the idea of doing something taboo in the bedroom is a big turn on for them. 3) There are ways to make anal sex more “clean.” You also have to be okay with it being a little dirty. If you go into expecting the obvious, then you won’t be grossed out or surprised if anal sex involves some like sexy elements.

So, how do you gain rear entry access? Follow these 8 steps to having anal sex tonight:

1. Talk about it – I know, I know… it’s awkward, but you can’t surprise your partner with anal sex. It’s something that you should really have discussed beforehand. You can also address any of the above concerns with your partner during this talk. Make sure your partner knows how much you love your current sex life, but that anal sex would just be another fun element to add to the mix. Be open and listen to her concerns. She needs to be on board and want to do this in order for her to relax enough to enjoy it.

2. Don’t do it under the influence – When trying something new in bed, some couples think it will help to have a drink or two to loosen up, but that is actually not a good idea. You want to be totally alert and sensitive to her needs and mood, so having a drink will actually dull your ability to be attentive to her. She might feel more open to it after a drink or two, but the next morning she might feel regretful and upset if she doesn’t choose to try anal with a totally clear head.

3. Get clean before getting dirty – Take a bath or a shower together before having anal sex. This is a great way to get each other in the mood, while also addressing the third concern above. Washing each other can be extremely erotic and an amazing form of foreplay. Bathing together can also be really relaxing, which is great because she will need to be relaxed in order to have a good experience.

4. Get the green light – Even if you have had the talk about anal and she’s up for trying it, make sure she has clearly given you permission before starting so there are no upsetting misunderstandings.

5. LUBE – A great quality lube is very important to having good anal sex. Use a lot. On your partner, on yourself, and don’t be afraid to reapply as often as needed. Try a great silicone based lube.

6. Relax – When a woman is nervous, her anus will clamp shut and this will make anal sex a lot harder and a lot more painful. Help her to relax in anyway you can. Let her know that she is in control and you will stop or slow down at any point if she tells you to.

7. Go VERY slowly – One great way to help her relax is to go VERY, VERY slowly. Start by playing with the area with your fingers. You can finger her very gently and shallowly with a lubed up finger. When you are finally ready to upgrade, go SLOWLY! I can’t stress this enough. You might even penetrate her a tiny bit and then stop completely and let her get used to the feeling. Have her breath and relax. You should feel her anus relax and open up around your penis if she has truly relaxed. Then you can slowly continue. Thrust very slowly and shallowly at first, until she gives you the green light to go deeper.

8. Reach around – Finally, don’t forget about her pleasure. This will be a very new sensation if she has never tried anal before. Reaching around and stimulating her clit at the same time will give her a powerful orgasm pretty quickly! And that will make her more likely to want to do it again.

Hot kisses,
Gabrielle Moore

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anal sex advice

15 Anal Sex Tips From Real Women

Anal is sex is one of those things, everyone says that most women either love it or they hate it, but is that really true? Men who love anal sex want to believe that any woman can be convinced that they love anal sex as long as it’s done in the right way. What do you think? Have you tried it with your partner? Could she be convinced? If your partner still needs convincing or you just want to make sure that her first anal experience is amazing, you need to hear these 15 anal sex tips from real women who have had it and loved it!

1. Lots of foreplay, please! – “Lots of foreplay is a must for me when it comes to anal sex. I like to have an orgasm before he even tries to put it inside me. That way I’m already wet and my juices mix with the lube to create a lot of slippery fun.”

2. Help me relax – “The first time I ever had anal sex I was so nervous that I tensed up and it really hurt. My boyfriend took things really slowly and helped me relax and stay relaxed. Now even though I’ve had anal sex before, I still need to work on being relaxed since I sometimes worry about it hurting. My man is so understanding about that and always takes his time.”

3. Don’t get grossed out – “Hey buddy, YOU are the one who wanted to have anal, so don’t be surprised when things might get a little dirty and messy. It goes with the territory. I hate it when men are all about anal but expect it to be hospital sterile!”

4. Touch me down there first – “I like it when a guy starts by massaging my butthole with lube and inserting a finger. If he licks me down there while playing with my clit, it’s even better. It gets me ready for the big event.”

5. Good lube isn’t a suggestion, it’s essential – “Don’t be cheap or unprepared when it comes to lube. Don’t use hand lotion or spit or vaginal juices, you need LUBE. Really good lube that stays wet and slippery for a long time. Try a few out first before using it with anal.”

6. Another thing about lube – “Use tons of lube. The butt doesn’t get wet like the vagina does and you’re going to need some help getting inside without hurting her. Put lube on her butt and finger her with it to lube her up inside. Then put it all over your penis. Keep it on hand and use more when needed.”

7. Use a condom – “Using condoms is important, not only for safe sex reasons, but also because I personally don’t like having a bum full of cum (as much as you might like how that sounds!)”

8. You can’t double dip – “I can’t believe how many guys don’t know that you can’t go from butt to vagina. If you’re having sex or fingering or using a sex toy, you can’t take something that has been in her ass and then put it in her vagina! That’s how women can get an infection and you better believe she won’t be up for more anal after that. It’s a terrible rookie’s mistake.”

9. Let me be in control – “I don’t care how much you like to be in control in the bedroom, if you want me to feel comfortable having anal with you, I want to be the one in control, so I can relax and know that I’m in charge.”

10. Multitasking wins extra points – “During anal I need my husband to reach around and play with my clit. I cum within minutes when he does this. I love it!”

11. Double penetration – “It can be tricky to pull off, but if your partner is skilled enough I love having my partner penetrate my vagina with a finger or sex toy while we’re having anal. It’s a crazy mix of sensations.”

12. Take a nice deep breath – “Have your girlfriend/wife take some deep, relaxing breaths before you enter her and throughout if she’s feeling nervous or tense. This will help her relax and open up.”

13. Try different positions – “Not every woman is the same so be open to trying new positions even if one has worked well for an ex. If it’s hurting or uncomfortable, try something else.”

14. Go SO, SO, slow – “Guys, this isn’t a race and I know it feels amazing even if you go painfully slow, so please, GO PAINFULLY SLOW. Get the head in and give her a moment to get adjusted before slowly thrusting in and out ever so slightly. She’ll let you know when she’s ready for you to pick up the pace.”

15. Keep the lines of communication open – “If you’re not comfortable talking about sex, anal probably isn’t for you. You need to be able to ask her if she’s ok, if you need to do something differently or to even talk her through what you’re doing. If you’re too embarrassed, it’s not going to work!”

Gabrielle Moore

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My anal sex story

Hi boys,

I have some a little different planned for today’s article. A female friend of mine recently had anal sex with her long term partner for the first time. She had her doubts going into it, but eventually decided that she wanted to give it a try, thinking that if she didn’t like it she would never have to do it again. I thought that sharing her story with you all, my dear readers, would help and be informative couples in a similar situation. And it’s also pretty hot! Want to hear her story? Here goes…

My Anal Sex Story

It’s true, I was hesitant about anal sex before trying it. My husband had been wanting to try it for years, and although we have a pretty exciting sex life most of the time, I wasn’t totally sure about opening up the door to anal. I couldn’t imagine myself liking it and I was worried about how clean it would be. I didn’t know if I wanted my husband to see me like that and maybe be a little grossed out by me. After all these years I still want to be sexy to him, of course! But after talking to a handful of girlfriends who had good experiences, I thought, what the hell!

Based on a lot of Gabrielle Moore’s advice we knew I would need to be really turned on in order for it to work, so my husband started by doing something he knows I love and is a sure fire way to get me super excited. He started with a sensual massage. I laid down naked on the bed, face down. He was also naked straddling me in order to rub my back. Just feeling his warm skin against mine was enough to start getting me going. He used my favorite massage oil that has a little bit of scent to it, which makes it really amazing. As he rubbed my neck, back, and shoulders I began to relax, which was important since I was still feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing! As he massaged me he leaned over my body so that his skin rubbed against mine and I could feel his hard penis sweeping over my body as he worked on my back. That’s a big turn on for me. He then started licking and kissing my back, shoulders and neck, while he reached around and massaged my breasts. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE how that feels.

He then start licking and kissing his way down to my lower back and butt. He lifted my hips a bit so that my butt stuck up in the air. This gave him access to my vulva and it open up my butt cheeks and lips a bit. He then started going down on me from behind, while he kneaded and massaged my butt. Just a little while of that and I was so wet and excited. Once he could tell that I was really turned on he grabbed our bottle of lube and squirted some on my butt crack which trickled its way down. He began slowly prodding my anus with his forefinger. At that point I knew we were going for it so I started to feel a little nervous again, but he went so slowly and gently with his fingers that I was relaxed in no time and starting to really enjoy the sensations. He played around and fingered my ass for a little bit, while lightly massaging my clit with his fingers. I was ready to cum right then and there, to be honest. It felt really good, but different than what I was used to.

Sensing I might be ready, he moved into position. Even though I knew he was taking his time, I got nervous again! This was the main event. He was careful to put tons of lube all over his penis and even more on me. We both knew a lot of lube was the key to a good experience! Then he started to press himself against my butthole. Because I was nervous it was even tighter so he told me to breathe and relax, that he was going to go very, very slowly. He began to enter me ever so slightly and we stayed like that until I felt relaxed. As I relaxed I could feel myself start to open up more to accommodate him and he slowly went further inside me. Once I felt ready he slowly began to do shallow thrusts. This felt surprisingly good and I was dying for some clitoral stimulation so he reached around with his hand and began to touch me there too. I came fast and hard after a few minutes. Once he knew I had cum, he let himself go and in no time, he came too.  

All in all I have to say it was a really good experience. It was different and fun. I loved how my husband respected my nerves and went so slowly. For him it still felt incredible even though we took it so slow. It will definitely be something we do every now and then!

There you have it, guys! I hope her story helps some of you out there. I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

Gabrielle Moore

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Anal Play is Good for Your Health!

When most straight guys think of anal play, they think of themselves doing things to their female partners, but you might be surprised that anal play can include your bum too! That idea might have you ready to close this article right now, but just wait and read on. Anal play for men is practiced by more straight men than you think. In fact, tons of straight guys receive a little anal love, but they might not be quick to admit it to their friends. Why is it so enticing? Well, for one, it can increase the intensity of your orgasm in a big way. Interested? I’m going to tell you exactly why, where, and how in this article!


Why would a straight guy ever consider anal play on himself? Well, for the same reason gay men do, because it feels freaking amazing. Anal play stimulates the prostate, which has been called the male G spot. If you have heard anything about G spot orgasms for women, you’ll know that they are powerful and amazing and different than a regular orgasm. You may have found yourself a little jealous of women’s ability to have these powerful orgasms. Well, with prostate stimulation you have your chance to feel a whole new and more powerful kind of orgasm too.

That’s not all. Prostate massage is good for your health too. Prostate cancer is a big health risk for men, with one in six men being diagnosed in the United States. New research has found that prostate massage can actually reduce your risk of prostate cancer. In addition to that extremely important benefit, it has also been linked to increased sex drive, sexual performance and satisfaction. Okay, so what else do you need to hear? Anal play can reduce your risk of prostate cancer, make you perform better, have a higher libido AND you will be more sexually satisfied. I’m convinced and you probably are too.


The prostate is located about 2 to 2.5 inches inside the male rectum and can be stimulated most directly by inserting a finger into the rectum with your finger facing up toward the stomach. The prostate (or sometimes call the P spot) is small bump about the size of a walnut. When you press on it with your finger you’ll feel a warm rush of pleasure. It might be difficult to find and manipulate with your own hand, which is why partner stimulation can be great or there are also special toys made for prostate stimulation.


Okay, so by now I’m sure you’re warming up to the idea of prostate and anal love after hearing about how great it feels AND how it’s good for you too! Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. How does it all work?

* First of all, just like women, you guys usually worry about the same things when it comes to anal play. You don’t want your partner to be disgusted by your cleanliness down there and it’s not the easiest area to keep sparkling clean. Start the foreplay off by taking a sexy shower together to get you both in the mood for some lovin’. Of course you can always shower or wash the area yourself before hopping into bed, but that’s not as fun!

* The P spot can be stimulated on its own and provide a super powerful orgasm. You and/or your partner can insert a finger face up or use a toy that is bent at the tip (the same as those used to stimulate the G spot). An important thing to remember is that lube is absolutely essential here. Use a water- based one for best results. Once the finger had been inserted she should stroke the prostate with a come hither-like motion (just like you do to her G spot!).

* Just like stimulating her nether regions, it feels especially amazing to stimulate two areas at once. You can cum from prostate stimulation alone, and I would suggest giving it a try just to see what it’s like! But your partner can also go down on you at the same time or give you a lubed up hand job. Try scooting down to the edge of the bed so your butt hangs off the end for easy access.

* Finally, if you’re totally freaked out by inserting anything into your butt, you can also stimulate the prostate from the outside by rubbing the perineum, which is the area between the base of the penis and your anus. This won’t provide nearly as an intense feeling, but it will still amp up your pleasure somewhat. For beginners, or reluctant partners, this might be a good starting point. Once you have had a little taste of that kind of stimulation you might be up for more.

For the health benefits of prostate massage, it is recommended to do this kind of stimulation at least once a month. For those who already have prostate issues, such as swelling, a weekly massage can reduce swelling and improve urinary and sexual performance.

Gabrielle Moore

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anal love vs hate

Love and Hate and Anal Sex

A lot of men love anal sex, but women? Not so much. They tend to have more of a love/hate relationship with it. Even if a woman likes anal sex, she is rarely as obsessed with it as some men can be. While women might not fully understand the draw of anal sex for men, you can understand her feelings on it. I’m going to share with you the inside scoop. I’m not going to promise that all women feel the same way, but I can share some generalizations that will help you to understand the female experience of anal sex better.

Some people believe that women will either love or hate anal sex. Period. Others think that those that hate it just haven’t done it right yet. My opinion falls somewhere in the middle There are so many guys who don’t seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to anal. If a woman has been with an inexperienced guy and had a bad time, it’s very unlikely that she will want to try anal again, no matter what her partner (or new partner) says. An experience with someone who knows to go very slow, use lots of lubrication (and reapply when necessary!), and to try different positions for maximum comfort is more likely to go well. Of course there will always be women who won’t like it no matter what anal sexpert she is with. But that’s just life. Everyone likes something different in bed. So here is my list of what women love and hate about anal… and what you can do about it.

Oh yes, yes, YES!

1. She says: It feels really good. If done right, anal sex can feel great for a woman. You’re inside her, but you’re not in her vagina. The sensation is awesome, but it’s not what she knows. How to get her there? Always use a lot of lube. Start slow and continue to go slow unless you get the green light from her to speed things up. Now, when I say go slow, I’m talking about really, painfully slow. Give her time to relax. If she is nervous she might inadvertently tense up her rectum and that will cause pain. If you go very slowly then she will be able to relax into and it will be less likely that she’ll feel pain. Most of the sensitive nerve endings are concentrated in the anal opening, the surrounding area and just inside. This means you don’t need to go too deep in order for her to get the most out of it. Once you’re in, reach your hand around and stimulate her clitoris. She can (and likely will!) have a powerful orgasm from the combined sensations of anal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Remember to take it easy!

2. She says: It’s so taboo! Another big turn off of anal sex is that it’s still very taboo. Even though more and more couples are trying it and incorporating it into their sexual repertoire, it still something that many people don’t talk about doing. It’s still considered quite naughty. For many women, feeling like a bad girl, even if it’s just for a night, is a huge turn on. She can behave all the time outside the bedroom, but this let’s her be oh-so-bad without anyone being the wiser.


   1. She says: It hurts. You have to remember our rules about going slowly and using tons of lube, but for some women anal sex just hurts or is too uncomfortable to enjoy. The vagina is made to stretch and accommodate, but the rectum is not the same. If you are particularly well endowed you might find that anal sex is off the table for you. It might hurt to much no matter how slow you go. If it’s painful, try inserting just the tip of your penis. If she still says ouch, you might have to just explore other anal pleasures (like analigus and fingering).

   2. She says: It’s dirty, and not in a good way. Some women are turned off to anal sex because they think it’s dirty and messy. Women want to be attractive, sexy, and smelling good for their partners, so the idea of poo being involved in their sexiest moment might be a huge turn off. There are a few things she can do to prepare and avoid possible leaking. First she can give herself an enema. If that idea is too intense, then she can also make sure she has gone to the bathroom and emptied her bowels before anal sex. She can also shower first to clean the area. In fact, you can shower together and make it part of your foreplay!

As always, if your partner is more of a hater of anal than a lover, you might just have to accept that it’s not in the cards for you. She’s never going to enjoy it if she’s really against it because she has to go into it with an open mind. Plus no one likes being hassled into something, especially when it comes to sex! But if she’s up for it, remember my tips to turn her into a lover 100%!

Gabrielle Moore

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Analingus – Only Adventurous Lovers Need Apply

“The man’s tongue slips further south than he intended, and both lovers realize they’ve crossed a line.” – Michael Castleman, M.A.

It’s a bit taboo. It’s kind of naughty. It’s not the type of sex you talk about at length with your guy friends… yet… yet, you’re dying to try it. Analingus is the term for oral sex performed on the butthole. Some people might cringe at the thought while others get excited at the mere mention of it. Although anything sexual related to the butt might be off limits to some, research shows that 36% of American women and 44% of American men have engaged in anal sex. That’s a huge number of people who are already exploring the pleasures of anal play. Are you up for it? Here’s your guide to this forbidden pleasure…

Keeping it Clean

  • Most people’s concerns about anything involving the butt have to do with cleanliness. It makes sense. The main function of the anus is something that is much less than appealing to most, but don’t worry, we’re going to take care of that. The first step in this process is a sexy bath or shower. You can treat this part of the process as foreplay. Light some candles in the bathroom and wash your partner from head to toe, making sure to get the designated area nice and clean. Being bathed is very erotic, so it serves to both prepare you for analigus and to get you both in the mood.
  • Use a dental dam. For those that don’t know, a dental dam is a thin sheet of latex used for protection during oral sex on a woman. The latex goes over the area you want to stimulate. An unlubricated condom cut into a flat piece of latex will also do the job.
  • Don’t go back and forth between the butt and the vagina without sanitizing first. If you use your finger or a sex toy in her butt, then you can’t use it again in her vagina because you could give her an infection. Keep separate toys or wash them before using them again in her vagina.

Analingus Tips and Tricks

  • Breathe – This area is super sensitive, so start by blowing hot air onto the area or breathing heavily.
  • Kissing – The anus isn’t the only part of the butt that is sensitive to touch. The whole area is an erogenous zone. You can start by licking, sucking, and kissing the lower back and tailbone. Make your way down the butt crack while kneading the butt cheeks with your hands. Kiss, lick and suck on the butthole and perineum (the area between the anus and the vaginal opening). You can also give some loving attention to her inner thighs.
  • Lick & Suck – Flex your tongue so it’s hard and pointy and trace the area of the anus with the tip. Poke and prod the area with the tip. You can even penetrate her with your tongue if you want. Then relax your tongue so it becomes soft and wide. Lap at the area, rub and push against it with your tongue. Suck on the area with your lips puckered and moist.
  • Fingers – Use some lube and get your hands involved. Caress and massage her butt cheeks. Gently pull them apart and touch the anus with your fingers. Penetrate her with one finger gently and slowly, only entering a little bit. The most sensitive nerve endings are at the entrance and the surrounding areas. While you’re using your mouth on her butt you can reach your (clean) hands around to play with her clit or finger her vagina.
  • Sex Toys – You can use a vibrator to provide sensation on the anus. You can also use a dildo or vibrator to penetrate her either in her vagina while you lick her butt, or alternate between analingus and penetrating her ass with the sex toy.
  • Positions – Try this with your partner face down, but with her butt propped up in the air with a few pillows. A traditional doggy style position is also useful and gives a sexy view for you. She could also sit on your face or you could do a 69 position and double your fun!

Why is this naughty pleasure so amazing? Well, apart from its taboo nature, which is a turn on for many, the anus and the surrounding area is full of super sensitive nerve endings that make oral sex mind blowing. So the next time you’re going down on your girl, why not head south of the border and see what happens?

Have fun, you naughty thing!
Gabrielle Moore

P.S. For more advanced information about anal sex and anal pleasure, click here… 

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Anal Play For Beginners

Hey, there lover!  Welcome to your intro guide to Anal Play for Beginners—Rosebud of Love.

In my last article I talked about anal sex toys and how they are a good way to introduce your lover to anal sex.  Today, I want to go a bit deeper (pun intended!) into the subject of anal play, and talk about anal foreplay, anal massage and the do’s and don’ts of anal sex.  Because, if there is one thing I know about anal sex, if you do it right you will bring her to orgasm and she will want it again and again.  But, if you do it wrong—that’s it, the booty party is OVER!

So, sweetheart, let’s learn how to do it right!  Are ya with me?  Great!


When trying anything new in the bedroom, you will want to talk about it out of the bedroom first.  This is especially true with anal sex, because it has in the past been considered taboo, dirty and at one time was even against the law.  Nowadays, however, many couples are getting more interested in anal sex as it becomes more mainstream, for it can be very pleasurable.

So, I encourage you to talk to your lover about your interest in trying anal sex with her, read my articles on anal sex together, so you are both better educated, and talk about any concerns, fears, or expectations you may have first.

Getting Ready

Before you begin she will want to use the bathroom and eliminate any waste.  Next, and nice bath or shower either alone or together and washing the anal area very well will give you both confidence that there won’t be any accidents during anal play.  This also helps to relax her, which is essential to anal play.  And, a sexy bath or shower together is a great start on foreplay.

Next, make sure to have latex gloves or finger cots on hand.  Also, any anal toys you’d like to play with and lots and lots of lubricant as well as massage oil.  You may also want to place a big comfy towel on the bed, just in case there is any discharge during sex.  Also, having sex wipes nearby may come in handy as well.


As with any type of lovemaking, we start with foreplay.  That means all over the body foreplay and not just in the area of interest.  The more your lover is turned on, the more she will relax and enjoy anal sex.

Rosebud of Love Massage

The anus is extremely sensitive and has a rich supply of blood vessels and nerves, which are involved with sexual arousal.  As erotic energy escalates, the anus also becomes aroused.  When we reach orgasm and our muscles go into contractions, the anus opens and closes and twitches in sync as well.  How cool is that?!

The Rosebud of Love Massage is an anal foreplay technique that is designed to get her in the mood for anal sex or any type of sex.  It can also be very enjoyable all on its own and lead to orgasm.

1.     Make sure you lover is lying comfortably on her tummy.  She may want to place a pillow under her pelvis to prop her butt up in the air and give you better access.

2.     Begin by pouring massage oil on your hands to warm it up and give her a slow back rub from shoulder to hips in long slow sweeps down her back.  Do this a few times until she relaxes.

3.     Next, pour more massage oil and rub her buttocks in big circles and then begin kneading them like bread.  Do this gently adding more pressure as she likes it.

4.     If she likes it you can gently smack her cheeks and alternate this with more kneading.

5.     Pour warmed massage oil in the crevasse between her cheeks as you spread them apart with your hands.  Softly rub the sides of your hands up and down between the cheeks as she opens to you exposing her rosebud, or anus pucker.

6.     Next, wipe your hands on a towel and slip on gloves or finger cots.  Rub the pad of your finger around the anal pucker, exploring the sensitive rosebud of love.

7.     Allow her to relax fully and lube your finger up with a good anal lubricant (thick water-based or silicone).  Apply gentle pressure to the anus, but don’t push in.  Simply apply firm but gentle pressure and continue to stroke her rosebud in small circles.

8.     Allow the rosebud to pucker over your finger and slowly press inward until the first knuckle.  Take your time and remind her to breath.  Once inside, don’t move, just allow her to get used to the sensation.

9.     As she relaxes, continuing to breath, twist your finger back and forth, pressing gently into the sphincter and walls of the anus to loosen it up.  This will help her relax more and turn her on.

10.  Once the anus is adequately stretched, you can slide your fingers in and out simulating intercourse.  Let her determine the speed and depth of penetration.

Now she is warmed up for anal sex, or other sorts of erotic pleasures.  For some women, rosebud massage can lead to orgasm.  Other women may need other types of stimulation as well including clitoral or G-spot with the aid of toys, or your penis or fingers.

Anal Do’s and Don’ts

  • Anal Do’s
  • Have a bowel movement beforehand.
  • Have a bath and get clean.
  • Use a condom, finger cots or latex gloves to avoid infections and transmitting STDs during anal sex and anal play.
  • Trim nails of rough edges.
  • Relax, breath and take it slow.
  • Use lots of lube. I mean lots.
  • Stop if there is pain.
  • Communicate with your partner.
  • Allow her to be in control of the speed and depth of penetration.

Anal Don’ts

  • Hurry or force it.
  • Pressure your partner into it if they are not ready.
  • Never go from the anus to the vagina as the anus contains a lot of bacteria which can cause yeast infections and interrupt the natural flora of a woman’s body chemistry. Always change your gloves or condom or wash your toy and disinfect.

And, don’t forget!  Communication is the key to any good sexual experience.  Talk about your experience before, during and afterwards to make sure you set up limits and guidelines as well as get feedback on what worked and what didn’t.  Doing it right the first time, means you will get a chance to do it again.

Play safe and have fun!

Gabrielle Moore


Anal Sex Toys for Beginners

Hey, there lover!  Welcome to your intro guide to Anal Sex Toys for Beginners.

Anal sex is not as taboo as it once was, and many of couples are interested in trying it out for the first time.  But to begin with it is often better to start slowly and playfully with fingers and toys, rather than going full on anal sex penetration.  

Here’s why:

  1. First your penis may be larger than your partner can handle if she is a beginner.  I know you might think that’s a good thing, but in the case of anal play, size is something she may have to work up to as the anal sphincter is small and not used to stretching.  With sex toys, you can choose a size suitable to what she can handle.
  2. Beginners trying anal sex for the first time may be too enthusiastic and thrust too hard, too deep or too fast to begin with.  With sex toys, it is a lot easier to control the depth, force and speed of penetration.
  3. Sex toys also allow you to explore and experiment which is essential to learning this new skill.

Before You Get Started

Okay, guys, before you go all out with toys and anal play, be sure to get her warmed up first!  I know, I say this over and over again, but foreplay (and lots of it) is the starting point for any great sex.  So, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Make sure she is 100% on board before you begin.  That means talk about trying anal sex with her first, allow her to express her fears and doubts, and go over the do’s and don’ts of anal sex together.
  • Foreplay.  Again, the F-word here, but it is very important especially when trying something new and as taboo as anal sex that she gets very turned on first.  Start with kissing, licking, oral sex, fondling and fingering first, before you go near her butt.
  • Lube.  Lube is your best friend when you are having anal sex.  The rectum does not self-lubricate like the vagina, so needs lots and lots of lubricant.  We recommend a good thick water-based lubricant for anal sex, especially if you are using silicone sex toys.  Butt! (pun intended) Don’t get numbing lubes with Benzocaine, because if you are doing it right she shouldn’t have any pain, and it is important for her to be able to feel it for both safety and pleasure reasons.  Makes sense right?!

Toys for Anal Sex

Okay, lover, let’s get the good times rolling!  There a lots of different sex toys used for anal sex.  Some are better than others for beginners.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are the least intrusive type of anal toy.  Basically, they are a bunch of beads (usually in varying sizes from smallest to biggest) along a length of string.  They can be made out of metal, glass or softer materials like silicone or PVC Jelly.  We recommend silicone toys for anal play as they are 100% body safe and are the only type of soft sex toy material that can be disinfected because they are non-porous.  This makes them perfect for anal play, as you will want to disinfect your toys before and after play.

To use anal beads you begin by inserting the smallest bead inside a well-lubricated anus.  Wait and see how she feels then continue slowly inserting the rest.  Then just let them do their job stimulating her anus while you bring her to pleasure either via oral/clitoral sex or penetration.  Just as she is experiencing orgasm, pull the string of beads slowly out which will give her a rush of exquisite pleasure.  Make sure the anal beads you choose have a good retrieval ring!

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are usually triangle shaped and have a flanged wide base at the bottom to stop them from going in too far.  Basically you never want to put something in the butt that doesn’t have a flanged base or retrieval ring as things have been known to get lost up there.  Eeek!  They come in various sizes and materials, however we recommend starting small and using a softer silicone material.  You can also purchase anal starter kits which are great for beginners as they feature butt plugs in different sizes that she can work her way up to, in preparation for penile penetration.

Again, using lots of lube, insert the top side of the butt plug very slowly into the anus, inch by inch, giving her time to breathe and relax in between.  Just press the tip against her anus until she opens up and allows you access, and her sphincter muscles will begin to pull the toy in.  Once it is all the way inserted, she can leave it in for quite a while to get used to the feeling.  Continue with foreplay, sex-play and bring her to orgasm, at which point she may push the butt plug out again due to the force of her orgasm.  Whoa Mamma!

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators can be shaped like anal beads, butt plugs or anal dildos.  Only difference is they vibrate, which can be very pleasurable for some people.  Choose an anal vibrator that is soft and flexible, as well as small, thin and curved.  If curved properly, you can actually access her G-spot via her anus with the right kind of toy.  A G-spot vibrator works great for this and will double her pleasure (both anally and vaginally) if you gently press toward the frontal wall and rub her sweet spot there.

Try placing the vibrator just at the opening to her anus and rubbing it around with lots of thick lube.  This will feel wonderful and is a great foreplay technique.  Next, slowly insert the vibe bit by bit, until she doesn’t want any more.  Then rub it and press against the inner wall of her anus to reach her G-spot below.  Watch out, as she will probably have a mind-blowing orgasm like never before!

Remember, communication is the key to any good sexual experience.  Make sure to check with her often for feedback, so you both get the most out of your first time trying anal toys together.  The better it is her first time, the more she will be willing to explore more anal fun with you in the future.

Play safe and have fun!
Gabrielle Moore